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ASSA and NJSMART. All Districts Must submit both the :ASSAandNJSMART. Any Software Changes? No major changes. Regular Preschoolers ( not Preschool Disabled) attending charter schools are now reported on On Roll -> Charter program screenChoice districts should report choice stud

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ASSA October 2011

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1. ASSA October 2011 A Review

2. ASSA and NJSMART All Districts Must submit both the : ASSA and NJSMART

3. Any Software Changes? No major changes

4. ASSA Summary report will be available in DOE homeroom with state aid notices in 2012

5. The First Thing to do: Review ASSA software after installation

6. What to do Next? Review ASSA after installation

7. Review

8. Resident Enrollment

9. Half-Day vs. Shared-Time Enrollment

10. School Choice Interdistrict Public School Choice Program Act of 2010

11. School Choice Interdistrict Public School Choice Program Act of 2010

12. Resident Enrollment Details Student Characteristics & Grade Levels

13. Resident Enrollment Details Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

14. Resident Enrollment Details Since 2007

15. Resident Enrollment Details Must Scroll over to the right ? Low Income

16. Resident Enrollment Details Must scroll over to the right ? Speech Only

17. Resident Enrollment Details Must scroll over to the right ? Preschool Disabled PSD (On Roll + Sent Received) Include PSD in Sp Ed Elementary Full time means 10 hrs (or more) instructional time per week Subset count - for additional information

18. Merged District Resident Enrollment Details Additional Resident count for each municipality Must scroll over to the right ? to fill in a Resident count. Otherwise you will have fatal edits and will not be able to transmit

19. Absent & Drop-Out

20. Home Instruction

21. Free & Reduced Lunch: Scroll over to the right ? On Roll counts: Free or Reduced Lunch FT and ST for all grades Low income data collection for Preschoolers

22. Sent Full-Time to Contracted Preschool Program Enhanced Head Start Provider Preschool Do not report Federal fully funded Head Start

23. Limited English Proficient Definition

24. Limited English Proficient LEP On Roll

25. Charter School Enrollment

26. Special Education Grade Level Designation

27. Low Income On Roll: Free/Reduced Lunch or Milk eligible under the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act

28. Preschool

29. Line Age 5-17

30. Alternative Programs Include Alternative High Schools (AHS) and other Alternative Programs (AP). Report enrollment for on roll, sent, or received by selecting Alternative Programs. Reporting for an Alternative School that has a valid school code is the same as a regular school report both on roll and received. Do not file a special circumstance letter. County Voc must report an Alternative Program student as received from a district and on roll in County Voc.

31. Vocational Enrichment Programs If a district sends a student to a full-time enrichment program at County Vocational districts in the same county:

32. Sent to County Voc Shared-Time

33. CSSD & ESC Districts

34. Regional District & Constituents NO sent/received relationship Report total resident enrollment breakdown from constituents on Regional Enrollment Breakdown screen Sum of the breakdown must equal total resident count Information is used to decide the apportionment of tax from each municipality.

35. Sent / Received K-8 sent to 9-12

36. File Maintenance Never Lose data again!

37. Perform Edit

38. Transmittal Approval Code Each time a district performs an edit a unique approval code is generated. The fourdigit code is shown at the top of the transmittal form. A list of transmittal codes from the final transmission will be sent to the districts though the county offices in December. District should compare the transmittal code with district's report to ensure that it is the latest data transmission received by DOE.

39. Special Circumstance Letters Reasons for filing

40. Procedure for Filing Special Circumstance Letters

41. Sent / Received Edit Process

42. Correcting & Re-transmitting Data Districts must re-transmit all their data through the WebDOEnet. Districts are responsible for getting data right. Re-transmittal form acknowledges that senders/receivers are in agreement. Do not wait until deadline to re-transmit. Special circumstances letter must be submitted with completed special circumstance form available in the manual. OSF may contact district to retransmit data. All other changes must be handled by the districts.

43. Role of County Office E-mail ASSA program questions on behalf of district to OSF.

44. DOE Central Office Contacts Office of School Finance Please, all ASSA program questions should be E-mailed to:

46. Conclusion FY 2011-12 Adjusted State Aid calculation will be based on Oct-2011 ASSA. FY 2012-13 Projected State Aid calculation will be based on Oct-2011 ASSA. Some ASSA data will also be used for Federal Grants calculation: Age 5-17, Free Lunch, LEP On Roll.

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