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  • Uploaded on Information for teachers. The basics. is a web site that acts like an “app” or a program you install Point browser to Works in any browser and on any device. What does do?. Mode 1: Simplify, Highlight, and Teach

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Rewordify com

Information for teachers

The basics
The basics

  • is a web site that acts like an “app” or a program you install

  • Point browser to

  • Works in any browserand on any device

What does rewordify com do
What does do?

Mode 1: Simplify, Highlight, and Teach

  • Simplifies harder English by replacing hard words and phrases with easier ones

  • Highlights the replaced words, showing the original ones upon mouse-hover/click/tap

What does rewordify com do1
What does do?

Mode 2: Highlight and Teach

  • Identifies all the hard words and phrases in a passage and highlights them

  • Shows easy definitions of the harder ones upon mouse-hover/click/tap

Identifying difficult words
Identifying “difficult words”

  • 34,300 difficult words and phrases

  • Hand-picked by experienced educators

  • Word length doesn’t matter

  • Difficult: ken, orb, diva

  • Not difficult: ridiculousness, unbelievably

What s the point
What’s the point?

  • Makes hard English more accessible

  • Fosters independent learning

  • Offers an alternative to dictionaries

  • Assists visual learners

Target student population
Target student population can help:

  • Ages: high school through adult

  • Reading skill: approx. 5th grade and up

Target student population1
Target student population is not intended for:

  • Ages: children younger than 10

  • Reading skill: below about 5th grade level

Rewordify com1

An alternative to dictionaries

Problems with a dictionary
Problems with a dictionary

  • Words definedin terms ofthemselves

  • Definitions have difficult words

Problems with a dictionary1
Problems with a dictionary

  • Requires a multi-step lookup process

    • Locate an unknown word

    • Look it up

    • Scan the definitions and analyze them

    • Pick the definition that is most relevant

    • Go back to original text

    • Apply the definition within the context of the sentence

Problem 1 addressed
Problem #1 addressed

  • Words defined in terms of never uses any form of an unknown word in its definition

Problem 2 addressed
Problem #2 addressed

  • Difficult words in never uses difficult words in definitions:

Rewordify com knows context knows context

  • Looks at how words are used in a sentence

  • Comes up with a “smart” definition based on context

  • Examples:“enchilada” is left alone, but“whole enchilada” is reworded to “whole thing.”

Rewordify com knows context1 knows context

  • “Art is beautiful.” is left alone“Art thou kind?” is reworded to “Are you kind?”

  • “He has a lot of spirit.” is left alone“He is my kindred spirit.” is reworded to: “He is my good friend.”

Rewordify com2

How to use the site

How to use
How to use

  • Type or paste in text

  • Enter a web URLExamples of web URLs:

Not a search engine
Not a search engine

  • Sees words -> rewordifies the words

  • Sees a URL -> rewordifies the web page

  • Different from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


  • Go to


  • In the top box, type this:This site is replete with ways to improve your lexical knowledge.


  • Then, press “Rewordify Text.”


  • You’ll see this:

The phrase “replete with” was replaced with “full of.”

The word “lexical” was replaced with “word-based.”

Smart highlighting
Smart Highlighting

  • Notice the highlighting over the replaced words:

Smart highlighting1
Smart Highlighting

  • Hover your mouse over the highlighting:

The original word appears under your mouse cursor. If you’re on a tablet, just tap the highlighted word.


Flexible learning
Flexible Learning

  • At the top of any page, click “Settings.”

Smart highlighting2
Smart Highlighting

  • Examine the options

Smart highlighting3
Smart Highlighting

  • Examine the options (continued)

Smart highlighting4
Smart Highlighting

  • Scroll down and click “Save settings.”

Smart highlighting5
Smart Highlighting

  • Click the link to go back

Smart highlighting6
Smart Highlighting

  • Refresh/reload the page to see the settings change


School printer friendly
School-printer friendly

  • Printing any screen looks good on ablack-and-white printer

Works on web pages
Works on web pages

  • Click the “R” to clear the screen


Works on web pages1
Works on web pages

  • Enter a web site, like

Works on web pages2
Works on web pages

  • The whole web site is rewordified

Rewordify com3

Teacher Tools

Teacher tools demo
Teacher tools demo

  • First, find an article online, or a document on your computer.

  • Select and copy all or part of the article:

Teacher tools demo1
Teacher tools demo

  • Paste the text into and click “Rewordify Text.”

Teacher tools demo2
Teacher tools demo

  • The text is instantly rewordified.

Teacher tools demo3
Teacher tools demo

  • Scroll down and click on “View Teacher Tools.”

Teacher tools demo4
Teacher tools demo

  • You’ll see a list of the hard words, and sixprintablehandoutoptions:

Teacher tools demo5
Teacher tools demo

  • Vocab list with definitions

  • Vocab list with blanks

  • Matching exercise (with/without key)

  • Quiz version #1 (with/without key)

  • Quiz version #2(with/without key)

Wrap up


  • Completely free

  • No ads (ads on rewordified web pages will show)

  • No personal information collected

  • No username/password needed

  • Faster understanding

  • Clear understanding of what hard words mean

Help available
Help available

  • Home page demos

  • “Details” link – from any page

  • “Contact” link – from any page

  • YouTube channel – instructional videos

  • Blog:

Rewordify com4

Thank you!