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Graduate Professional Student Senate. Finance Orientation. GPSS Structure: Summary. Main Campus (UPC) Senators Executive Board Programming, Finance , Community Service, etc. Health Sciences Campus (HSC) Senators HSC Governing Council Programming, Operations, Community Service, PR.

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Graduate Professional Student Senate

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Graduate Professional Student Senate

Finance Orientation

GPSS Structure: Summary

  • Main Campus (UPC)

    • Senators

    • Executive Board

      • Programming, Finance, Community Service, etc.

  • Health Sciences Campus (HSC)

    • Senators

    • HSC Governing Council

      • Programming, Operations, Community Service, PR

GPSS in Relation to You

Representation (Senators)



SMGSA (Medical PhDs)

ASSM (Medical MDs)

ASSP (Pharmacy PharmDs)


(Pharmacy PhDs)

There are more umbrella groups for OT and PT…but I ran out of space on this slide!

50+ Student Organizations

20+ Student Organizations

Andrew hasn’t figured this out yet

GPSS Funding: Two Ways

  • Method One: “UmbrellaFunds”

    • Student Organization is funded from their umbrella organization (ASSP, ASSM, SMGSA, PGA, OTSC, etc.)

      • Procedures may vary: ex, reimbursement is allowable for ASSM, not allowable for ASSP

    • The umbrella organization is funded in turn by GPSS

      • One giant check each semester

GPSS Funding: Two Ways

  • Method Two: “Four-Funds”

    • There are four different funds aside from the umbrellafunds

      • “Volunteer, Joint Programming, Sustainability, Discretionary”

    • Can get $$$$ if you apply to these funds on top of your umbrellafunds

      • You must have already applied for funds from your umbrella group, if this is possible

      • Reimbursement not allowable

“Four-Funds” Deadlines

  • If applying for extra $$$ from these funds:

    • “Volunteer, Joint Programming, Sustainability, Discretionary”

  • The following paperwork deadlines apply:

    • For requests under $1000: 2 week minimum deadline…

      • …plus however many days it takes to get it in the Wednesday before that limit

    • For requests over $1000: 5 week minimum deadline

      • …also plus however many days it takes to get it in the Wednesday before that limit

    • The Finance Committee meets on Thursdays to approve these requests, so that’s why your “real” deadline is the Wednesday before the 2 or 5 week spread.

Nag nagnagnagnag (4 Funds Rules)

  • No alcohol

  • T-shirts require strong justification

  • No fundraisers

  • Must be free to attend (for students)

  • Cannot get more than $2500 per semester

    • Does not apply to Umbrella Groups

  • Must be recognized by Office of Campus Activities

  • Usage of university logos must be pre-approved by Trademarks and Licensing department

  • Must use vendors with vendor codes

  • Paperwork paperwork paperwork

Rule Elaboration: Recognition

  • Must be recognized by Office of Campus Activities


    • Steps

      • “The online application (must be submitted online). Please read all instructions on this page, and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

      • The online advisor form (must be submitted online).

      • Constitution (all organizations must submit the most updated constitution to TCC 330 or email copy to

      • Submit a roster with full names of all members to the Student Involvement Transcript

      • Attend a mandatory student organization meeting. You have as of now!

Rule Elaboration: Expenses

  • Vendors

    • All purchases for events must be made with companies/merchants who have entered into a contract with USC for such

      • These vendors will have a vendor code

    • List of established vendors is elusive every year

      • Talk to the Operations Chair when (not if, ha) you get hung up on this

        • Operations email:

    • Your merchant isn’t an approved vendor? There is a process they can go through to become one…

      • …but it’s a bit of a hassle

      • Remember, if this is too much trouble, you can always just get your funding from your umbrella group – they might do reimbursements (much simpler!).

Rule Elaboration: Paperwork

  • Funding paperwork starts online


    • Fill this out in its entirety

  • This stuff has to be in at least a few weeks in advance, because there is a review process

    • “The applicant must be available for questions by phone Thursdays 6PM-8PM and Monday from 6PM to 8PM until the application is funded.” Proxies are okay, but they are responsible for details!

  • After approval, must go back online and submit expense request paperwork

    •; click on “Expense Request Form”

      • Mandatory fields:

        • Purpose (explain who, what, when, why, where)

        • Event Name

        • Amount Requested

        • Date Needed

        • Payable To

  • After event, all receipts/invoices must be given to GPSS

Contact Information

Dushyant Singh

Director of Finance

Graduate and Professional Student Senate, USC Ronald Tutor Campus Center, Rm #224


Phone: (213) 740 5649

Andrew Pouw

HSC Operations Chair

Office: Right beside Starbucks in Seaver Residence Hall


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