Redeveloping new orleans recommendations from the john hopkins university redevelopment panel
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Redeveloping New Orleans: Recommendations from the John Hopkins University Redevelopment Panel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Redeveloping New Orleans: Recommendations from the John Hopkins University Redevelopment Panel. David Bend, Sam Huleatt, Minchul Kim, Van Johnson, and Gina Myers January 21, 2006. New Orleans Before The Storm. Mardi Gras Jazz Food But…. New Orleans Before The Storm.

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Redeveloping New Orleans: Recommendations from the John Hopkins University Redevelopment Panel

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Presentation Transcript

Redeveloping New Orleans: Recommendations from the John Hopkins University Redevelopment Panel

David Bend, Sam Huleatt, Minchul Kim, Van Johnson, and Gina Myers

January 21, 2006

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

New Orleans Before The Storm

  • Mardi Gras

  • Jazz

  • Food

  • But….

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

New Orleans Before The Storm

  • Concentrated poverty

  • Failing Schools

  • Weak Economy

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

New Orleans After the Storm

  • Disproportionate destruction

  • Inadequate response

  • ULI and Bring Back New Orleans Report

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Our Vision

New Orleans will emerge by its tricentennial (1718) as the most economically strong, intellectually rich, socially equitable, culturally vibrant and environmentally sustainable city in the world

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Redevelopment Zones

  • Different areas-different demands

  • Smaller footprint

  • Equity

  • Mixed-income

  • Mixed-use

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

source: USGS

Image courtesy of ULI

St. Bernard Parish

Jefferson Parish

Orleans Parish

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


source: USGS

Flood Inundation

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Sequence of neighborhood investment zones

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Source: ULI

Red Zone

  • Sense of urgency

  • Uniform assessment system

  • Remediation

  • Choice

  • Open space

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Yellow Zone map courtesy of ULI

  • Analysis and remediation

  • Eye towards redevelopment

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Green Zone

  • Least affected by the storm

  • Increased density

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Source: ULI

Strategic Open Space

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Source: ULI

Political Opposition

“Over my dead body”

-Ninth Ward Resident-

“To say that you’re not going to fix this community or that community, you’re not honoring the dead”

-Oliver Thomas, New Orleans City Council President-

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Low Density Development


Pre – Urban Redevelopment

Single use


Above ground


No parking in rear






New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Source: EPA DCED

Dense Development

Post – Urban Redevelopment

Street Trees

High Density



ground utilities





and Commercial)

Median for

light rail

Bike Lanes

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

Source: EPA DCED


Government Effectiveness

NEED for Transparency & Oversight:

New Orleans history of misappropriations and fraud within the Government (Ex: Marc Morial)

Need to demonstrate compassion for all races and classes

-Conscious not to only work in the “safest areas”

-Conscious of retaining local heritage/culture

Many feel abandoned by Federal Govt

“Re-Build Confidence in residents over time and through transparency and open communication”

New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


  • Important to have Oversight and Benchmarking

    • Monitor Contractors

    • Keep Public Profile: Web Updates, Town Hall Mtgs

    • Create Independent Oversight Commissions:

      • Environmental/Health Commission

      • Financial Oversight Committee

  • Historical Precedent

    • Nothing Comparable in Recent History of this Scale

      • 9/11 (Some success but very slow!)

  • New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    Q: What are we financing?

    Traditional Infrastructure & Municipal Structures

    AND…Social Infrastructure (Teachers, Services, etc)

    3 Levels of Financing:

    • Federal Level

    • State

    • Private (Economic Development)

    • Creative

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    • Federal – Most Aid

      • Gulf Opportunity Zone Act

      • Baker Bill (Yet to Pass)

  • Traditional Municipal Financing

    • Tax Exempt Bonds

    • Economic Development : Create Tax Base

  • Creative

    • How to Finance the GAP?

    • Public Private Partnerships

  • New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Traditional Model

    Reduce Poverty

    Focus on Deficiencies

    Need: Social Services

    Lead: Government

    Market-Oriented Model

    Create Jobs and Wealth

    Focus on Opportunities

    Need: Business Growth and


    Lead: Private Sector

    New Orleans Economic Redevelopment

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    Natural Resources (oil and gas)

    Higher Education Institutions

    Hospital and Medical Facilities

    Unique and Rich Culture

    The Port of New Orleans


    Strong medical research institutions

    The indigenous music industry

    Development of bio-tech industry

    Increasing demand for the port

    Ship building and restoring

    World Class convention and Expos


    Lack of Economic Strategies

    Less Business friendly Tax Codes

    High Proportion of less-skilled Labors in Workforce

    Lack of inward investment


    Racial and economical segregation

    High crime rate

    General trend toward out-migration from the city

    Increased competition from other cities

    Natural disaster


    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    New Orleans Economic Redevelopment

