m edia c onsumption and e ngagement committee update
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M edia C onsumption and E ngagement Committee Update

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Committee Update - 2.15.07 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M edia C onsumption and E ngagement Committee Update February 15, 2007 Establish Media Usage Map Map the current consumer media behaviors (emphasis on video platforms) How is it changing over time? We Want to Learn How consumers interact with different media How it changes over time

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Presentation Transcript
establish media usage map
Establish Media Usage Map
  • Map the current consumer media behaviors (emphasis on video platforms)
  • How is it changing over time?
we want to learn
We Want to Learn
  • How consumers interact with different media
  • How it changes over time
  • Home versus Workplace or some other place?
  • Rate of consumer adoption
    • Early adopters vs. those who bring up the rear
  • Rules of engagement
    • Percent of mind-share of each medium/device and how or whether this changes over time
What does that mean for the future
    • Media consumption and engagement implications
    • Audience measurement implications
mce study objectives
MCE Study Objectives
  • Dimension current consumption of media—focusing on television and video—and how it is changing over time (and will change) in order to
  • Proposeoptimal form of video media measurement
mce study objectives6
MCE Study Objectives
  • Focus: To understand how consumers are accessing content in addition to which content they are consuming.
  • Verify or dispel commonly held beliefs:
    • “The 30 second spot is dead; No one watches commercials any more”
    • “VCR’s have gone away, Everyone is taping things on their DVR’s”
    • “People are watching less TV; They’re all on the web or downloading shows on their iPods.”
mapping media usage
Mapping Media Usage
  • Divided between high-tech and low-tech users
  • Time/duration of each medium consumed
  • Simultaneous media usage
  • Multi-tasking with other media and non-media activities
  • By demo, ethnicity, socio-economic class, etc.
  • By high-speed broadband access
  • By ownership/usage of newer technologies
  • Incidence of time-shifting as well as means of navigating channel rich environments
  • Commercial vs. program behavior
mce rfp
  • We circulated a Request for Proposal document to the industry
  • Committee reviewed about a dozen proposals
    • Narrowed the group down to three finalists
    • Met with each finalist and had them answer additional questions
    • Selected research proposal submitted by Ball State University
    • Research will be executed via Observation Technique
  • Received approval in Fall ’06 to move ahead with the pilot study proposed by Ball State/Sequent Partners.
data generated for each participant
Data Generated for each Participant
  • Demographics (Adults 18+)
  • Media ownership/access inventory
  • Video consumption to be collected in ten second intervals
    • All television, computer, out-of-home video, gaming, and hand-held device activity
    • Recording/time-shifting
    • Presence of co-viewers
    • Intentional vs. unintended viewing
  • Exposure to non-screen media for context (general, not genre)
  • Life activities – including those concurrent with media use
  • Apparent focus of attention
researching the research
Researching the Research
  • Met with Research Staff last week at CMD
  • Details of project management and execution were shared
  • Spoke to trained observers and project supervisors
impact on future measurement
Impact on Future Measurement
  • Follow-up interviews the day after each observation
  • Part of the sample will include People from Households cycling off Nielsen’s national people meter sample (FTO’s)
    • Highly credible sample – spot differences among observational research, personal interviews, and Nielsen panel viewing
    • Identify gaps in Nielsen’s current measurement system
    • Guide for future audience research
mce bsu sequent partners next steps
MCE/BSU/Sequent Partners: Next Steps
  • Based upon our review of the pilot study findings, the committee will vote on whether to recommend that the full study be implemented.
  • Established a set of criteria to be used to determine whether the pilot is successful.
  • We are extremely enthusiastic and very optimistic!