Regional Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse
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Regional Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse An Overview Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regional Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse (An Overview) Committee/Board Meeting and Workshop. UW-Madison Pyle Center February 4-5, 2002. PRESENTATION OUTLINE. Time-Tested Problem The Size of the Problem The Plan The Project Expected Results. NOT A NEW PROBLEM.

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Presentation Transcript

Regional Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse(An Overview)Committee/Board Meetingand Workshop


Pyle Center

February 4-5, 2002

Presentation outline

  • Time-Tested Problem

  • The Size of the Problem

  • The Plan

  • The Project

  • Expected Results

National concern
NATIONAL CONCERN into Bus Windshield

  • Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Increase

  • Longer Commutes

  • Semi-Rural/Exurban Development

  • Increasing Deer Population

  • Downward Trend in Hunting

The upper midwest
THE UPPER MIDWEST into Bus Windshield

WISCONSIN into Bus Windshield

  • One of Six or Seven Crashes

  • Probably Higher

  • Injuries/Fatalities Increasing

  • Overall Percent/Rate Increasing

  • 2000 - Six Counties > 45%

  • 2000 - About 20,000 Reported

Wisconsin cont
WISCONSIN (Cont.) into Bus Windshield

Wisconsin cont1
WISCONSIN (Cont.) into Bus Windshield

Wisconsin cont2
WISCONSIN (Cont.) into Bus Windshield

Wisconsin cont3
WISCONSIN (Cont.) into Bus Windshield

Wisconsin cont4
WISCONSIN (Cont.) into Bus Windshield

The plan
THE PLAN into Bus Windshield

  • Deer Vehicle Collision Reduction Working Group Conference

  • Partners: DOT, DNR, and Sand County

  • Working Group Recommendations:

    • Promising Pathways

    • Center for Research Excellence

    • Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse

The dvcic project
THE DVCIC Project into Bus Windshield

  • July 2001 to July 2003

  • WisDOT Funded

  • Partners: DOT, DNR, Sand County, and UW (CEE, EPD, Ecology, and MRUTC)

  • Based at UW-Madison

  • Five Regional States: WI, MN, IL, MI and IA

The objectives
THE OBJECTIVES into Bus Windshield

  • Compile Current DVC-Related Knowledge

  • Develop/Promote Standard DVC-Related Research and DVC Data Collection/Information Management Approaches

The objectives cont
THE OBJECTIVES (CONT.) into Bus Windshield

  • Collect, Evaluate, and Analyze Regional DVC-Related Data

  • Create/Update DVC-Related Data Information System

The objectives cont1
THE OBJECTIVES (CONT.) into Bus Windshield

  • Distribute Useful DVC-Related Information/Findings:

    • Countermeasure Toolbox, Reviews, Standards Proposal, and Data Summaries

  • Long-Term:

    • Contribute to a Decrease in the Frequency and Severity of Deer-Vehicle Crashes (i.e., Useful Information and Monitoring)

    • “Destination of Choice”

Phase i deliverables
PHASE I - DELIVERABLES into Bus Windshield

  • Phase I (Year 1):

    • Research Knowledge and Gaps

    • Countermeasure Effectiveness Knowledge and Gaps (e.g., a toolbox)

    • Existing Data Collection Methods and Gaps

    • Suggested Research and Data Collection Standards

    • Begin to Populate Clearinghouse Webpage

Countermeasure toolbox

  • Advance Warning Signs

  • Noise/Sound/Whistle Devices

  • Roadside Reflectors

  • Fence

  • Wildlife Crossings

  • Motion Detectors/Changeable Warning Signs

  • Diversionary Feeding Areas

  • Roadside Vegetation Growth/Mowing

Some prelim conclusions

  • Conflicting Research Results

    • Variability in Data

    • Time, Area, and Dollars

  • One Common Solution Unlikely

  • Match Select Locations and Measures

  • Diversity of Stakeholders

  • Can Be Very Emotional Subject

Phase ii deliverables
PHASE II - DELIVERABLES into Bus Windshield

  • Phase II (Year 2):

    • Continue Clearinghouse Webpage Population

    • DVC Database

    • DVC Annual Summary

    • WisDOT Standardization Plan

  • Ongoing Activities:

    • Education, Public Information, Awareness

    • Webpage Updates

    • Papers/Presentations

    • Short Courses/Workshops

    • Media Kits

Ongoing info exchange
ONGOING INFO. EXCHANGE into Bus Windshield

  • Presented Project/Subject:

    • WI Governor’s Safety Conference

    • ICOET 2001 - Keystone, Colorado

    • 2002 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

  • Discussions with Numerous Media, Local/State Agencies, Academics, Entrepreneurs, and General Public

  • News Releases and Informational Brochure (at

  • Clearinghouse Page: www. Currently under review

  • Workshop Tomorrow

Updated schedule
UPDATED SCHEDULE into Bus Windshield

Expected project results

  • Improve the State-of-the-Art in DVC-Related Areas

  • Establish/Initiate a DVC Education, Research, and Information Clearinghouse

  • Provide a Useable Tool that Helps Improve Roadway Safety

  • Assist Decision-Makers, Educators, and Researchers in the DVC Reduction Area

Other activities
OTHER ACTIVITIES into Bus Windshield

  • TRB Subcommittee on Animal Vehicle Crash Mitigation

  • Montana State - ARTEMIS, Rural ITS, Benefit/Cost, Technology Evaluation

  • Utah State - Temporary Sign Impacts, National Agency Survey

  • North Carolina State - Center for Transportation and the Environment

  • AASHTO/FHWA Animal Mortality International Scanning Tour

Questions and discussion

Questions discussion

The problem
THE PROBLEM into Bus Windshield

  • Ave. Annual Costs of DVCs in US = $1.2 billion

  • Ave. Annual Deaths from DVCs in US = 178