    • Short-Term Objectives

      • To bring dispersed New Orleans Residents back

      • To revive the core industries as soon and as much as possible

      • To enable workers to rejoin in the labor force

      • To maximize the benefits for New Orleans residents and companies from the reconstruction efforts

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    New Orleans Economic Redevelopment

    • Long-term Objectives

      • To encourage retention and expansion of job opportunities both in private and public sectors

      • To diversify the base of core businesses

      • Create an education system tailored to the actual jobs available and projected through restructuring period

      • To enhance the city’s reputation as a good place for business investment and sustained profitability through Public-Private Partnership

      • To alleviate concentrated poverty and racial segregation

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Snap Shot of New Orleans Economy

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Storm Water Protection

    • Levee’s

      • Poorly maintained: built for agriculture protection

      • Provide Multiple layers of levee protection: levees, canals, pumps and gates

      • Option not to rebuild all levees

      • Single Regional Levee Board

      • Close MRGO – Mississippi River Gulf Outlet

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Coastal Wetlands

    • Coastal Wetlands

      • Natural buffer against storms (aka speed bump)

      • New Orleans more vulnerable than before storm

      • Levees harmful to wetlands natural cycle

      • Fresh water reintroduction, barrier island restoration, sediment diversion and vegetative planting

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    • Water

      • Pre-Katrina, did not meet federal standards

      • Rebuild & protect water treatment facilities

    • Waste

      • 44 million cubic yards debris will require management

      • Launch valuable new industries (deconstruction projects, composting facilities, biomass energy plants) possible economic stimulus

    • Power

      • Entergy utility company – Filed for Bankruptcy

      • Priority for areas that have immediate occupancy

    • Communication

      • “Wireless” communication WiFi system throughout the city

      • Remove communication barriers and attract residents and businesses

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Transportation – Near Term

    • New Orleans Port

      • Getting back on feet – 80% by June

      • Biggest Need: Labor

    • Highway and road / bridge repair

      • Provide access to areas for construction and utility workers

      • Street signs and signals

    • Reconfigure bus routes

      • Focus routes in areas of highest activity

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Transportation – Long Term

    • Street Car

      • New Orleans symbol

      • Friendly, aesthetically pleasing, human scale

      • Portland, Oregon example

      • Street Car Arrival Time, GPS Tracking

    • Light Rail

      • North Shore & New Orleans

      • Reduce the isolation of many low income neighborhoods

      • Connect Neighborhoods & Workplaces

    • Regional Rail

      • Connect Baton Rouge and New Orleans

      • Environmental & Economic Stimulus

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Rebuilding Neighborhoods

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Snap Shot of New Orleans Housing Market

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Community Redevelopment

    • Short-Term Objectives

      • Form Neighborhood Planning Teams

        • Neighborhood residents

        • Planner/designer

        • Historic preservation expert

        • Environmental/public health consultant

        • Community Outreach

        • Mitigation Planner

      • Establish Temporary Housing Sites

        • Break through local public/political opposition to temp. trailer sites.

        • Enable Habitat for Humanity to locate housing portable foundations to city.

        • Insure site locations are environmentally safe for housing locations

      • Address Soil, Mold and Brown field environmental concerns

        • Establish Commercial and residential remediation plans/guidelines (EPA and or DEQ)

        • Meaningful and consistent community evolvement in environmental decision making

      • Address Neighborhood/Community Footprint issues

        • Establish safety measures

        • Develop Community specific remediation plans

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

    Community Redevelopment

    • Long-term Objectives

      • Attract and develop strong community relationships

        • Education

        • Employment

        • Housing product types

        • Financial institutions

        • Commercial enterprises

        • Young creative talent

      • Employ comprehensive redevelopment strategies that map to the communities needs.

        • Mixed use product types

          • Stimulate entrepreneurship

          • Links business to housing

        • Supportive Housing

          • Affordable housing

          • Linked to services (Health, mental health, employment, etc.)

        • Mixed income housing

          • Stimulates the development of community

          • Creates multi-cultural environments

        • Existing house renovation

          • 77.8% Homes Constructed before 1970, 59.9% before 1960

          • 81.1% homes are 5 bedrooms or less/76.3% 2 bedroom or smaller.

        • Utilize Sustainable building techniques were practical to reestablish communities

          • Sustainable sites

          • Water efficiency

          • Material and resources

          • Indoor Environmental Quality

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    • Acres of reclaimed wetlands (LT)

    • Number of job training centers constructed (ST)

    • % of schools that consistently score in the upper half of state and national scores (I)

    • Percentage of residents that reside less than six blocks from public transportation (LT)

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment


    • Audacious Goal

    • World is Watching-effects far beyond New Orleans

    New Orleans Urban Redevelopment

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