Thermal Management Solutions  from   APW President Systems

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Thermal Management Solutions from APW President Systems

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1. Thermal Management Solutions from APW President Systems

2. … the story so far In the beginning power dissipation levels in Cabinets were low ………………. With the advent of rack mount servers, the power dissipations increased ……….. Now, with use of 1U Servers becoming widespread, these levels are set to cross. Floor space in Data Centres is expensive. The trend is to pack as many servers in one cabinet as possible But conventional cooling methods are inadequate when the “ceiling” is reached

4. General Cooling Methods

5. Todays high performance Rack-Mount Servers consume as much as 300 Watts of power in a 1U high format. This power is dissipated as heat within the cabinet

6. Internal view showing devices with heat sinks for conduction and DC fans set up to create strong air currents from the front of the equipment towards the rear.

8. In general, professional grade equipment have adequate cooling provisions designed into them so that they are able perform normally to their published specifications given the required ambient conditions……. provided those required ambient conditions are maintained unimpaired. Equipment stacked inside a Cabinet encounter a very different environment from the free- standing equipment in an air-conditioned room.

9. Conventional cooling methods for computer equipment in cabinets … generally adopted arrangements

12. The type of arrangements for cooling of equipment inside cabinets just seen is the conventional approach. These worked fine till now when heat loads were fairly light. But these methods have severe limitations in todays situation. Conventional cooling methods are 30 years old Conventional designs compromise equipment reliability Conventional cooling systems are expensive to build Conventional design is expensive to operate here’s why……….

13. In many Computer Centres it is common to have the AC Inlet and Return ducts running along the top of the room. This results in airflow patterns that are far from ideal for the equipment inside the Cabinets.

14. The newer computer facilities may have both false ceilings and raised plenums with the inlet AC ducts below the raised floors while the return air ducts are above. This leads to more effective equipment cooling

15. Same room showing cabinets positioned over the AC inlet

18. How does the CoolRack concept work ?

21. CoolRack – an internal view

23. Same views - but showing airflow arrangements

24. 9 Slides giving the efficiencies and savings to be gained from the Cool Rack approach and other quantitative data

25. 11 Summary of benefits

29. Inside the CoolRack: Accessories include vertical Cable Managers and an AC Power Channel with high- reliability universal IEC Sockets. Note also the provisions for Cable entry

34. Benefits of the CoolRack solution

35. What will the CoolRack do for you ?

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