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Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership
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Engaged @ Work Human Resources & OD Consultation. Top Executives Staff Engagement: Proof of Effective Leadership. GeGe Beall Owner, Engaged @ Work Our Communication. I Am Here For. About the Research & Statistics.

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Top Executives Staff Engagement: Proof of Effective Leadership

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Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

Engaged @ Work

Human Resources &

OD Consultation

Top ExecutivesStaff Engagement:Proof of Effective Leadership

GeGe Beall

Owner, Engaged @ Work

Our communication

Our Communication

I am here for

I Am Here For

About the research statistics

About the Research & Statistics

Compare your business IN, rather than comparing it OUT








Line Manager


Great customer service is great for your business

Great Customer Service is Great for Your Business


Which of these has the greatest influence on business

Which of These Has the Greatest Influence on Business?

Staff Engagement


Customer Service

According to research

According to Research


Customer Service

Staff Engagement

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership


No Customers

Why i m in this field

Why I’m In This Field



  • What is Staff Engagement

  • The impact of SE on your business

  • The impact of the line manager

  • Methods to improve staff engagement

  • What the Line Managers will learn

  • Discussion

If you are not happy with your job you are not happy with your life

“If you are not happy with your job, you are not happy with your life.”

~ GeGe Beall

Why not employee satisfaction

Why Not “Employee Satisfaction”?

  • Staff can be “satisfied & still not care!

  • Satisfaction is too low a standard

Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

  • Genuine caring about organization

  • Committed with hearts & minds

Why should you care

Why Should You Care?

You have an ideal situation

You Have An Ideal Situation!

The Unemployed

Your Staff

You have employees like these

You Have Employees Like These?

We forgot to engage them

We Forgot to Engage Them!

If you are not engaging your staff you are not reaching your potential or theirs

If You Are Not Engaging Your Staff, You Are Not Reaching Your Potential or Theirs!

Research by gallup hewitt et al

Research by Gallup, Hewitt, et al.

Higher Employee Engagement =



Employee Injury & Disability


Job Stress

Pot Stirring




Customer Sat

Readiness for Change

Revenue Growth, ROI, Cash Flow



Link between engagement customer satisfaction

Link Between Engagement & Customer Satisfaction

  • Companies with highly engaged staff had customer satisfaction scores that were 56% higher than those with highly disengaged staff

Link between engagement profitability

Link Between Engagement & Profitability


1 Point



Institute for Employment Studies

Link between engagement profitability1

Link Between Engagement & Profitability

  • Companies with “high morale” financially outperformed their industry counterparts by 20%

2002, David Sirota, et. al.

Link between engagement customer satisfaction profitability

Link Between Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, & Profitability

  • Companies with engaged employees have customers who use their products more often, resulting in greater profitability including employees who do not have direct contact with customers.

"Linking Organizational Characteristics to Employee Attitudes and Behavior,” The Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement

Staff engagement is key to your success

Staff Engagement is Key to Your Success!




Who s job is it exactly to engage staff

Who’s Job is it Exactly to Engage Staff?

The Company

The Top Executives

The Line Manager

The Staff (engage themselves)

Staff engagement is about leadership s relationship with staff

Staff Engagement is About Leadership’s Relationship with Staff

  • If there is no relationship, there is no engagement

  • If the relationship is neutral or negative, there is no engagement

Quiz who has the biggest impact on staff engagement

Quiz: Who has the biggest impact on Staff Engagement?

The Company Itself

The Top Executives

The Manager/Direct Supervisor

The Employee


Research line managers trump the company every time

Research: Line Managers “Trump” The Company Every Time

The Manager:

  • Pervades the work environment & sets culture

  • Sets schedule & work expectations

  • Hires co-workers

  • Rewards the staff or doesn’t

  • Deals with work issues or doesn’t

  • Evaluates performance

  • As a staff member, my day is determined by my manager

Research by gallup

Research By Gallup:

  • Employee may join a company for benefits & reputation

  • But how long she stays & how productive she is, is determined almost exclusively by relationship with manager

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

“It is better to work for a great manager in an old-fashioned company than for a terrible manager in a company offering an enlightened employee-focused culture.”

- First, Break All the Rules, p.34.

How are the line managers

How Are The Line Managers?

What Are You Doing to Engage Them?

How Are They Treating the Staff?

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

Top Executives

Line Managers


Your Customers

While it is the line manager who has the most direct impact it is the top leaders who set the tone

While It is The Line Manager Who Has the Most Direct Impact, It is the Top Leaders Who Set the Tone

Differentiating your staff

Differentiating Your Staff

  • Engaged Staff

    • High Performers

  • On-the-Fence

    • Medium Performers

  • Actively Disengaged

    • Poor Performers

Your job

Your Job

Keep Her Engaged

Convert Him

Convert Him or Get Him OUT!



Improving staff engagement

Improving Staff Engagement

The good news

The Good News?

Treat all your employees like high performers

Treat All Your Employees Like High Performers

Treat staff like high performers self fulfilling prophecy

Treat Staff Like High PerformersSelf-Fulfilling Prophecy

The Theory:

  • You’ll get exactly what you expect

Treat staff like high performers self fulfilling prophecy continued

Treat Staff Like High PerformersSelf-fulfilling Prophecy (continued)

  • How Do We Communicate Our Expectations?

