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John looked at Joseph while Joseph looked at John. They were both looking eye to eye with no words a...
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Stoic Influence & Paul

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Stoic influence paul

John looked at Joseph while Joseph looked at John. They were both looking eye to eye with no words and no movement. But, they’re eyes were saying thousands of sentences to each other. Joseph said nonchalantly, “I guess… He’s right.” John said “Well, we are.” They both stared each other in the eye and said, “We are the same.” At that moment, Everything between John and Joseph had been resolved and both saw each other as humans. Joseph’s constant staring at John soon subsided and both never saw each other again. History is made with mistakes, mistakes that all make, from racism to the subject of using words the wrong way but, many do the same no matter who they are.

Stoic influence paul

Joseph was skimming through Paul’s letter . After skimming, Joseph started to slow down seeing rather large words such as condemning and judgment. He soon started to read and truly, started to understand the wrong. Joseph knew what he had been doing but, never really accepted it for being wrong until now. “We are humans,” he repeated to himself mentally, “we all are humans.” Joseph then confronted John and stared him down. This time, Joseph did not seek to judge him anymore but, to analyze him. Joseph saw himself in John, but did not let him know due to pride. Joseph was wrong about John all of this time. And shockingly, John said to Joseph, “We are all the same.”

Stoic influence paul

A letter was sent to the residence of John from a preacher named Paul. The letter was sent due to the complications on how people like Joseph would treat people like John. John soon read the letter and made the decision to give it to Joseph the next day. In the morning, John attempts to confront Joseph with the letter on the road. Wandering around, Joseph was soon spotted by John and John confronted Joseph. “Read this,” John had said, “I think you need to understand something.”

Stoic influence paul

On a hot day located on the outskirts of Rome, two men walked on the road they travel to home from working with animals. One man is named John, a regular Roman citizen who works and takes care of his family as any other person would. The other man is Joseph, a man not regarded as a citizen but not as different as John. While John was cleaning up, he decided to leave food for the animals where, it was wrong to do so. Because of this, Joseph looked at John in a funny way. John had seen Joseph stare at him while the food was there and had left home. As soon as John left, Joseph had left as well. Joseph, not realizing, had also left the food out for the animals such as John did. While John laid in bed after he got home, he had realized a letter had came.

Stoic influence paul

Stoic Influence & Paul

Roman 8: 1-16

A Short Story

Written by Justin Pena


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