It all starts from here
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It all starts from here!. Do you WANT to be SUCCESSFUL ? Do you THINK you will be SUCCESSFUL? Do you BELIEVE you will be SUCCESSFUL ? Do you KNOW you will be SUCCESSFUL ?. ....... ....... .

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It all starts from here
It all starts from here!

  • Do you WANTto be SUCCESSFUL?

  • Do you THINKyou will be SUCCESSFUL?

  • Do you BELIEVEyou will be SUCCESSFUL?

  • Do you KNOWyou will be SUCCESSFUL?

....... .......

Want to KNOW what YOU need to DO to be SUCCESSFUL?

What are you DOINGto ensure you are SUCCESSFUL?


....... .......

....... .......

Simple, first Understand what “SUCCESS” MEANS to you!

Write down what SUCCESS means to you!

When will you say you are “SUCCESSFUL”

....... .......

Gear up what differentiates people where do you belong
Gear Up ....... : What differentiates people?Where do you belong?





There are three categories of people who contemplate an undertaking.

  • lowest never start off for fear of encountering obstacles

  • the middle start off but withdrawat the first sign of an obstacle

  • the top, despite repeated obstacles, persistuntil they take the undertaking to a successful conclusion

    (Nitishatakam, Bharthruhari 1.26)

Step up rule your success
Step Up : ....... RULE your Success

  • RULE – ReapingUnforgettable Learning Experience

    ReapingUnparalleled Leadership Experience

  • Or is it, RepentingUnforgivableLearningExperience!

Rule s for you
RULE ....... s for You

  • RULE 1: Take Ownershipto change, learn & grow

    • Keep yourself awake, alert, alive and enthusiastic 

  • RULE 2: Participatewithout inhibitions

    • Be 100%. Give 100%. Do 100%. Have fun 100%

  • RULE 3: Be Opento ideas, to change

    • Open mind opens doors to learning and success

  • RULE 4: Seek Answers, ask right questions

    • Most people are a bag of questions

    • Be genuinely interested in answers

  • Excel: ....... APPLIED way to SUCCESS





- Attitudeof Enthusiasm

- Power of Positive Thought

- Purpose and Goal Clarity

- Leading from Within

- Inspiring Excellence

- Exceeding Expectations

- Daring to Dream Big

A a ttitude of enthusiasm


anirvEdO hi satatamsarvArthEshupravartakam (Ramayana 5-12-10)

Enthusiasm is the root of all prosperity and happiness. It is also the fuel in every purposeful effort.

Enthusiasm is the CHILDLIKE (Not Childish) Curiosity to learn, to have fun, to grow

A a ttitude of enthusiasm1

  • Enthusiasm =

    • = Energetic

    • = Excited

    • = Engaged

    • = Eager

    • First step to success is in the attitude!

    • The attitude to PERSIST!

A a ttitude of enthusiasm2

  • Enthousiasmos“Divine inspiration”; intense interest or excitement; living every moment with energy / zeal.

  • Enthusiasm is an attitude, a mindset; contagious - spreads like common cold; people love to be around those who are enthusiastic

  • Being Awake, Alert,

  • Alive,Enthusiastic …. helps you generate new ideas, understand, retain, and perform better; you will get noticed, will be able to appreciate and will be appreciated

A a ttitude of enthusiasm3



sotsAhasya hi lOkeshu


(Valmiki Ramayana, 4th Kaand, 1st Parva, 121st Shloka)

Enthusiasm yields great strength. There is no strength greater than enthusiasm. Nothing in this world is beyond the reach of those who are enthusiastic

P p ower of p ositive thoughts

  • Enthusiasm determines what you do & who your friends are!



  • Atma-evaAtmano-Bandhudh

  • Atma-evaripuhatmanah

  • You (Your Thoughts) are your Best Friend, and worst enemy!

P p ower of p ositive thoughts1

  • Listen to YOURSELF; Watchyour thoughts

    • What are you telling your mind? What is your mind telling you? NOW?

    • Do you worry about your weakness or feel good about your strengths?

    • Negative is often more powerful than the Positive

    • Negativity is a tendency; positivity needs courage and “saadhana”

  • Self-doubt, self-pity, self-limitation are self-destructive

  • Hone self-confidence and self-belief

    • Tell YOURSELF that you deserve the best; “I am GOOD, I CAN do it”

P p ower of p ositive thoughts masaru emoto s experiment with water
P ....... – POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHTSMasaru Emoto’s experiment with water

P p ower of p ositive thoughts think become yad bhavam tad bhavati
P ....... – POWEROF POSITIVE THOUGHTSTHINK = BECOME (yadbhAvam tad bhavati)

  • Self Fulfilling Prophesies

    • a prediction that causes itself to become true

    • a false definition evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come 'true'

    • just the thought makes things turn out in our favor

  • Placebo Effect

    • an inert substance not meant to treat the condition, treats the condition; Expectancy and Conditioning!

    • “the treatment would certainly make him better” rather than “I am not sure if the treatment will have an effect”

    • it is not the medicine but the trustthat cures

P p ower of p ositive thoughts think become yad bhavam tad bhavati1
P ....... – POWEROF POSITIVE THOUGHTSTHINK = BECOME (yadbhAvam tad bhavati)

AkAraih-ingitaih-gatyAcheShTayAbhAshaNena cha

nEtra-vaktra-vikAraiShchalakshyatE-antargatammanaH (Panchatantra. MitraBedha. 45)

The inner mind of the man is revealed in the subtle changes that happen in the looks, preferences, walk, talk, work, eyes, and face.

