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02. TABLETS AND MAGAZINE ENGAGEMENT (CONTENT). Tablet usage: an overview. When?. At which times do you use the iPad?. Source: Sanoma Media, 6 countries, 2011. Where do you use the iPad?. Source: Sanoma Media, 6 countries, 2011. An ‘at home’ medium.

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Tablets and magazine engagement content



Tablet usage:

an overview


At which times do you use the iPad?

Source: Sanoma Media, 6 countries, 2011

Where do you use the iPad?

Source: Sanoma Media, 6 countries, 2011

An ‘at home’ medium

According to Meredith/MediaVest study in the USA, digital magazines are mostly read at home…

  • Portability is within the home – moving from room to room – rather than outside the house

  • In general, ‘print’ magazines are more portable than digital editions, i.e. reading magazines outside is more common in print

Most-used features

Which iPad features do you use? (%)

Source: Sanoma Media, 6 countries, 2011

Why read electronic content?

Top reasons for accessing electronic magazines (%)

Source: The Mobile Magazine Reader, MPA, USA, 2012

Time spent reading tablets

Axel Springer iPad Panel (Germany) established that users spent on average 4 hours 38 minutes per week reading magazines andnewspapers on tablets

  • Averaging 40 minutes per day

Adobe worldwide analysis found that 56% of readers spend between 25 minutes to 2.5 hours/month reading their tablet publications

  • 9% spent more than 5 hours/month doing so

  • Readers said their average time spent had increased by 70% over the last six months

Time spent reading tablets (cont’d)

The MPA’s Mobile Magazine Reader (USA) concluded that an average of 2.5 hours per week was spent reading digital editions of magazines

  • Most readers accessed a given issue 2 to 3 times

  • Two-thirds thought their reading of magazines on these devices would increase during the next year

  • There was considerable sharing of digital magazines with others (39%)

  • 55% typically read earlier issues as well as the current issue

Actions following engagement

Actions taken as a result of reading digital magazines:



User profile (USA)

GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer (March – October 2011):

Content and



Digital content

Adobe reveals that via its platform, worldwide:

68%Percentage of iPad owners in Germany reading magazine content on their iPads

  • In year ending January 2012, 16 million digital publications had been downloaded

  • 68% paid for some or all of their digital magazines and newspapers

(VDZ Magazine usage on the iPad, 2011)

  • A similar percentage was reported in the US

  • (GfK MRI, 2012)

Content and interactivity

“There is deep engagement with tablets. While personally relevant content remains compelling regardless of format, interactive elements within digital editions are seen as exciting and absorbing.

“The interactivity digital editions offer can be a powerful means of enhancing involvement and the total reading experience.”

Meredith/MediaVest Study, USA

Print and tablets

A healthy future


Increasing consumption…

Circulation of digital magazines in USA continues to climb (Audit Bureau of Circulation)

… & increased consumption

Digital editions increase total consumption of magazine content

Consumption of content

“Since I began reading magazines in electronic form, I am reading…”

Print/digital experiences

Comparison of print and digital formats for magazine content:

Source: Media Experience Survey, TNS NIPO/NUV, The Netherlands, 2012


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