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Reliance Industries Limited Hazira Manufacturing Division PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reliance Industries Limited Hazira Manufacturing Division. Hazira Manufacturing Facilities. Reliance Industries Limited , Hazira. Overall Plot Plan. N. 220 KV Switch yard. PP. Raw water ponds. PE-2. Cracker. Cracker. CPP. PE 1. CKR TF. Aromatics. PTA-2. VCM. Non plant bldg.

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Reliance Industries Limited Hazira Manufacturing Division

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Reliance Industries Limited

Hazira Manufacturing Division

Hazira Manufacturing Facilities

Reliance Industries Limited , Hazira

Overall Plot Plan


220 KV Switch yard


Raw water ponds





PE 1





Non plant bldg.




Ethylene terminal/Jetty


Ethylene terminal/Jetty


Tank Farm




MPP-3 Fibre fill






Hazira progression

PlantsLicensorStartup Capacity ( KTA )


CPP & UMay 1991 60 MW

MEG 1ShellSep. 1991 100

PVCGeonDec. 1991160

VCMGeonApr. 1992 160

PE 1Du PontJul. 1992 160

POYDu PontDec. 1995 120

PPUCCSep. 1996 360

PSFDu PontSep. 1996 160

PTA 1ICIJan. 1997 350

Hazira progression

PlantsLicensorStartup Capacity ( KTA )


CPP 21996-1998 190 MW

CrackerS & WMar. 1997 750

AromaticsHRI/MobilMar. 1997 350

MEG 2Shell Mar. 1997 120

PE 2NovaMay 1997 200

PETSincoOct. 1997 80

PFFDu Pont Oct. 1997 30

MEG 3ShellOct. 1997 120

PTA 2ICINov. 1997 350

Hazira - CPP and Utility

CPP-Utility is providing utility services to all plants in complex. These utilities are generated and supplied from :

A.Captive Power Plant:-

1.Steam generation and distribution

2.Power receipt, generation, sale and distribution


1.Raw water treatment and distribution

2.Cooling water treatment and circulation.

3.DM water production and distribution.

4.Compressed air and instrument air generation and distribution.

Hazira - CPP and Utility

  • Major Equipment Supplier in CPP/Utility :

    • Gas Turbines by M/s. Thomassen International BV of Holland and BHEL of India.

    • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and one Aux. Boiler by M/s. Stork BV of Holland.

    • DM Water Plant by M/s. Thermax Ltd.

    • Cooling Tower by M/s. Paharpur Cooling Towers.

    • Air Compressors are supplied by M/s. Elliot U. K.

    • Air drying units by M/s. Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.

    • Raw water treatment and Effluent treatment plants by M/s. Hindustan Oliver Ltd.

  • Cogeneration Plant At Hazira:-

  • The Cogeneration Plant was commissioned in September, 1991. Cogeneration is the combined production of Heat and Electric Power. Each cogeneration plant has Gas Turbines and 125 TPH Heat Recovery Steam Generator. The fuel for the Congeneration plant is natural gas and HSD.

  • Support Services : Logistics


      Receipt of material from plant// Bagging in 25 Kg. Bag and Jumbo Bag on automatic bagging machine// Storage in the Warehouse // Documentation // Dispatch as per marketing advise & Payment of Excise Duty

    • FEATURES :

      Solid movement about 550 truck per day - POY, PSF, PP, PE, PVC, etc. // Liquid movement -- about 475 truck per day - MEG, Bz, Xy, EDC, etc // Provision for moving out polymers and polyesters in bulk / containers // Provision for hopper car loading // Adequate tankages and warehousing capacities / loading-unloading facilities // Drumming facility for DEG and TEG

    Support Services : HSE

    “Safety of Person Overrides All Production Targets”

    • HSE Management based on Responsible Care

    • Focus on safety during Engineering, Construction, Startup & Operation

    • Ongoing training and validation for all the employees including contractors

    • 100% compliance with all pollution control norms

    • Periodic health checkup for all employees

    • Regular audits, both internal & external

    • Community awareness & emergency response / disaster management plan

    Support Services : CTS

    Functions & Activities

    • Benchmarking

    • Product development

    • Quality assurance

    • Pinch Technology

    • Process Safety management

    • Cost reduction

    • Process evaluation

    • Process Engineering

    • Test runs & debottlenecking

    • Energy Conservation

    Support Services : CES

    Functions & Activities



    1.2Inspection & Corrosion

    1.3Condition Monitoring

    1.4Contract Lineup

    1.5Drawing & FCOs

    1.6Documentation / Technical Library

    1.7Machining & Overhauling


    2.1Motor Over Hauling

    2.2Relay Testing & Calibration

    2.3Transformer Oil Filtration & Oil Checking

    Support Services : CES

    Functions & Activities


    3.1Testing & Calibration of Instruments / Control Valves

    3.2Maintenance of Analyzer

    3.3Maintenance of DCS

    3.4Maintenance of PLCs

    3.5Import Substitution



    4.2Plant Address System

    4.3Fire Protection System

    4.4Maintenance of UPS

    4.5Power Electronics


    5.1Maintenance of Buildings & Roads

    5.2Mini Projects Execution

    5.3Town Ship Maintenance

    Support Services : About Maintenance

    “World Class Maintenance”

