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Photoshop Alternatives- – 4 color process Vector Drawing Tools – spot colors Online file converters Business Cards Links and Tips Photoshop Alternatives 4 Color Processing:

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Links and tips l.jpg

Links and Tips

Online image tools l.jpg

  • Photoshop Alternatives

  • 4 Color Processing:

  • From simple resizing, optimizing, cropping to filters and editing photos - for profiles, albums, forum posts, blogs

  • Vector Graphics

  • Spot Colors: Line and fill with borders and solid colors - Art for logos, screen printing, t-shirts

Online Image Tools

Photoshop alternatives l.jpg

  • – many great filters and features – open an image from URL or your desktop. Crop, resize, filters, download. Use express for simple jobs, Editor for brushes, filters, fonts and rasterization, drawing tools. Firefox tools.

  • Aviary Phoenix –

  • -- similar features

  • (more)

Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop alternatives4 l.jpg

Photoshop Alternatives

Vector graphics logos l.jpg

  • Almost always, logos are rendered as vector graphics for "spot color" production. These keep costs down.

  • Vector Graphics

  • -- A great free website for online vector production. Well designed templates and shared images to borrow or work with. CC sharing. Develop an account!

  • -- links to many online tools for sketching, tracing, and drawing

  • -- free drawing of flowcharts process diagrams, etc.

Vector Graphics / Logos

Color printing l.jpg

  • Spot Color "spot color" production. These keep costs down.

  • Vector art defined by lines and shapes of homogeneous color – screen printing - Usually distinct colors, sometimes overlay. Limiting to 4 colors keeps costs low.

  • Four Color Printing

  • Photos - Involves printing dots of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black halftones over one another at angles – magazine printing – CMYK – relatively expensive

Color Printing

4 color process l.jpg
4 color process "spot color" production. These keep costs down.

4 color process involves multiple passes of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, or CMYK for short. Often varnished. Colors sometimes a little muddy or unpredictable, lacking clarity and crispness in which case sometimes a 5th or 6th color is added, driving up costs.

Spot colors l.jpg
Spot colors "spot color" production. These keep costs down.

Spot color: all areas separate and small number of colors. Select the exact color. Screens and tones can be developed. Relatively inexpensive

Print hassles l.jpg

  • Costs depends on the number of colors involved, material to be printed on, etc.

  • Various colors often require separate passes through the press with accelerating costs

  • Precision of registration an issue with dot alignment more difficult than the edge alignment of spot colors

  • Hard to achieve some colors in 4-process – some results are muddy, requiring spot overprint.

Print Hassles

Spot color and vectors for logos l.jpg

Spot color and Vectors for Logos

Online file converters l.jpg

  • - converts large files from your desktop or the web changing to alternative formats. Images, Docs to pdf, ppt, music, video, and many other formats -

  • - supports 100 major image formats. Upload and convert, download with no other editing or filters, etc.

  • - online optimizer if you have image and want to keep it same size, but optimize pixels for web presentation and fast loading

Online File Converters

Business cards l.jpg

  • Microsoft Word and your Printer - or Publisher, etc. desktop or the web changing to alternative formats. Images, Docs to pdf, ppt, music, video, and many other formats -

  • -- Good design and tips. Lots of options for designing cards online, download and print for free.

Business Cards