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The Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Eby. The Civil Rights Movement. Slow Beginnings. Herman Talmadge Governor (1948-1951) After his father’s death, the General Assembly selected him to replace his father Resisted desegregation of schools Implemented GA’s first state sales tax

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The Civil Rights Movement

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Mrs eby

Mrs. Eby

The Civil Rights Movement

Slow beginnings

Slow Beginnings

  • Herman Talmadge

    • Governor (1948-1951)

    • After his father’s death, the General Assembly selected him to replace his father

    • Resisted desegregation of schools

    • Implemented GA’s first state sales tax

      • Money was used to improve public school systems

    • Served as U.S. Senator for four terms

Benjamin e mays

Benjamin E. Mays

  • Distinguished African American minister, scholar, and activist

  • Presided over Morehouse College

  • Emphasized

    • The inherent dignity of all

    • Differences between ideals of America and actual practices in American society

  • MLK used his ideas to further the CRM

Brown v board of education

Brown v. Board of Education

  • In 1954, the US Supreme Court ruled that schools must be desegregated

  • This ruling helped launch the modern civil rights movement

1956 georgia flag

1956 Georgia Flag

  • In 1955, John Sammons Bell (GA’s Democratic Party Leader) wanted to change the GA flag to incorporate the Confederate Flag

  • In 1956, the General Assembly voted to change the flag

  • People received this change as a statement against the Brown v. Board decision

  • This move was seen as a recognition of GA’s Civil War past.

Martin luther king jr

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Principal leader of the modern CRM

  • He was a clergyman and advocate for non-violent protest

  • Attended Morehouse College

  • Began career after the arrest of Rosa Parks

    • African Americans boycotted the buses after Ms. Park’s arrest

  • Took risk to his own safety and that of his family to progress Civil Rights for all

Mlk continued

MLK continued

  • MLK led and participated in marches and protests calling for equal rights for all

  • Believed many problems were caused the economic inequalities in society

  • Killed by an assassin in Memphis, TN in 1968

  • January holiday commemorates his birthday

The civil rights movement

The Civil Rights Movement

  • SNCC

  • Sibley Commission

  • Integration of UGA

  • Albany Movement

  • March on Washington

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

Student nonviolent coordinating committee

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

  • Group grew out of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

  • Encouraged young people (both black and white) to use peaceful protest to gain equal rights

    • Sit-ins

    • Freedom riders

      • Protested by riding on segregated buses

Sibley commission

Sibley Commission

  • Gathered information about how people felt about desegregation

  • Founded by Governor Ernest Vandiver

  • Report decreased resistance against desegregation

  • Local school boards created methods to slow down the desegregation process

  • Desegregation finally began in GA in the late 1960s

African americans enter uga

African Americans enter UGA

  • CharlayneHunter and Hamilton Holmes were the first blacks admitted to UGA in 1961

  • The Hunter-Holmes building at UGA is named after them, and it was the site of their registration

Albany movement

Albany Movement

  • The goal of this movement was to desegregate the Albany, Georgia region

  • The groups involved:

    • SNCC

    • Youth Council of the NAACP

    • Baptist Ministerial Alliance

    • Federation of Women’s Clubs

    • Negro Voters League

March on washington

March on Washington

  • Site of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech by MLK, Jr.

  • Five goals of march:

  • Meaningful Civil Rights laws

  • Massive federal works program

  • Full and fair employment

  • Decent housing, the right to vote

  • Adequate integrated education

Civil rights act of 1964

Civil Rights Act of 1964

  • Signed by Lyndon Johnson

  • Three main provision:

    • Guaranteed equal voting rights

    • Prohibited segregation in public places

    • Banned segregation by trade unions, schools, and employers involved in interstate commerce or business with the federal government

Lester maddox

Lester Maddox

  • Became governor of GA in 1967

  • Because he was popular with Georgians who favored segregation, many feared he would return widespread segregation to the state

  • Requested huge police presence at MLK, Jr.’s funeral which kept many blacks from attending

African americans take office

African Americans Take Office

  • In 1973, Maynard Jackson was elected the first African American mayor of Atlanta- the first in a major southern city

  • Jackson encouraged a number of Affirmative Action programs

Andrew young

Andrew Young

  • An aide to Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement

  • Served as an executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

  • First African American from Georgia to be elected to Congress since the 1860s.

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