testing a bluetooth product with web and embedded software
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Testing a Bluetooth Product With Web and Embedded Software

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Testing a Bluetooth Product With Web and Embedded Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Testing a Bluetooth Product With Web and Embedded Software. Rick Clements cle @ cypress.com Cypress Semiconductors 9125 SW Gemini Dr., Suite 200 Beaverton, OR 97008. Purpose. Embedded & web based software have different constraints Embedded & web based software have different tools

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testing a bluetooth product with web and embedded software

Testing a Bluetooth Product With Web and Embedded Software

Rick [email protected] Semiconductors9125 SW Gemini Dr., Suite 200Beaverton, OR 97008

  • Embedded & web based software have different constraints
  • Embedded & web based software have different tools
  • The embedded & web environments are merging
  • Provide a planning example of a project in both environments
presentation structure
Presentation Structure
  • The process is in the paper
  • Sample documents are in the appendix
  • Slides available at http://www.geocities.com/rick_clements/blue.ppt
  • Product under test
  • Scoping the effort
  • The QA plan
  • The test plan
  • Questions
  • Summary
product under test
Product Under Test



Local PC



scoping the effort
Scoping The Effort
  • Software environments
  • Organization of the team
  • Tools
software environments
Internet & Windows

Compatibility with different servers running different OS

Servers may be busy or unavailable

Large amount of memory locally, storage locally and storage on servers

Tools for testing memory leaks, measuring test coverage and automating tests exist


Runs on a single device

Playing music requires real-time limits of msec.

A limited memory & storage

Few off the shelf tools

Scoping The Effort

Software Environments
possible team organization

Scoping The Effort

Possible Team Organization
  • Test & QA team per discipline
    • Software
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
  • Single combined team
  • System testing encompasses all disciplines
organization of the team

Scoping The Effort

Organization Of The Team
  • Test lead
  • Electrical, mechanical & software debug - designers
  • Embedded software - 1 software test engineer
  • Windows & web software- 1 software test engineer
  • Internal mechanical & electrical - 1 mechanical test engineer
  • EMI & UL tests - 1 environmental test engineer

Scoping The Effort

  • Windows and Internet - commercial test tool
  • Embedded test tools developed internally
    • This is a full development effort
    • It needs adequate planning, time & resources
  • Scopes, in circuit emulator, etc.
  • Time at EMI and UL facilities will be rented
the qa plan
The QA Plan
  • Configuration management
    • Software / hardware changes
    • Typical change
    • Hardware description languages
    • Product / web configuration
  • Issue tracking
typical change

QA Plan

Typical Change
  • Requirement for monitoring battery usage discovered
  • Add a gas gauge chip
    • Electrical & mechanical change
  • Add software driver for the chip
  • Add software to display status on GUI
  • Configuration management vitally important
hardware description languages

QA Plan

Hardware Description Languages
  • Blurs the line between software and Hardware
  • Source easily managed
  • Graphical environment - same issues as Windows
  • Configuration management a “software thing”
product web configuration

QA Plan

Product / Web Configuration
  • Web content changes quickly
  • Software on PC changes more slowly
  • Firmware in device changes more slowly
  • Address in product & tests plans
issue tracking

QA Plan

Issue Tracking
  • It’s a software problem
  • Investigation shows electrical problem
  • Fix it in software
  • Must have a common tracking system
the test plan
The Test Plan
  • Tools
  • Hooks into the product
  • Reviews
  • Compatibility tests
  • Host / device tests
  • Stress tests
  • Power tests
  • Electrical & mechanical tests
  • Schedule
    • Schedules & staffing levels - Cem Kaner & Kathy Iberle papers

Test Plan

  • Web & windows tool selection
  • Embedded tool development
  • Buy or rent tools for electrical and mechanical tests
hooks into the product

Test Plan

Hooks Into The Product
  • Affect the test approach
  • Warning and status easier to test
  • RS232 vs Bluetooth

Test Plan

  • Catch error early
  • High risk
    • Interfaces
    • New technology
    • Tight timing requirements
  • Extendibility
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple host platforms
compatibility tests

Test Plan

Compatibility Tests
  • Product / web servers
    • Gold, silver & don’t care sites
    • Test when product OR site changes
    • On going management
  • Operating systems
    • Windows 95?, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP?
  • Bluetooth cards in the host
host device tests

Test Plan

Host / Device Tests
  • Protocol
    • Standard
    • Proprietary
  • Error handling
    • Handled by hardware
    • Handled by software
stress tests
Host Tests

Low memory in host

Device Tests

Play music, change pages & download


Commands over Bluetooth

Two way communication changes timing

Must be manual

Test Plan

Stress Tests
power tests

Test Plan

Power Tests
  • Operates over entire battery life - hardware
  • Displays accurate battery life - software
electrical mechanical tests
Internal Tests



LCD readable

Drop tests

Shipping container

Agency Tests



Test Plan

Electrical & Mechanical Tests
  • Many different areas
    • Web software
    • PC software
    • Embedded software
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
  • You can’t be an expert in all areas
  • You need a good team