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?a d?s? st?? ????da. ?a ????f??a p?? s??a?t??ta? st?? ????da ?? a?t?f?? e??a? ta d??f??a e?d? e??t?? (ables sp.) e????e??t?? (picea sp.) pe???? (pinus sp.), ??pa???s?? (cupressus sp.), ??d??? (juniperus sp.)?a? t? e?d?? ?ta?? (taxus baccata). ?p? ta ?e???a ????f??a e??a? ta pe??a ?a??p??? (pin

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D das, ed ft a d d

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Presentation Transcript

1. ??d? das??, e?d? f?t?? ?a? ??????? d???? ????d?? ?a???s?????? ??: ?a??? ?pasd??? ??sp???a ?a?t? ????? ?a?????fa ?f? ??d? ???st??a ?at????????

2. ?a d?s? st?? ????da ?a ????f??a p?? s??a?t??ta? st?? ????da ?? a?t?f?? e??a? ta d??f??a e?d? e??t?? (ables sp.) e????e??t?? (picea sp.) pe???? (pinus sp.), ??pa???s?? (cupressus sp.), ??d??? (juniperus sp.)?a? t? e?d?? ?ta?? (taxus baccata). ?p? ta ?e???a ????f??a e??a? ta pe??a ?a??p??? (pinus halepensis), t?a?e?a (pinus brutia) ?a? ???????a??? (pinus pinea), t? ??pa??ss? (cupressus semprervirens) ?a? e???? e?d? ??d???. ??????a ????f??a e??a? ta d??f??a e?d? e??t?? (abies alba, abies cephallonica ?a? abies borisiregis), ? e????e??t? (picea abies), ? ?ta?? ?a? ap? ta pe??a ta e?d? das??? (pinus silvestris), a??? (pinus nigra), ??p??? (pinus heldreichii) ?a? a?ed???t??? (pinus peuce)

3. ? ?ata??? t?? das?? ?a d?s? t?? ???a? a? ??a ?st??????? ?????? ?????? efa?????ta? ????a se ??e???? pe?????? e ap?t?e? ???se?? p?? de? p??sfe??ta? ??a ?e?????? ?a??????e?a. ?a e??????? d?s? ??? d????ta? a??? ?a? s?e?a t?? p?es? ap? t? ?s??s?. ? d?a??????? t?s? p?? ??p??e ?a ?p???e? e??a? ?a a???s? t?? das???????? se ??e????? t?p??? ?p?? ????a p?????eta? ap? t?? f?s??? a?ad?s?s? t?? e??ata?e?e????? a???? ?a? ?a a?t?st???? e??s? t?? pa?a??a??? das?? ????a se pe?????? ?p?? ? p?es? ??a de?te?? ? ?a? p??t? ?at????a e??a? e????.

4. ???e? ??????? ??es??e?a?? ???? ??st?s?? (Quercetalia ilicis). ?a?a??a??, ??f?d?? ?a? ?p???e??? pe?????. ? ???? a?t? ?ata?a??e? ?a ????da ?at? ???? t?? a?t?? ?a? ???? t?? ??s??? t?? ????d??. ?a ?????te?a e?d? ??st?s?? p?? s??a?t?e st? ???? a?t? e??a? ta ae?f???a p?at?f???a ?a??? ?a? ta ?e???a ????f??a. ?a?aes??e?a?? ???? ??st?s?? (Quercetalia pubescentis). ??f?d??, ?p???e???. ? ???? a?t? ap?te?e? t?? s????e?a t?? p??????e??? p??? t? es?te???? t?? ???a? ? ?a? ???? sta ????. ?a ?????te?a e?d? ??st?s?? st? ???? a?t? e??a? ta f??????a p?at?f???a a? ?a? se ???s??a s?e?a e??a? d??at?? ?a ????e ?a? t? p??????? (quercus coccifera), t? ?p??? a???e? sta ae?f???a p?at?f???a. ???? das?? ????? e??t?? ?a? ??e???? pa?aes??e??? ????f???? (Fagetalia). ??e???, ?p?a?p???. ? ???? a?t? s???st?ta? sta ???? t?? ??t??? ????d??. ?a ?????te?a e?d? ??st?s?? p?? s??a?t??e e??a? t? ??at? (abies cephalonica ?a? abies borisi regids), ? ???? (fagus sp.) ?a? ? a??? pe??? (pinus nigra) ? ?p??a e??a? d??at?? ?a ?p???e? ?a? st?? p??????e?? ????. ???das??? ???? ?????? ????? (astragalo acantholimonetalia). ?e?d?a?p???. ? ???? a?t? efa???eta? p??? ap? ta das????a p?? e??a? s?????? a????p??e??. ? ??st?s? p?? s??a?t?e ap?te?e?ta? ap? p?e? ?a? ?????? ?a? e??a? ?p?a??s??? s?????? ap? ?pe??s??s?.

