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Jerusalem … our Capital … our Dream. Hula valley at sunset. Akka Wall – Napoleon defeater . Baha’i Gardens near Haifa. Grapes farms - Hebron. Besan - Historical remainder. Sea of Galilee -Tabareyya. Mosque on Qesarya beach. Yafa – our old home. Holy Olives in Galilee hills.

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Jerusalem … our Capital … our Dream

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Presentation Transcript

Jerusalem our capital our dream l.jpg

Jerusalem … our Capital … our Dream

Hula valley at sunset l.jpg

Hula valley at sunset

Akka wall napoleon defeater l.jpg

Akka Wall – Napoleon defeater

Baha i gardens near haifa l.jpg

Baha’i Gardens near Haifa

Grapes farms hebron l.jpg

Grapes farms - Hebron

Besan historical remainder l.jpg

Besan - Historical remainder

Sea of galilee tabareyya l.jpg

Sea of Galilee -Tabareyya

Mosque on qesarya beach l.jpg

Mosque on Qesarya beach

Yafa our old home l.jpg

Yafa – our old home

Holy olives in galilee hills l.jpg

Holy Olives in Galilee hills

Fishing in akka sea l.jpg

Fishing in Akka sea

Safad the sad hills l.jpg

Safad … the sad hills

Akka old port l.jpg

Akka old port

Dawn over the hula valley l.jpg

Dawn over the Hula Valley

Hebron abraham holy mosque l.jpg

Hebron … Abraham Holy Mosque

Asdod not for sale l.jpg

Asdod … not for sale

Asqalan the heaven l.jpg

Asqalan … the HEAVEN

Ramleh the rest of the old city l.jpg

Ramleh … the rest of the old city

Cherries flowers kofor kanna l.jpg

Cherries flowers … Kofor kanna

Like your mother struggles alone l.jpg

Like your mother … struggles alone

Natural view almuthallath l.jpg

Natural view - Almuthallath

Tabareyya the sun will rise again l.jpg

Tabareyya … the sun will rise again

Sakhnin valley olives roses l.jpg

Sakhnin valley … olives & roses

Sand dunes in negev naqab deseret l.jpg

Sand dunes in Negev “ Naqab Deseret”

Fields near nazareth l.jpg

Fields near Nazareth

Banias river natural view l.jpg

Banias river natural view

Mosque near yafa beach l.jpg

Mosque … near Yafa beach

Al karmel mountain haifa l.jpg

Al-karmel mountain - Haifa

Banias river l.jpg

Banias river

Natural view of lakes in the north l.jpg

Natural view of lakes in the north

Bisan waterfalls l.jpg

Bisan waterfalls

Rainbow with cloudy sky al majdal l.jpg

Rainbow with cloudy sky – Al-Majdal

Church of nativity bethlehem l.jpg

Church of NATIVITY - Bethlehem

Hula lake l.jpg

Hula Lake

The stronger the winds the stronger the trees naharya l.jpg

The stronger the winds … The stronger the trees - Naharya

Marwani mosque jerusalem l.jpg

Marwani Mosque - Jerusalem

Tabareyya the earth paradise l.jpg

Tabareyya – The Earth PARADISE

Negev desert south of palestine l.jpg

Negev Desert – south of Palestine

Water falls in the north l.jpg

Water falls in the north

Pray in aqsa l.jpg

Pray in Aqsa

We ll return l.jpg

We’ll … RETURN

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