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Creating. Viral Videos. Viral videos are an inexact science. It’s hard to know what will be popular. Charlie Bit My Finger 135 million views. David After Dentist 35 million views. Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent 115 million views. Will It Blend: iPhone 7 million views.

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Viral Videos

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Viral Videos

Viral videos are an inexact science

  • It’s hard to know what will be popular

Charlie Bit My Finger

135 million views

David After Dentist

35 million views

Susan Boyle on Britain’s

Got Talent

115 million views

Will It Blend: iPhone

7 million views

In comparison…

  • Population of NYC

    • 8.3 million

  • Mexico

    • 106 million

  • US

    • 304 million

Are videos that try to change behavior popular?

Top 50 most viewed videos on Youtube on a typical day: 5 lessons revisited

#1: The median number of comments on the most viewed daily YouTube videos is about 1000(ranging from 0 to over 20,000 comments).

#2: The most viewed daily YouTube videos are usually 1 minute or over in length (but under 3 min).

#3: Similar to the most viral content, the most viewed daily YouTube videos occurred in these categories (by frequency): 1. Music 2. Cool

3. Funny 4. Ads

#4: The most viewed daily YouTube videos usually use thumbnails of humans

#5: Posted on hundreds of blogs (or Facebook pages, etc.)

What makes a video viral?

  • Create a video worth talking about. Something memorable that stands out from the “noise” out there (original, quirky, funny, weird)

  • INCLUDING THE BRAND: The risk of not including a branding message, even if it's subtle, is that everyone will share the video but not be able to give credit where credit is due. On the flip side, a very blatant commercial is not as cool to forward on to friends. To be most effective, a viral video must straddle the line between advertisements and consumer-generated media.

    Other suggestions:

  • Comment on other videos including links back to your video profile


  • Get creative with what you have

    • Mattress Dominoes World Record Attempt

  • Viral video doesn’t have to cost a lot

    • Giant Stuffed Snake

  • Know your audience

    • Fit Yummy Mummy

  • Have fun with your product

    • Will it blend?

  • Highlight what makes you unique

    • Penny Pranks


YOU can create a great video too

  • High School contest

    • (


YOU are now the MARKETERGet into their heads

  • FEAR is not always EFFECTIVE

    • Priests and car seats – FOCUS on BENEFITS

  • Give them HOPE – empowerment

    • Susan Boyle

  • TRUST – Getting information from a friend or from the Government?

  • How will barriers be reduced? Make it easier?

  • Credible

  • Personal Story (Jacqueline, girl from Orem)

  • Answer questions people may have

BrainstormingJeff Hill – BYU Media Arts Professor

  • When brainstorming, start with things you already like and ask yourself why you like it.  If you like it, then someone else does as well.

    PARODYA parody will bring in everyone that likes the source material and then they will hear your message as well.

  • Firelight

  • Distracted Parent Driving

    Dove Evolution vs. Evolution Parody




Getting your video out there!

  • Spreading the message: Utilize blogs, other social networking websites you already use as well as word of mouth.  Think of your audience. 

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