5. ?a f?t? t?? ????da?

6. ? ?e???af??? ??s? t?? ????da? eta?? t???? ?pe???? (????p?, ?s?a, ?f????), t? es??e?a?? ???a, ? p????????f?a t?? ?e???????? ?p?st???t??, ?? da?te??t?? a?t???a?? e ta ?????de? ??s??, ?? ?a?a??? ???asse? ?a? ? ???et???? d?a???s?, d???????sa? t?? s?????e? a??pt???? ?a? p??????a? ????s?st??t?? ?a? ??t?p?? ??ad???? st? ??s?. ?a e?d? f?t?? p?? ????? ?ata??afe? ?epe????? ta 6.500 ?a? ta e?d???? e?d? e??a? 1.150 d??. de? pa?at?????ta? se ???? ???a t?? ??s??. ??t?st???a ? Ge?a??a, e ??tas? s?ed?? t??p??s?a t?? ????d?? ??e? 2.700 e?d? ?a? 6 e?d????, ? ?????a e d?p??s?a ??tas? ??e? 1.550 e?d? ?a? 16 e?d????, ? ?spa??a e tet?ap??s?a ??tas? ??e? t?? ?d?? a???? e?d??. ?e??ss?te?? ???st? e??a? ta sp???a f?t? t?? ?a???t?? p?? e??a? ta t?p??? e?d???? (32), ta e?d???? p?? ?p?????? ??? st? ?a??et? ?a? se ??a a??a e??????? ????, ta e?d???? t?? ????da? p?? f?t?????? e?t?? t?? ????? ????? ?a? st? ?a??et? ?a? ta sp???a ??a t?? ????da ?a? t?? ????p? e?d?. ??ta?a ?a? ?e?ape?e?: ? f?s? ap?te?e? t? e?a??te?? fa?a?e??. ?? ?st??? t?? ??e?a? ?a? t?? ???f??? ??s?eta? ?a?? ?????? sta ?ta?a, ta a?t?f?? d??ad? f?t? ?a? ?d??? a?t? p?? f?t?????? st??? ?a???e???????? a????? ?a? ???s??p?????ta? sa? f??a?a ??a t?? d??f??e? pa??se??. St?? e??????? f?s? e?d?????? p????? ?t???? p??, ???a e t?? ?p????? ?e?s? ?a? ???a e t? ???? t???, a? ?a?????? ?f??e?a ?a? a? ft??????? t? d???es?. ????? ap? a?t? f?t?????? st? ?a??et? ?a? st? ????.

8. ??????? d???? ? ????da e??a? ? p??t? ???a st?? ????p? ? ?p??a ap??t?se e????? d???, t? 1938 ?p?? ?d?????a? e?????? d???? st?? ???p? ?a? t?? ?a??ass?. S??????? ? ????da d?a??te? 10 e??????? d????? p?? ?a??pt??? pe??p?? 840.000 st??ata ?e???????ta? ? ?a???a? ??a ta d??? t?? st???e?a. ??t?? ap? t??? d?? p?? p??a?af?????a?, ap? t??? pa???te???? e??a? t?? ??????a? p?? ?a?a?t???st??e t? 1961, st?? ???? ?a? t? Saa??? t? 1962, st?? ??t? ?a? t?? ???d? t? 1966 e?? t? 1973 st? ???? ?a? t? 1974 st? S????? ?a? t?? ???spe?. ?a??????a, a???e? ?a s?e???e? ?t? st? ???a a?, ?p?????? ?a? p????? ???e? a??????e? pe?????? e te??st?? f?t??? ?a? ????? p???t?. ??de??t??? a?af????e pe?????? ?p??, t? d?s?? ?ad??? ???? (T????), st? ???? ?p??e? ?a? t? ???? ?e?????, t? ???? ???a? (?a?a?tsa???), t? ???? `A???, t?? ????f?? t?? ?e?t????? ??d?p?? (?a?ed???a), t?? ?e?t????? ????f?? t?? ?a??et??, t?? ?????da ?d?t?? St???? (?e??p????s??) ?a? t? ???? ???f? (????a).

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