Recording technology review past present future
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Recording Technology Review- past, present, future PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recording Technology Review- past, present, future. JIM CRAZE OFFERING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PO BOX 339, FULTON, MD 20759-0339 Telephone (301) 725 1427 Email [email protected] Scope of this Talk. Review of data storage methods Specific experiences with recorders & tape

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Recording Technology Review- past, present, future

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Recording Technology Review- past, present, future



PO BOX 339, FULTON, MD 20759-0339Telephone (301) 725 1427

Email [email protected].

Scope of this Talk

  • Review of data storage methods

  • Specific experiences with recorders & tape

  • Applications for helical scan data recording formats

  • Future data format possibilities 3-5 years

  • Future data storage needs at CERN?

  • When to focus on future possibilities

Recording Methods

  • Longitudinal recording- fixed heads, moving tape

  • Serial serpentine-moveable heads, moving tape, multiple passes

  • Traverse-rotating heads, moving tape,

  • Helical scan - rotating heads, moving tape,

  • Optical- moveable heads, rotating soft & hard disk media

  • Hard disk- moveable heads, rotating media

  • Solid state recording- Flash, DRAM chips

  • Holographic- not yet, but maybe next year, R&D

Recording Methods, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Data rates & Capacity- key points

  • Access time- important to users

  • Archival properties & Shelf life- estimates

  • Backward compatible formats-limits

  • Format roadmaps forecast the future

  • Accuracy, key information for users

Applications Past, Present, Future

  • Past-acquisition, process, storage-archival

  • Present- acquisition, process, storage-archival- environmental changes- NASA satellites increasing

  • Future- web storage increasing, significant changes in volume

  • Government will be forced to turn to data storage instead of paper to keep costs down and timely services available

Who Depends on Helical Scan Recording Technology?

  • Professional video market, ENG BetaCam, VHS consumer video, data & video back-up

  • NASA Space Shuttle digital mapping missions- Endeavor

  • Instrumentation data & some satellite down links

  • US & NATO military data & video applications

    i.e., laboratory, fixed wing aircraft & helicopters

  • Airborne operating environments- high & low temperature extremes

Not All Helical Scan Formats are Created Equal- examples

  • AIT data recorder-Sony

  • Camcorders-8mm- Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, TEAC-Hi8mm, DV-6mm, others

  • D3 composite video recorder-Panasonic

  • DD3 data recorder- STK

  • DDS data recorder-HP, Sony, others

  • DIR1000 data recorder-Sony

Not All Helical Scan Formats are Created Equal- comment

  • D3 composite video recorder was designed to use a co-planner MP tape cassette and was later modified to be a DD3 data recorder with a single spool cassette. This process was only partially successful in operational environments and was eventually rejected by users as not reliable.

  • Any negative experience during or after recording data tends to get a great deal of attention and data owners have a long memory for formats that cause losses in productivity. Most helical scan formats have been successful after development.

Trends in data storage

  • Disaster recovery plans & funding

  • Increased emphasis for off-site storage

  • Migration of data save space & verify data

  • Higher capacities & data rates

  • Automated operations may decrease staff

  • Customer testing data formats to verify specifications

Trends in Data Storage -2

  • Cost of storage devices decreasing 35-40% per year

  • Cost to manage storage increasing- estimates at 3-10 times acquisition costs

  • Strategy Research Corp report “The Future of the Business Network”, network administrators manage an average of 5 TB. Others estimated 15TB in 2003– can anyone really “manage” that much data?

  • Overhead costs increasing including energy -Data Center power consumption 100 watts per square foot, as compared to 10 watts per square foot for average home

  • Disaster recovery costs will increase significantly

Search for Future Data Storage Products

  • Reliability, Service, Cost, Reliability-key

  • Company plans & roadmaps- need both

  • Research + Investment = reliable products

  • Investigate, evaluate, talk to key engineers

  • New products driven by data security needs

  • Roadmap details stimulate questions

Example-Sony Data Storage Roadmap

  • Copy of March 2002 Sony roadmap

  • Shows past, current products

  • Future product plans including SAIT

  • Competing products also shown

  • Emphasis on future, to 2008

Future Data Storage Products-2002-2007

  • Who wants to be first use a new product?

  • Past- government agencies paid for non-standard recorders and tape

  • Standards were important & generally required

  • Current- COTS products are required

  • Standards are still important

  • Future- COTS expected to dominate the market

  • Standards- should be more important for data interchange

Future Data Storage Products-2

  • Magnetic tape- demand for library compatible cartridges increases

  • Small format library demand increases for work stations as cartridge capacities increase

  • Metal Evaporated tapes give higher capacities

  • MP & ME tape remain cheaper alternatives

  • Hard disks-may still be more expensive

  • Optical disks- expand in capacity-slow data rate

  • Holographic recording- slow to start

Future Data Storage Products-3

  • Sony-SAIT-roadmap 2002-2007

  • LTO- roadmap 2002-2006

  • Super DLT-roadmap 2002-2007

  • Mammoth-3 late 2003

  • STK-9940-B, 2002, roadmap?

  • Technology announcements & new products & next generation products will continue each year to meet demands for increased capacity, speed, data access.

Future High Data Rate Product

  • US DOD uses some COTS recorders

  • Sony 512 Mbits/ps currently available

  • Next generation 1024 Mbits/ps introduced April 2002 with 600GB cartridge- 19 mm tape width (model # DIR2000U)

  • This helical scan recorder selected by VERA astronomy program in Japan

  • More details available on Sony DIR2000U

Future Security Applications

  • What drives the need for secure data?

  • U.S. DOD wants to mandate IT sector verify that its hardware-software products are secure, 11 April 2002.

  • US Space Command detected 41,558 computer network attacks in 2001, a 75% increase over 2000. As of April 9 2002 they have detected 10,407 incidents.

Future Security Applications-2

  • Future “secure systems” from the IT sector will be more expensive

  • Future data storage products can be a part of a “secure” storage architecture

  • Increased data capacity of removable cartridges makes off site & on site storage more economical- less space

  • Hard drive “hot spare”- is not a “quick” fix but it adds a level of data protection over “time”

How to Keep Data Readable

  • Handle with care – simple procedures

  • Environmental controls, 40-45 % RH, 65-70 degrees F

  • Exercise flexible media- Mylar has a memory

  • Migration is not just for the birds

  • Test the quality of data- by lot number, before & after recording

  • Read tape specifications for storage guidance

Comments and Questions

  • Copies of SAIT roadmap & Power Point presentation available

  • Copies of high data rate recorder Power Point presentation available

  • Please use the sign-up information sheet and leave your business card for follow-up items of interest

  • Jim Craze, [email protected]

  • Phone 301 725 1427

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