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Energy efficiency
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Energy Efficiency. Base Operations Command and Control Centers. Gary Morrissett MCAGCC Utilities and Energy Management Supervisor. August 7, 2012. MCAGCC Long Range Plan. Energy Efficiency Required 30% Base line 171 MBTU/sqft Currently 34% savings Energy Security Reliable power

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Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Base Operations Command and Control Centers

Gary Morrissett MCAGCC Utilities and Energy Management Supervisor

August 7, 2012

Mcagcc long range plan

MCAGCC Long Range Plan

Energy Efficiency

  • Required 30%

  • Base line 171 MBTU/sqft

  • Currently 34% savings

    Energy Security

  • Reliable power

  • Renewable energy (DOE goal met 9%, 4.5% generation)

    Growth potential

  • Analyze current system with all growth

  • Anticipate utility loads and system requirements

  • Central Plant Strategy

    Communications and controls

  • Type of system

  • Flexibility

    Microgrid and overall controls strategy EMCS (Energy Managmeent Controls Systems – Direct Digital Controls)

Mcagcc public works network

MCAGCC Public Works Network

Incorporates a whole base concept for communications, metering, and controls

  • Cogeneration plant

  • EMCS building controls

    • incorporates metering

    • Water, gas, electric, chilled water, HTHW

  • Chiller plant controls

    • Advanced strategy for efficiency

  • Central Heat Plant controls

  • Water wells controls

  • Waste water controls

Command and control

Command and Control

Allows base Facilities to view at specific locations

  • Limits control functions to specific groups requiring access

  • Provides major controls functions and indicators of issues at building level

    • Temperature monitoring and controls

    • Load shedding capability

      • Metering

      • Future building cutoff

      • Future DDC Generator controls

      • Electrical grid substation and switching metering and control

    • Power indication and trouble alerts

  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) view and access for response to issues

  • Command can take action based on operational views

Major systems setups

Major systems setups

  • Two Cogen plants 16.4 MW – must be tied for controls functions

    • 60 switches – fiber controls with loads and voltages

    • 9 substations – fiber controls main breaker and circuit loads

  • 30+ Solar PV systems 4.7 MW – Required metering to utility and control functions due to islanding capabilities and grid operations

    • Additional 3 MW under construction

  • EMCS (DDC)

    • Temperature and on off Control and monitoring

    • “AMI” Metering through EMCS for dumb collection of data

    • Data collection and management – requires servers, switches, and programming

  • Communications network- Fiber/RF

    • Security – limiting access to maintenance crews to save energy

    • DIACAP certifications – Complex process!!!

Energy efficiency1

Energy Efficiency

3 ESPC projects

Johnson Controls Inc

$60M Construction $7.2/year Savings

Project 1

Replace 5 chillers with High efficiency



Project 2

Cogeneration plant

Generates 55,000 MWH electricity

35MBTU/hr waste heat

Payback 3.5yrs


$5.2M/year guarantee

Project 3 Mod to #2

1.2 MW PV array

Daylighting 12 buildings

3 chiller plants 6250 tons

40 EMCS controls with fiber



Energy efficiency2

Energy Efficiency

Lighting – Replaced savings $600K/year

  • Internal T8 25W w sensors

  • External Induction and CFL w sensors

    • Induction lights ½ wattage of HPS

      Controls – savings $600K/year

  • 240+ building controls installations

    Chilled water conversions

  • Retrofit A/C to chilled water off main plants and controls installations -

  • Savings $650K/year

    Solar PV systems

  • Savings $400K/year

Mcagcc loads and power

MCAGCC Loads and Power

CurrentHigh MWlow MWlimit

Summer27-28 12-13 24


No projects32-3317-18

GenerationCurrent MWFuture total MW

Cogen7.216.4+9.2 dual turbine



Power strategy- Develop enough generation and energy efficient projects quickly to enable the base to last until the utility power upgrade is installed. Provide reliable power, islanding capability, and controls functions for automated functions due to low O&M manpower.

O m lessons

O&M Lessons

Controls are the future of energy savings

  • The best building with bad controls = waste

    Qualified people are hard to find

  • Advanced training requirements in hardware and software

    Advanced controls have special requirements

  • Programming and integration challenges

    Operations staffing is lacking training

  • Training budgets cut and # of personnel cut

    Too many different controls don’t work!

  • Some bases have 12-15 different platforms

  • Loss of functionality with each integration

    Data management is part of controls NOW

  • Required servers, routers, and programming and security!!

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