The Haunted Freak
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The Haunted Freak A fictional novel By: Claire Cech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Haunted Freak A fictional novel By: Claire Cech. Prologue

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The Haunted Freak A fictional novel By: Claire Cech

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The Haunted Freak

A fictional novel

By: Claire Cech


There’s not a perfect way I can explain it really. It happened so suddenly. Like a lightning bolt. I didn’t know what hit me. So, I’ll try my best to tell you what really happened. From what I think happened. It changed my life and defined me forever. Here it goes. It was on October 31, the scariest day of the year.

Chapter 1

So, one shady, fall evening (on Halloween) I was walking with my black lab, Trixie (like I normally do everyday) and it felt a little more awkward to me then it usually did when I passed by my neighbor’s house. I hate passing that haunted mansion. Earlier at school, a gang at school dared me to enter the house, or else they would beat me up. I had no other choice, so I did it. Stupid idea, right?

Anyways, everyone called it “The House of Nightmares”. You see, its not just any normal house. It’s got those cobwebs and creaky doors and old wooden stairs (like you would see in the movies). It’s all pitch black like the dark night sky. That house would be a perfect one for trick or treating. Nobody would EVER try going there though. I knew it had to be probably the oldest house I’ve EVER seen in my life. It had to be like, 20 centuries old. I can’t believe it’s still standing on the ground. It’s probably one of my WORST nightmares on my list so far, anyway. If you were here, and you actually saw it, you would definitely believe me.


Anyways, there’s usually nobody home. When everybody thinks there is, nobody even goes near the place. I don’t know for sure who lives there. It seems haunted by ghosts to me. I don’t have a clue why anybody would dare go into a place like that one.

I had shivers going up my spine and my heart was beating a mile a minute. It wasn’t how scary the house was though. It was what you thought of about the house. If anybody were in it? What was inside? All these questions were swirling like a lollipop in my head. Oh, I could go for one of those right now. Anyways, I was wondering, how old is the house exactly, why would anybody live in it, and most important of all, why is it still here?

I mean, it was very different from anything I've EVER seen before, to tell you the truth. It was an odd shape (like a watermelon) and all the windows were chipped. Accept for one. Which is creepy.

Oh, and every time we pass that haunted watermelon, my dog always howls. She’s so scared of the thing, that she howls like a wolf. Like she’s calling her wild side to come help her destroy the thing. She is completely ridiculous sometimes.

After I stared at the crumbling mansion for an eternity (it felt like one, anyway), all of the sudden, there was this loud, screechy, and most irritating noise that I've EVER heard in my life. It was worse than nails on a chalkboard or forks scraping a plate, no doubt. It sounded like it was coming from upstairs or even maybe, right behind me. It was so darn loud, that I had to cover my ears and close my eyes. I couldn’t stand it.

The next thing I knew, someone, or something poked me. I thought it could’ve been just one of the gangs from my school. But, then I thought again, harder. Why would they be here? They’re already at home. Being snobs while they’re Mom’s are forcing them to do the easiest chores while they cook supper for them. Those spoiled brats.

It could’ve been a ghost. Then again, something brushed past my shoulders like a snake would when it was slithering towards it’s prey. I still couldn’t hear what was happening or see it, for that matter. It was as quiet as a mouse. But as I slowly opened my eyes with caution, I could see that it was….. one of my WORST nightmares. Just like in the movies. A phantom, white like a sheet, it had a tall, muscular frame and it’s got these shiny, dark midnight eyes. It wasn’t the ghost that scared me though. It was it’s eyes. The way they stared at you.

Not caring what else was going on. It’s like I was the phantoms’ prey or something. There’s a big difference between seeing a bear, which is a living animal (that has been for thousands of years) and there’s a ghost (that you would not see everyday. It’s from books, and movies. But very few people see them. And not many people believe in them, but now, I think I do.)

I can remember screaming as loud as I could for only a few seconds and then it hit me, that soft pillow-like, yet hard smack on my cheek. The “thing” covered my mouth and dragged me towards the “ Watermelon”. I tried to break free from the creature, but it was just too strong. It’s strength was probably 3 times then mine. I still thought (at the moment) that it was just a nightmare that you would have in your sleep. But it started to feel real, every second of it even. The phantom told me to be quiet, or else it would rip me to shreds (like a piece of paper). I had to listen to it, I mean, it

threatened to pretty much kill me if I said anything. That’s hard to beat. When we got inside I was as scared as a innocent little bug getting squished. I couldn’t see anything, the stupid ghost was still covering my whole face with this annoying cloth. I had no idea why the “the stupid being” was choosing me as it’s target.

