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The municipality has for the past 10 years managed and implemented 2 housing projectsBoth of these projects are at the ?urban areas' in Flagstaff and LusikisikiJoe Slovo settlement in Lusikisiki-1117 units Thabo Mbeki settlement in flagstaff-503 units Two rural housing projects implemented by O

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Ingquza Hill Local Municipality

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1. Ingquza Hill Local Municipality Housing report to the Portfolio Committee on the 15th January 2008

2. The municipality has for the past 10 years managed and implemented 2 housing projects Both of these projects are at the ‘urban areas’ in Flagstaff and Lusikisiki Joe Slovo settlement in Lusikisiki-1117 units Thabo Mbeki settlement in flagstaff-503 units Two rural housing projects implemented by O.R. Tambo District Municipality Mantlaneni ward 2-300 units Nkozo ward 4-300 units 1. Introduction

3. Joe Slovo settlements-1117 units Approved in 1999 under the Lusikisiki TLC 1111 units have been completed and 6 others have various problems including slope, land invasion and encroachment of the nearby school Roads were constructed Sanitation system is pit latrine Water is available in some areas of the project Local municipality has provided 5 stand pipes servicing 500 households No electricity 2. Project status

4. Joe Slovo…… Transfers have not been stated due to township validity problems The matter is under investigation by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Challenges The issue of title deeds for beneficiaries remains a major challenge Management and processing of beneficiaries is also a challenge because many houses are currently occupied by persons who are not necessarily the approved beneficiaries 2. Project status …..

5. Challenges The Township validity has since expired and as such a new process of Township establishment has to be done and the municipality has no funds for that. It may also include a process of relocating the beacons which is costly and once more the municipality does not have funds for this. 2. Project status

6. Thabo Mbeki settlement Approved in 1998 under Flagstaff TLC and implementation started in 2000 Project very slow; 10 years on and yet not close to completion Declared ‘blocked’ by the Provincial Government in 2003/04 At the time the Municipality was under section 139 of the Constitution 2. Project status

7. Thabo Mbeki 258 units completed albeit with serious defects as a result of poor monitoring and poor workmanship 245 units still outstanding The municipality has made attempts to get provincial intervention to resolve the problems Municipality has little information because file were seized as part of the SIU investigation Still waiting for NHBRC report for rectification process 2. Project status

8. Thabo Mbeki-services Gravel roads were constructed and have since degenerated Water pipes were laid but not used and have degenerated Sanitation was designed for septic tanks and holes were dug but no septic tanks were buried The holes for septic tank are dangerous No electricity 2. Project status

9. Thabo Mbeki-challenges Transfers not yet done 24 houses affected by storm on July 2007 and reported to the Provincial government but not yet attended to Sanitation a health hazard Township establishment problems Support from the province not entirely coordinated Communication between the Municipality and the Department needs to improve 2. Project status

10. Nkozo (300) 195 units completed 40 on roof 15 on wall plate 46 at slab 3. Rural housing programme

11. Challenges Access to material is a huge challenge in terms of cost Delivery to the rural area because of roads that are sometimes not designed to carry heavy load vehicles and at times roads are generally not good. Access to water for construction is also a challenge. Poorly organises building teams and high level of turn over of technical staff (project coordinators) Topography on the project site is not easily accessible Security of material is sometimes a challenge 3. Rural housing-Nkozo

12. Progress 88 units completed 2 on roof 14 wall plate 10 at slab 183 still outstanding 3. Mantlaneni-300 units

13. Challenges Access to material is a huge challenge in terms of cost Delivery to rural areas because of roads Access to water for construction Poorly organised building teams Topography of the construction site Security of building material 3. Nkozo

14. Communication with the Provincial department for the construction of 11 units started by Minister and Members Formal correspondence expressing concern on the slow pace of implementation Arranged a meeting with the survey and planning directorate to assist in Town Planning and Survey matters Obtained engineering designs from the consultant 4. Since the visit in October 2007

15. Reviewal of the HSP with the assistance of the department Improve communication and support from the province and the District Look at finance administration problems between the municipality and the Department Municipality would love to be prioritised in terms of the BNG projects Support from both Provincial and National department in relation to developing housing market for the middle income earners Subsidy allocation for rural housing remains a matter that needs careful consideration noting the problem of cost of transport to rural areas that eats up the subsidy for building a descent house 5. Conclusion

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