Army Spouse Employment Partnership   Moving Into the Joint Arena  14 September 2010    Dr. Lillie S. Cannon

Army Spouse Employment Partnership Moving Into the Joint Arena 14 September 2010 Dr. Lillie S. Cannon PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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. Most military spouses are active in the labor market Sixty-Nine percent either employed or actively seeking work Spouse employment is an essential source of income for most military Families Sixty-eight percent work to help pay basic family expenses Military spouses confront substantia

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Army Spouse Employment Partnership Moving Into the Joint Arena 14 September 2010 Dr. Lillie S. Cannon

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3. National Defense Authorization Act of 2002 -- Secretary of Defense “shall” seek to develop partnerships with firms in the private sector to enhance employment opportunities for spouses of members of the armed forces and to improve job portability for such spouses….” Connecting Military Spouse Candidates with Corporate America Recruit & Retain High Performers with Spouse Transfer Provision Promote and Preserve Investment through State to State Relocation Thousands of Qualified, Skilled & Talented Applicants ASEP’s Average Talent Holds a Degree of Higher Education 22% Hold Bachelor Degrees or Higher Spouses Can Fill Industry Attrition Rate Spouses Can Fill High Labor Turn Over Rate ASEP Produces Job-Ready Spouses

4. December 2002 summit hosted by Army Chief of Staff: Partnership formally unveiled at Association of US Army (AUSA) annual conference in October 2003. Each Partner Company and the ASA (M&RA) signed a Statement of Support pledging their best efforts to improve spouse employment opportunities. Semi-annual Meetings chaired by DASA (PO); CG, FMWRC serves as Executive Secretary As of 1 Sept 2010, ASEP Partners hired over 84,000 military spouses AMBA joined the partnership in 2009 AMBA is currently at level three of four Three banks will join in 2010 Armed Forces Bank Synovus – Columbus Bank and Trust Bank of America

5. Semi- Annual meeting in June the ASEP Chairman stated this initiative should and will become joint We have conducted five working meeting with DoD and the other Services Funding a new structure Tracking spouse hires Marketing new initiative Office of the Secretary of Army involvement Executive Agent

6. All endorse and support this initiative Chairman discussed during his recent visits with partners Discussing at the Secretary level Why is this important to you? All banks on all installations We track the hires and referrals

7. National Corporation > 5,000 31 Corporate Partners Regional Corporation < 5,000 Local Business – Operator Owned International Corporation

8. Military Spouse Job Search (MSJS) Web Portal The Military Spouse Job Search website is an association page of America's Job Exchange (AJE). This website connects military spouses not only to the Army Spouse Employment Partners (ASEP) but to the thousands of registered AJE military spouse-friendly employers who are searching to fill their job openings everyday. Submit your resumes and let the employers know you are a military spouse when you register! Visit Military Spouse Job Search www.

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