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Johann wolfgang von goethe
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . Jacqui Gallagher Taylor Giannetti Zoë Landau . Name Pronunciation 101. World Lit – Period 3 . How to say Goethe…. Repeat after Taylor. Now you’ve got it!! . Meet the Devil! . Devil’s Contract.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Johann wolfgang von goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jacqui Gallagher

Taylor Giannetti

Zoë Landau

Name pronunciation 101

Name Pronunciation 101

World Lit – Period 3

How to say goethe

How to say Goethe…

Repeat after Taylor.

Now you’ve got it!!

Meet the devil

Meet the Devil!

Devil s contract

Devil’s Contract

I hereby agree to listen, pay attention, participate and contribute to the discussion of Jacqui, Taylor and Zoë’s presentation. I will not sleep, snore, throw things at them etc, and I will be respectful while they are speaking. I will also help them to achieve their “A” goal. ;)

By successfully accomplishing all of the previously listed requirements, I will then gain infinite knowledge about Goethe, Faust and the price of my classmates’ souls.

Andrew Zheng Alex LippDrorBareket

Kerri May Taylor Kahny Kate Brennan

Mrs. LyonsEric Luttman Allie Hackel

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MiekeSchrepierRachel Feldman Emily BenoffGeorgiana Sandilos



Born August 28, 1749 in Frankfurt, Germany and died on March 22, 1832.

Goethe wrote during the late 18th century and early 19th century. This was the time after the enlightenment and the beginning of romanticism.

Writing style

Writing Style

  • Transcends genres

  • Closet drama

  • Epic

  • Poetry – style & verse forms

  • Tragedy?

Influences of goethe

Influences of Goethe

  • Theory of Colors – Darwin

  • Poetry put to music

  • Faust Symphony

  • Sorcerers Apprentice Ballad

  • Fun Fact: Created norms of celebrating Christmas

Influences on goethe

Influences on Goethe

  • Johann Gottfried Herder & Sturm and Drang

  • Romanticism

  • Italy – classical art and architecture

Influences on faust

Influences on Faust

  • “Doktor Faustus” History and Legend

  • Book of Job - Old Testament

  • Homer – Epic poem & Quest



  • Goethe used life experiences to formulate his themes

    • Pure happiness vs. masked feelings

    • Good vs. evil

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