Puerto rico
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Puerto Rico. Unidad 3 / Lección 1. ¿Dónde Está Puerto Rico?. Información sobre Puerto Rico. La capital es San Juan Puerto Ricans often call the island Boriquén ( borinquen ) but they call themselves Boriqua ( borinqua )

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Puerto Rico

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Puerto rico

Puerto Rico

Unidad 3 / Lección 1

D nde est puerto rico

¿Dónde Está Puerto Rico?

Informaci n sobre puerto rico

Información sobre Puerto Rico

  • La capital es San Juan

  • Puerto RicansoftencalltheislandBoriquén (borinquen) buttheycallthemselvesBoriqua (borinqua)

  • Puerto Rico containsone of themostbeautifulrainforest, El Yunque

  • Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the USA

Mas informaci n

Puerto Rico

El Coquí

  • Almost 4,000,000 people in Puerto Rico

  • Aboutthree times thesize of Rhode Island

  • San Juan is one of the biggest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean

Mas información…

Fortaleza de san felipe del morro

Fortaleza de San Felipe del Morro-

  • Constructed in the 16th century by the Spanish to guard the entrance to the port of San Juan, the fortress known colloquially as el Morro survived bombardments by foreign forces over multiple centuries.

  • The fort is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a US National Park and serves as a major tourist attraction in the historic district of Viejo San Juan

Puerto rico

Bahía Bioluminiscente

  • The bioluminescent have microscopic organisms that live in every drop of water. These organisms will glow when they dart away from movement. The organisms are most visible during a new moon. they're hard to see during a full moon and impossible to see in sunlight.

Taino influence

Taino influence

  • When the Spanish settlers colonized Puerto Rico in the early 16th century, many thousands of Taíno people lived on the island.

  • Taínowords like hamaca ("hammock"), hurakán("hurricane"), and tobacco came into general Spanish as the two cultures blended.

  • Puerto Ricans still use many Taíno words that are not part of the international Spanish lexicon. The Taino influence in Puerto Rican Spanish is most evident in geographical names, such as Mayagüez, Guaynabo, Humacao or Jayuya. You will also find Taino words in different parts of the Caribbean.

Economic ties to united states


  • A territory of theUnitedStates

  • Puerto Ricansenjoytheirindependence, US rights and privileges

  • Electtheirowngovernor

  • They do not vote in thepresidentialelectionnorpaytaxes

  • US and Puerto Rico share thesamecurrencymakingiteasyfor people to do business

Las fotos

Las Fotos

  • San Juan

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Las fotos

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