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Ice Cream. Americans claim to have invented ice cream, but no one is sure. Folklure says Dolly Madison first created it to serve at the White House. Historically, there is an indication that snow and cream flavored with honey was a treat of the Roman Empire.

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Info types.

  • 14.5 gallons of ice cream are consumed per year per person in the U.S.

  • There is no grading of ice cream, however there are some federal regulations regarding milk fat content.

2 types
2 Types types.

  • Home made- ice cream made from a mixture that may or may not be cooked, before freezing. It the mixture contains egg it should be cooked before freezing.

  • Commercial- ice cream produced in a factory, using large-scale equipment and processes.

  • Stabilizers keep ice crystals small so not grainy

Types types.

  • Regular Ice Cream- made from milk, sugar, flavoring, and stabilizers; needs 8-10 % milk fat

  • Premium Ice Cream- same ingredients, but 20% milk more fat; richer in taste and texture

  • Ice Milk -frozen firm milk, sugar, flavoring, and stabilizers; 2-7% milk fat; more sugar and equal calories due to sugar, but cost less

continued types.

  • Mellorine/toffuti- uses vegetable or other fat as part of milk fat

  • Frozen Custard- ice cream with egg yolk added for richness

  • Frozen Yogurt- low fat, low calorie; sweetened and flavored yogurt is frozen and served like ice cream

  • Fruit Sherbet- milk, sugar or fruit juice, stabilizer, and egg white; 1-2 % milk fat

Other info
Other info types.

  • There are now low-fat and no fat ice creams as well as no/low sugar low carb.

  • Storage – store air tight or in a freezer bag to prevent absorbing odors; keeps up to 2 months

  • Nutrition -½ c. ice cream =135 calories

    ½ c. hard ice milk = 90 calories

    ½ c. soft ice milk = 110 calories

Principles types.

  • Must be stirred while freezing so the formation of ice crystals stay small and keep a creamy taste.

  • Freezing occurs by the withdrawal of heat.

  • Overrun or swell- beating of air into mixture- needs 40-50% air

  • Body- firmness or resistance to rapid melting. Homemade ice cream has more body & will melt faster

  • Texture – firmness of particles, smoothness, & lightness; size & distribution of ice crystals impt.