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Shakespearean Memes

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Shakespearean Memes. What is a Meme?!?!?!?. MEME – (noun) an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, especially by imitation Try to Guess these Songs/lyrics….

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what is a meme
What is a Meme?!?!?!?
  • MEME – (noun) an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, especially by imitation

Just gonna stand there & watch me burnWell, that’s alright because I love the way you lie…--Eminem & Rhianna

“Forget You” --Cee Lo GreenWhen I behold you riding with my dearthroughout the town, I bite my thumb at youPerchance my groats could never keep her here.I bite my thumb at you and at her too.Were I richer I would be her suitor,And is this not a fact of filth and scum?Though she hurt me I will still salute herthe aforementioned way, I bite my thumb.I’faith I cannot purchase you a steedBut I can yet transport you where you will.But I can yet transport you where you will.If he is chess then I am bowls, indeedRegardless of the game, you’re cheating still.I pity foolish men who love that dame of much popularityShe looks for naught but gold, know that, good Moor.



  • Bring in a copy of your favorite song
  • lyrics (or have them ready in a Word
  • Document for next class.
  • In the next class, you will create a MEME
  • & recreate your song lyrics,
  • Shakespearean style!!!


  • TASK – Create a MEME & a Shakespearean version of your
  • favorite song!
  • Everyone will work independently, but feel free to ask
  • your peers for help!
  • Get 2-3 stanzas of your favorite song. Emulating
  • Shakespeare’s style of writing, rewrite your favorite song.
  • Pay attention to Shakespeare’s diction (word choice), style,
  • syntax, use of rhetorical devices, etc.
  • Make sure you use these resources :
  • - (When creating your
  • MEME, use “Joseph Ducreaux.”)
  • -Shakespeare’s Dictionary (on my wiki)
  • -Reading Shakespeare’s Language (*Pay attention to
  • Shakespeare’s syntax/inversion.)