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Ivy academy
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Ivy Academy. Appeal Hearing. Introduction. Brief Procedural Background Comment on Evaluation Process Essence of Ivy Academy Standard for Review Evidence in Support of Ivy Academy Conclusion. Procedural Background.

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Ivy Academy

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Ivy academy

Ivy Academy

Appeal Hearing



  • Brief Procedural Background

  • Comment on Evaluation Process

  • Essence of Ivy Academy

  • Standard for Review

  • Evidence in Support of Ivy Academy

  • Conclusion

Procedural background

Procedural Background

  • State application form received by HC and State – one week before deadline

  • Two denials from HC

Procedure continued

Procedure, continued

  • 1st denial – two page grading rubric with just a few vague reasons for point deductions

  • 2nd denial – 10 page grading rubric with more complete and more objective reasons for point deductions.



  • If the complete objective response was provided with first HC evaluation would we even be to the appeals stage?

Comment on the procedure

Comment on the Procedure

Who is ivy academy

Who is Ivy Academy?

Personal – 14 to 1 student/teacher ratio

84 total students per teacher

Public school

!!! Public School !!!

  • Aligned with HCDE Strategic Plan

  • Aligned with purpose of charter school law

  • Serving at risk and other students

Learning environment

Learning Environment

  • Small Class Groups

  • Themed learning

  • Project-based learning

  • Outdoor “classrooms”

  • Longer class periods

Standard for review

Standard for Review

…contrary to the best interests of the pupils, school district or community…

Tenn. Code Ann. §49-19-108(3)

Contrary to existing need nclb history

Contrary to Existing NeedNCLB History

  • History of AYP in district

  • 6 High Priority schoolsin HC system on 2007- 2008 list

Tennessee Department of Education – Report Cardwww.state.tn.us/education

Hcde strategic plan and strategies

HCDE Strategic Plan and Strategies

  • Goal: High academic achievement from proficient to advanced.

  • Strategy: Team with local universities, business and community leaders to make students competitive in the global arena

  • Ivy: Already has partners helping design educational opportunities for students

Hcde strategic plan and strategies1

HCDE Strategic Plan and Strategies

  • Goal: Move from proficient to advanced.

  • Strategy: Innovative ideas and strategies

  • Ivy: Our innovative teaching methods and environment are ideas and strategies that will help HCDE achieve this goal

Hcde strategic plan and strategies2

HCDE Strategic Plan and Strategies

  • Goal: Empower Schools with Freedom and Flexibility

  • Strategy: Expand curriculum to provide successful enrichment programs …research-based programs used as academic designs…field studies of selected programs

  • Ivy: Our life-skills and other enrichment programs will implement this strategy and we can be an in-house study providing data for HCDE’s success

Hcde strategic plan and strategies3

HCDE Strategic Plan and Strategies

  • Goal: District Accountability

  • Strategy: Put resources and decision-making close to the classroom

  • Ivy: This is also part of the intent of the charter school law and we look forward to being able to put our energy where it serves best: with students in the classroom.

Purpose of charter school law

Purpose of Charter School Law

  • Encourage the use of different and innovativeteaching methods

  • Provide greaterdecision makingauthorityto schools and teachers in exchange for greater responsibility for student performance

  • To provide an alternative means within thepublic school system for ensuring accomplishment

Tenn. Code Ann. §49-13-102

Conclusion ivy is

Conclusion – Ivy is:

  • Aligned with the HCDE Strategic Plan’s Goals and Strategies

  • Aligned with the purpose of the charter school law

  • Prepared to begin operations with the approval of charter status

  • Aggressively dedicated to succeeding

It would contrary to the best interests of

It Would Contrary to the Best Interests of

  • Students– The at-risk population exists and would be denied the opportunity to shift within the HC system to an environment that will help them succeed…tragic

  • School District – To refuse to avail themselves of a ready, willing, and able agent of its own strategies for success under its 2011 plan…counterproductive

  • Community– To deny this unique and timely approach for HC and Ivy to partner for success and reap both local and possibly national recognition…illogical

It s about

It’s About

Students and teachers

Learning together

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