    • TPM

    • Benchmarked against World Standards by A T Kearney

    • Special attention to

      • Technician productivity

      • ERV tracking and control

      • Reliability and uptime

    • Contracting strategies

    • Least cost maintenance

    • Material management improvements

      • Stocking policy/JIT

      • Procurement cycle time reduction

      • Vendor development/rating

    Support Services : MIS

    Set Up & Activities

    • The MIS/IT department at hazira is centralised function for whole site looking after the followings

      • Installation and maintenance of infrastructure required for IT

      • Development, implementation and support of application system for areas of manufacturing and commercial (Now apart from SAP)

      • Providing central help desk support to overcome user' problems in relation to computerised system

  • All the computer system and plant process control systems are connected to a system of network comprising of following………

    Fibre optic cable UTP Cable




  • Support Services : MIS

    Set Up & Activities

    • Hazira site is network is connected to Reliance group through settalite Insat 1C for the office of Makers-Mumbai, Patalganga and Jamnagar. This connection is also used for video conferencing between the offies working at these locations. The IT department is dividied in two sections

    • 1, Infrastructure support activities

      • Network extension and modification project

      • Desktop support

      • System operation support

      • Network management

      • E-Mail administration

  • 2, Application Development and technical support activities

    • Recording of system requirements

    • Approval by HOD

    • System analysis and design

    • Programming, testing, implementation and documentation

    • Testing

    • Implementation and User' training

    • Documentation

  • Support Services : Fire Fighting & Control System

    All the plants are designed and erected / constructed with due regards to the appropriate fire protection measures, [under relevant / adapted standards & codes of practices] broadly in terms of (i) safety distances between equipment as well as between the plants, (ii) fire / safety risk analysis including hazard operability study (hazop) and hazard analysis (hazan) (iii) isolation of process equipment including of emergency shut-down systems & (iv) passive fire protection viz. fire doors, fire barriers, fire resistant coatings & sealant etc.

    Support Services : Fire Fighting & Control System


    • Two full-fledged fire stations manned by qualified and experienced fire service personnel including officers (i.e. total complement of 65 personnel).

    • Availability of six major / mobile fire fighting appliances viz. Foam Tenders (04), DCP Tender (01) & Emergency cum Rescue Tender (01).

    • Fixed fire fighting installations viz. Deluge valves, water spray system, pressurized fire water / hydrant system, riser system, water / foam monitors, foam system, modular DCP, CO2 system, Halon system, heat shield water spray units etc.

    • Fire alarm panels [installed in plant control rooms as well as in control rooms of fire stations] interfaced with automatic detectors viz. smoke detectors, heat detectors, UV / IR detectors, & LEL detectors.

    • Portable fire extinguishers, trailer / trolley mounted extinguishers as well as monitors (water / foam).

    Support Services : Fire Fighting & Control System


    • Reservoirs / storages of fire water for carrying out fire fighting operations [at a stretch] for 9 hrs.

    • Dedicated fire pumps are installed at two separate locations to feed / convey this water through the net-work of pressurized fire water mains / headers protecting the plants / complex.

    • Adequate inventories of other special extinguishing media viz. foam concentrates / DCPs.

    • Availability of adequate Breathing Apparatus sets, emergency escape sets, special PPEs & emergency tool kits.

    • Mutual Aid agreements with the neighboring industries viz. KRIBHCO, ONGC & NTPC.

    • Well defined On-site & Off-site emergency plans. [which also include predetermined emergency escape routes & occupancy wise evacuation plans]

    Support Services : Fire Fighting & Control System


    • The following activities are normally carried out :-

      • Hot work permit / site monitoring by fire service personnel.

      • Deployment of fire tender(s) and crews [at various plants / areas] for standby duties.

      • Fire prevention audits as per checklist.

      • Detailed investigation into cause of fire / explosion.

      • Daily surveillance round by shift fire officer / personnel.

      • Maintenance of round the clock watch and ward by security department [which includes, inter-alia, fire watch from arson / sabotage angles].

    Support Services : Fire Fighting & Control System


    Tactical Functions Of Fire Service Personnel :-

    (a)Handling of Fire Emergencies

    (b)Handling of Non - Fire Emergencies [i.e. Spillage, Leakages Etc.] :-

    (c)Special Services

    Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems :-

    Communication Systems :-

    Preparedness :-

    Training :-

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