P p ower of p ositive thoughts body and mind connection
P ....... – Power of Positive ThoughtsBody and Mind Connection

  • Mind and Body are ONE

    • body responds to what mind says, mind responds to what the body says

  • You can CHANGE NOW.

    Change the way you think, CHANGE your life NOW.

P p ower of p ositive thoughts thoughts yield attitudes
P ....... – Power of Positive ThoughtsThoughts Yield Attitudes

  • “NEVER Give up”an attitude of all the top performers and leaders

  • The “Farmer’s Donkey”

P p ower of p ositive thoughts2
P ....... – Power of Positive Thoughts

How we want to feel


Who we want to be

is a choice we make!

P p urpose goal for life you will find see what you seek
P ....... - Purpose / Goal for LifeYou will FIND / SEE what you SEEK

  • Mind will show that you seek

    • We are surprisingly blinded to things that are around us

    • Mind will believe what you repeatedly tell it or make it to believe

  • How you perceive determines what you can achieve

    • How you perceive yourself, colleagues, classmates, friends, others, learning, MBA, job, business, market, life, success, money, future, past, present, and everything else

P p urpose goal for life create a purpose for your life
P ....... - Purpose / Goal for LifeCreate a Purpose for your Life

  • Do you have a GOAL or Purpose in and to your life?

  • Where are you with it?

  • Setgoals high enough that it pushes you! A push helps you grow!

L l eading from within
L ....... – Leading from Within

  • What does a football do?

    • “Most people are like footballs, someone needs to pump air into them all the time” – Anthony Robins

  • Real leaders are motivated from within

  • Internal motivation matters, it is long-lasting; External motivation is short-lived

    • If you are motivated to learn, if you have the hunger, you will learn irrespective of how bad a lecture is

L l eading from within self motivated
L ....... – Leading from WithinSelf-Motivated

  • Be inspired. Remain Inspired.

  • Take charge of YOUR life

  • AnukulasyaSankalpahPratikulasyaVarjanam

    • conviction to accept the beneficial and reject the non-beneficial

L l eading from within old new
L ....... – Leading from WithinOLD - NEW

  • Observe, Learn, Do

  • OBSERVE something NEW Every Day

  • LEARN Something NEW Every Day

  • DO Something NEW Every Day

L l eading from within learn and grow every minute every moment
L ....... – Leading from WithinLearn and Grow EVERY MINUTE, EVERY MOMENT

क्षणशः कणशश्चैव विद्यामर्थं च साधयेत् |

क्षण त्यागे कुतो विद्या कणत्यागे कुतो धनम् ||

Every minute and in every micro detail (every drop, every grain) one should acquire / secure / seek knowledge and money (meaning, purpose).

Where is the learning (knowledge) in letting go of a moment, where is the wealth in letting go of a grain?

I i nspiring through excellence sustaining excellence
I ....... – Inspiring through ExcellenceSustaining Excellence


  • Inspire not by words but through action

    • Give your 100%

  • Two key skills to inspire excellence:

    • Networking and Listening

E e xceeding expectations
E ....... - Exceeding Expectations

  • Stretch expectations & exceedthem every time

    • People are capable of reaching any target set to them

  • Have the courage to be different

  • Grab / Create Opportunities

  • “If you are not ready to be wrong, you will not create anything new; nor do anything new “

    • Sir Ken Robinson

D d are to d ream big
D ....... – Dare to Dream Big

  • Surprisingly enough we land where we deserve to be

  • Believe in yourself, in your Dreams.

  • Invest in your growth. Be original.

  • Dare to commit mistakes.

  • L.B.W

Make it Big. Do it Right. Give it Class - Steve Spangler

Applied summarized
APPLIED ....... - Summarized

  • A - Attitude of Enthusiasm

  • P - Power of Positive Thought

  • P - Purpose and Goal Clarity

  • L - Leading from within

  • I - Inspiring through Excellence

  • E - Exceeding Expectations

  • D - Daring to Dream Big

Are these in your control or beyond you?


Yes! Each of these is within our control!

  • You can only if you think you can!

उद्यमः साहसं धैर्यं बुद्धिः शक्तिः पराक्रमः |

षड् एते यत्र वर्तन्ते देवः तत्र सहायकृत् ||

Industriousness, Force, Firmness, discrimination (intelligence, intellect, perception), Ability (competence, power, capacity, strength) and Endeavor (attempt, adventurous accomplishment, advancing, to march forward), wherever these six exist the gods (luck, fame, money etc) will [somehow] come for help.

चिन्तनीया हि विपदामादावेव प्रतिक्रिया |

न कूपखननं युक्तं प्रदीप्ते वह्निना गृहे ||

Reactions to calamities should be considered well in advance. It is no good to start digging a well when the house is on fire!

The session and beyond
The Session and Beyond विपदामादावेव प्रतिक्रिया |

  • What lifeoffers to you depends on YOU

  • Only person responsible for YOUR

    success is YOU

  • I invite YOU to make the best

    out of your time

Identify grab create opportunities
Identify / Grab / Create विपदामादावेव प्रतिक्रिया |Opportunities

  • A Leader emerges every time a challengeis converted into an opportunity

    • Seek and create opportunities to develop in classrooms, seminars, conferences, workshops, neighborhood, workplace and everywhere

Thank You विपदामादावेव प्रतिक्रिया |

Let there be Success.

Let there be Peace.

Let there be Light.

May we Succeed Together.

May we LOVE Each Other.

May we Inspire One Another.