I mean, what am I worth to it? Why did it have to pick me of all people that it could’ve picked? This was way too much for me to handle. I could manage to hear the beast “ooing” and “awwing”. Now that, creeped me out. I was able to hold in my scream though.

But, when I thought about it for a minute, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. That’s when I knew the “ghost” couldn’t be real. My heart finally started to beat at it’s normal rate. I mean, it was the worst Halloween of my life, but I don’t think a “real ghost” was haunting me. Too bad it wasn’t a nice ghost that gave you candy though. Anyway, I attempted to ask if the creature was a real phantom or not.

So, it set me down on a really hard piece of wood. It finally took that annoying cloth off of my face so I could have freedom to see. There was a comfy looking bed right beside me that would’ve been much more pleasant to sit on. It didn’t say anything. It just stared at me, continuously. I knew it had to be done. Who else would do it? I mean, there was no one else around anyways.

So, without a word, I carefully and slowly started to take off what I thought was just a costume that a crazy person was wearing to look like a real ghost. It didn’t care what I was doing though. It kept it’s eyes glued onto mine. Yet, I still couldn’t figure out why the “disguised person” was still staring at me. It stared at me for what felt likeforever. It was like it was looking right through me.

Whatever, I had to see if this was a real ghost or not. Without warning, it grabbed my arm, signaling for me to not do that. Ever again. In just a sliver of a second, I saw a pair of D.C sneakers and blue jeans under the “disguise”. After that, I asked, “so tell me, are you a real person or not?” The “disguised thing” answered in a low/high pitched tone of voice, “maybe. I’ll tell you when i’ve got my question answered. Oh, and that might take a while, if you don’t shut up now.”

I shut my mouth in fear of what it might do to me. I glared into its eyes that seemed to be like dagger’s plunging through my heart. “I know who you are.” I said, my voice trembling more than it has ever been before this moment.”Is that so,” it said “then you know that people don’t dare to talk back to me. Ever.”

It hit me like a lightning bolt… no one ever talks back to him. The same eyes I have seen every year in the yearbook and in the hallways when I pass him. If am lucky he will look at me in class if he doesn’t have every girl swarming over him. He’s the popular dude you always want to sit next to or be his partner. Or even if you could imagine it, walk to and from school holding his hand and steeling kisses (if you were lucky enough to be his girlfriend).

It is really Josh my crush since third grade and we are now in grade 11. It’s sad, because he doesn’t hang out with the right guys. He hangs out with guys that always skip class and they are all bullies to pretty much every student in st. Dom’s high school. Except for josh, because he knows how to flirt with all the girls, so his friends want him to help them out with that.

I still have no clue why he would want to hang out with all those jerks anyway. I knew he didn’t deserve that. He’s never been a bad person. After thinking about him and pretty much drooling over him, I asked, “do you like me or something?!” “Because I know who you are.” I repeated in a sarcastic voice.

“Ok, who am I?” He asked, ignoring the question. “Well, you’re… Jooo-sss-h….Tie….. From school.” I hesitated, trying not to make it obvious that I liked him… a lot. “Correct. But that’s all I'm telling you about me now, ok?” “Alright.” I answered, my voice and my body shaking in hope that the question was that he wanted to ask me out.

“Now, for my question.” He slowly pulled off his “stupid disguise”. “Would you like to go out with me?! I know this might sound a bit crazy in this situation, but this is the only way I could ask you without all those other girls clinging on to me. I’ve liked you since grade 3, but I've never got the chance to ask you until right now.”

Oh….My….. God. My prayers were finally answered. All my wishes on my birthday cakes had come true. I couldn’t believe it. Okay, be cool Claire. I thought to myself in astonishment. Say yes, without revealing that you like him. Here it goes. “Of course I would! I mean, sure, whatever.” Oh no, that didn’t work.

“Ha-ha. So, I'm guessing you’ve liked me since grade 3 too? You’re funny…. And cute.” Oh boy, this was crazy! I was dating the cutest guy in school! The guy every girl dreamed of dating! He was hard to get, and I got him! But, what I didn’t get was why he would like me of all people. “Alright! It’s official! But, you might not want to tell people at school about this.” My cute new boyfriend said in a soft whisper.

Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

-Graph of Haunted House Attendance

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