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Formative Assessment and Student Achievement: Partnering with KASC

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formative assessment and student achievement: partnering with kasc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joshua E. Powell Patricia Sheffer. Formative Assessment and Student Achievement: Partnering with KASC. Rationale for Improvement. Individual Rankings. Rankings unite community Understand data: rankings vs. generational improvement (NCLB) District ranked 161 out of 175

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Presentation Transcript
individual rankings
Individual Rankings
  • Rankings unite community
  • Understand data: rankings vs. generational improvement (NCLB)
  • District ranked 161 out of 175
  • High School ranked 185 out of 201
  • Middle School ranked 166 out of 216
  • Morganfield Elem. ranked 671 out of 713
  • Sturgis Elem. ranked 373 out of 713
  • Uniontown Elem. ranked 247 out of 713
the blessing of deprivation
The Blessing of Deprivation
  • The ability to build a strong foundation
  • Do not have to negotiate with terrorists
  • Everybody has to drink the COOL-AID
  • Sense of urgency
  • Viewing proficiency as a minimum requirement
  • Brief window of opportunity to do what is right
  • Creation of Department of Student Achievement
  • Passing of Formative Assessment Initiative
  • Paradigm shift
    • Student-centered vs. adult centered
  • Empowerment of the best and brightest
  • Accountability: data drives decisions
establishing a foundation
Establishing a Foundation
  • Promotion: talent/ability vs. experience
    • Right people in key spots
  • Take advantage of the honeymoon—Board and community relations
  • Winning the first battle will lead to winning the war
  • Establish relationships with best and brightest organizations with proven success
why kasc
  • Proven track record
  • 100% student achievement driven
  • Not politically motivated
  • Personal characteristics of individual members
  • Mindset—high expectations
  • Ownership of Kentucky and each individual district
  • Belief that Kentucky should be the best
partnering with kasc
Partnering with KASC
  • Established foundation--trained key players
  • Existing respect and rapport with teachers
  • Thoroughbred philosophy
  • Avoidance of groupthink
  • Assertive confrontational model
    • Brutal honesty
    • Constructive feedback
formative assessment
Formative Assessment
  • Weekly ongoing formative assessment model
  • Linking performance to evaluation
  • Data makes decisions
  • Lead to growth and improvement but accept no excuses
  • Urgency
    • Critical developmental periods for children
formative assessment10
Formative Assessment
  • Protocol
    • Weekly KCCT-like assessments
    • Immediate analysis of data
    • Plan for improvement (teacher and student)
    • District Benchmark assessments
  • Principal walkthroughs
  • Instructional walkthroughs
  • Data presented to Civic Organizations
formative assessment11
Formative Assessment
  • Formative Assessments “for” learning
  • Summative Assessments “of” learning
  • People don’t perform because of what’s expected, they perform because of what’s inspected
  • The importance of follow-through
  • Curriculum specialists: critical component
    • High expectations
    • The Navy SEALS of curriculum and instruction
what does formative assessment look like
What does Formative Assessment look like?
  • Curriculum specialists and teachers model structure of KCCT-like assessment
  • Analyze student responses/conference with individual student
    • Builds student confidence and motivation
    • Guides future instruction
    • Monitor progress toward academic goals
  • Assessment is instruction
  • Anticipate that we will make extraordinary gains at every level
  • Anticipate that the accuracy of our Formative Assessment will be great
  • Anticipate that rankings will dramatically improve at every level

*The aforementioned anticipations are based on Formative Assessment analysis

why all the fuss
Why all the fuss?
  • Kentucky is 34th
  • Accountability system is at a standstill
  • Opportunity
    • New commissioner
    • Partnership of KASC, Prichard Committee, and Council for Better Education
  • Our children