Improve communication

Improve Communication





Frustration at every level

Poor decision making

Lower productivity

Waste & rework

Employee turnover

Poor customer outcomes

Staff make up information

  • Greater employee engagement

    • #1 factor employees want

  • Less turnover & absenteeism

  • Reduced stress & greater cooperation

  • Less gossip

  • Greater productivity

  • Positive impact to the bottom line

Key points to any message know feel do

Key Points to Any Message“Know-Feel-Do”

  • Know

    • What do you want me to remember?

  • Feel

    • Show me you care about my needs

  • Do

    • Be clear about what I’m supposed to do next (Do)

Monthly staff meetings

Monthly Staff Meetings

  • Hold sessions so all/most can attend

  • Have a standardized agenda

  • Include “around the room” (staff voice)

Hold 5 minute stand ups

Hold 5 Minute Stand-ups

  • VERY effective

    • Required @ Disney & Ritz-Carlton

    • Theatre-before every show

  • Gather before shift to give the lowdown

    • Overview of your dept

    • Any supply or equipment issues

    • Call-ins

    • Ask staff for any input

  • Quick is key

What s the number one way to improve communication

What’s the number one way to improve communication?

Getting to Know Each Staff Member on a Personal Basis

Get use ideas from staff

Get & Use Ideas From Staff

  • Ask for input in your staff meetings

  • Problem Solving Teams

    • Identify Problem

    • Identify Possible Solutions

    • Research

    • Make Recommendations to Top Execs

  • Suggestions Boxes

Rewarding recognizing staff

Rewarding & Recognizing Staff

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

“Whether you are big or small, you cannot give good customer service if your employees don’t feel good about coming to work.”Martin Oliver, MD

Kwik-Fit Financial Services


Recognize tenure milestones

Recognize Tenure Milestones

Staff member of the month quarter

Staff Member of the Month/Quarter


  • Creates a “hero” amongst us

  • Gives staff concrete examples of what makes an employee outstanding

  • Gives everyone a reason to be proud

    • Connects back to purpose & worthwhile work

Top five workplace incentives

Top Five Workplace Incentives

  • Personal thanks from manager

  • Written thanks from manager

  • Promotion for performance

  • Public praise

  • Morale-building meetings

    • Having fun, pot-luck

Source: Dr. Gerald Graham, Wichita State University

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

More Than Anything Else, People Want to Know That You Appreciate Them & That You’ve Noticed That They’re Doing a Good Job!

Managing low performers

Managing Low Performers

Great vision without great people is irrelevant

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

~Jim Collins, “Good to Great”,2001

2006 study

2006 Study

70,035 employees

Across 116 different organizations

Managing low performers1

Managing Low Performers

  • 87% of employees say that working with a low performer has made them want to change jobs

  • 93% said that working with a low performer lowered their own performance


  • Only 17% of middle managers say they feel comfortable improving or removing low performers

**Reported in BusinessWeek, Modern Healthcare, Harvard Management Update, Entrepreneur, Nursing Management.

Follow up survey 6 241 employees

Follow-Up Survey: 6,241 Employees

What Makes Someone of Poor Performer?”

Top 5 Characteristics”

  • Negative Attitude

  • Stir Up Trouble

  • Blame Others

  • Lack Initiative

  • Incompetence

  • Note: issues overwhelmingly focus on personality rather than skills.

If they re sooooo unhappy why don t the toxic leave

If They’re Sooooo Unhappy, Why Don’t The Toxic Leave?

  • Their goal is to undermine & contaminate the organization.

    • Why miss work when there’s so much toxic work to do?

  • They have been rewarded for their negativity

    • Pay increases, good evaluations, promotions, seniority

  • If no one has stopped them, their behavior must be fine

Case study hospital a

Case Study: Hospital A

Case study hospital a1

Case Study: Hospital A

Case study hospital b

Case Study: Hospital B

Case study hospital b1

Case Study:Hospital B

Case study hospital c

Case Study:Hospital C

Case study hospital c1

Case Study:Hospital C

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

“If companies hope to keep their best employees, they have to dump their worst…If low performers start dictating the company’s culture--productivity, quality, and service will decline precipitously, and high performers will avoid your company like the plague.”

--Mark Murphy, CEO

Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership

“What You Permit,

You Promote.”  

~Liz Jazweic

Healthcare Consultant

Have fun

Have Fun!

Have fun1

Have Fun

  • Top 5 favorite way for staff to be recognized

  • Light hearted awards

  • Food

  • Leaders dress in theme & serve staff

  • Challenge another department to a fun competition

  • After work events

  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, & special achievements

Hardwiring fun

Hardwiring Fun

  • It won’t “just happen”

  • Need a Fun Action Plan

  • Ask staff for input

  • How many events per year? Monthly? Quarterly?

    • Put it on your calendar

Agenda for line managers

Agenda for Line Managers

  • Everything You’ve Learned

  • What Does Staff Want

  • Impact of Leadership Style on Engagement

  • More details about how to improve staff engagement

  • How to create & survey staff



Top executives staff engagement proof of effective leadership


Staff engagement proof of effective leadership

Engaged @ Work

Human Resources &

OD Consultation

Staff Engagement:Proof of Effective Leadership

GeGe Beall

Owner, Engaged @ Work

3612 Riverdowns North Drive

Midlothian, VA, USA


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