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More information at; GADD & o ne of the largest company. More than 10 years with focus on Business Intelligence (BI) in daily operations as well as weekly and monthly reporting. Pre-defined reports & ad-hoc analysis.

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More information at;

GADD & one of the largest company

  • More than 10 years with focus on Business Intelligence (BI) in daily operations as well as weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Pre-defined reports & ad-hoc analysis.

  • Uses GADD in all countries where they have business.

  • GADD is used for several business areas e.g. Sales, Logistic, Purchasing, Accounting.

GADD & one of the largest company

  • Several different implementations and in total;

    • 20.000 registered users.

    • Unlimited number of viewers.

    • 1.000.000 queries/reports produced every month.

    • More that 100 data sources.

  • No education needed.

  • Web and Windows.

  • 100% automated.

  • Data direct from ERP systems (real- time stock and sales) and also from Data Warehouses.

Easy and efficient

  • Operational reports & BI for all employees without need of education.

  • Enable advance users to do ad-hoc analysis using several different tools.

  • Create web based dashboards on the fly and publish on the intranet.

Business cases

  • Get sales and stock figures in real time directly from tills, sales and warehouse systems.

  • Get data in real-time from 38 data sources, consolidate and present in one report using “one-click”.

  • Display real-time sales on TV screen for employees to monitor daily goals achievements.

  • Automated order information from sales systems to external vendor handling the transport.

  • Automate daily, weekly, monthly report routines using AutoGADD and Scheduler and publishing on intranet.

  • Display Dashboards on the intranet to push information and enable drill down and selection.

  • Automate data transfer from multiple data sources and consolidate in GADD Data Storage for off-line analysis.

Unique Selling Point

  • Pay when proven

  • Short lead time

  • Integration & Customisation

  • Low cost

  • Better

Unique Selling Point

  • Pay when proven

    • Proof of concept in your environment with your data

  • Short lead time

    • KPI, interactive dashboards and pivot analytics on your intranet within weeks

  • Integration & customisation

    • Integrate directly to backend systems, ERP, as well as data warehouses

    • Integrate to your existing desktop tools; Microsoft Office and Excel

    • Customise to your specific requirements

  • Low cost

    • No initial cost and low cost even if many users

    • Make use of your existing solutions and investments

  • Better

    • No education needed for users

    • Windows and Web applications to meet different needs for different users

From data to information

  • Retrieve and consolidate data in real-time from unlimited number of data sources.

  • Automation of data retrieval and information publishing using Scheduler and AutoGADD.

  • Predefined reports for operational use that secures information quality, steering and super easy to use for anybody.

  • Ad-hoc analysis using predefined or user created queries and views for the advanced user.

  • Automatic web publishing on Intranet of reports, dashboards, KPI using WebGADD.

  • Ad-hoc data analysis via web browser using pivot, tables, charts, gauges, pies, cards etc. that are interactive and “drillable”.

  • User directory to steer access and authentication and Query statistic to monitor follow up all usage.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Excel and other MS Office desktop tools, using Microsoft technology and an extendable architecture that enable unlimited and efficient customisation.

  • Use predefined queries that retrieve data (sales, stock, damage, returns) from all stores in one query and automatically saves it in local data storage cache.

    • Use Scheduler and AutoGADD to make it 100% automatic.

    • Make add-hoc data analysis super quick and available via web browser.

  • Use predefined queries, reports and dashboards that retrieves from the local data storage cache.

  • Publish predefined queries, reports and dashboards to employees using WebGADD Server.

  • Create your own queries, reports and dashboards that access the local data storage cache.

  • Publish your own queries, reports and dashboards to employees using WebGADD Server.

Requirements on needed hardware and software

  • What hardware & software is recommended on server side?

  • If GADD Data Exchange, GADD Data Storage and Web versions of Dashboard, Table Chart and Pivot Chart is to be used then a server is recommended that has following;

  • Computer with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server that has default ICC3 or ICC4 components including Microsoft IIS.

  • A database engine that support standard interfaces. E.g. SQL Server, SQL Server Express (zero cost), Oracle or MS Access.

  • What hardware & software is recommended on client side?

  • Device that has a web browser for using the web based applications.

  • Device that has e.g. Windows XP or Windows 7 for using the Windows applications that are included.

  • Microsoft Office for utilizing the MS Excel & MS Access integration.

BI component

Screen-copies & description

Query & Dashboard

GADD Query & Dashboard Builder

GADD Q & D Viewer for Windows & Web

Basket Analysis –Chord & Matrix

  • Customized & business oriented

  • Sales activities

  • Add-on Sales

  • Cross-sales measurements

  • Basket Analysis

    • Customers that purchased X also purchased Y.

    • Measure result on campaigns and product display in store.

    • Recommendations based on what is in the customer basket.

More information at;