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Supporting HQT Plans:. Shawn Hawkins Teacher Quality Coordinator Richard Lawrence Director, Office of Title II, III & System Support Robert Mellace Troops to Teachers, Title II, and RLIS Coordinator. “Plans are nothing, planning is everything”- Dwight D. Eisenhower. Develop a HQT Plan.

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Supporting hqt plans

Supporting HQT Plans:

Shawn Hawkins

Teacher Quality Coordinator

Richard Lawrence

Director, Office of Title II, III & System Support

Robert Mellace

Troops to Teachers, Title II, and RLIS Coordinator

Develop a hqt plan
Develop a HQT Plan

  • Review, verify and analyze data

  • Plan for classes to have HQT

    • Recruiting

    • Retaining

    • retraining

  • Implement the plan

    • Communicate

Develop a hqt plan1
Develop a HQT Plan

Review, verify and analyze data

Hqt monitoring reports
HQT Monitoring Reports

  • Chart identifying issues relating to:

    • Certification

    • Highly Qualified Teacher Data

    • Certified List

    • Other required records

Human resources for understanding the data
Human Resources for Understanding the Data

  • County/School Experts (not just Title I/II)

    • Personnel Director/Certification Officer

    • Principals

    • WVEIS County Contacts

    • Special Education Director

    • Curriculum Specialists

Planning for hqt
Planning For HQT

  • Clean-up the data – Verify:

    • course assignments

    • teacher certification for courses

    • SSN issues

    • no teacher or courses identified

    • course coding

  • Analyze the data

    • Charts, comparison of similar schools/counties/state, programs and impact (use actual numbers)

The existing plan
The Existing Plan

  • What is working?

    • Improvement and impact

  • What problems still exist?

    • Ideas, rationale to continue

  • What new problems/issues do we have?

    • Ideas /programs supported by research

  • Communicate!

    • Counties and the WVDE, any new ideas?

County highly qualified teacher data resources
County Highly Qualified Teacher Data Resources

  • HQT 2008

  • HQT 2009

  • HQT 2010

  • 2007-2010 Reports by Teacher, Subject or Exceptionality

Sample hqt monitoring report
Sample HQT Monitoring Report

  • Sample Monitoring Chart

  • Sample Monitoring Chart (Narrative included)

Personnel data report
Personnel Data Report

2009 Report (pages 79-80)

(Substitutes not included)

Sample documentation substitutes first class full time permit out of field authorization
Sample Documentation (Substitutes, First-Class/Full-Time Permit & Out-of-Field Authorization)

Develop a hqt plan2
Develop a HQT Plan

Plan for classes to have HQT by:




Tuition reimbursement enhances the knowledge of
Tuition Reimbursement Enhances the Knowledge of:

  • Pedagogy

  • Content

  • Student Behavior and Development

  • Best Instructional Practices

  • Best Assessment Practices

  • Classroom Management

Tuition reimbursement as part of an hqt plan will
Tuition Reimbursement as Part of an HQT Plan will:

  • Increase the % of classes taught by HQTs

  • Improve school culture

  • Improve teacher effectiveness

  • Increase student learning

  • Increase student achievement

Elements of strong tuition reimbursement policies
Elements of Strong Tuition Reimbursement Policies

  • Needs driven eligibility guidelines

  • Application procedures

  • Budgets for the HQT plan

  • Accountability and follow-up

  • Communication strategy

1 needs driven reimbursement targets
1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets

  • Determine targets through data

  • Critical-need core subject areas

  • Schools with low % classes taught by HQTs

  • Schools with high poverty

1 needs driven reimbursement targets cont
1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets (cont.)

  • Schools with high turnover

  • Certification renewal

  • Authorizations in high-need subject areas

  • Endorsement in high need subject areas

1 needs driven reimbursement targets cont1
1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets (cont.)

  • Certification if on permit or alternative

  • Do not reimburse if no commitment to HQT

2 well designed applications
2. Well-Designed Applications

  • Establish who is eligible

  • Establish the priority of those eligible

  • Summarize the policy

  • List required documentation

  • Establish timelines

2 well designed applications cont
2. Well-Designed Applications (cont.)

  • Establish repayment conditions

  • Include assurance courses lead to HQT

  • Establish limits for out-of-state tuition

  • Require signature of the applicant

3 purposeful and adequate budgets
3. Purposeful and Adequate Budgets

  • Identify multiple sources of funding

  • Consider requirements of the funds

  • Consider third party agreements with IHE

3 purposeful and adequate budgets cont
3. Purposeful and Adequate Budgets (cont.)

  • Consider Scholarships

  • Consider Grants

  • Consider Transition to Teaching

  • Utilize Troops to Teachers

Develop a hqt plan3
Develop a HQT Plan

Implement the plan

4 accountability verification and follow up strategies
4. Accountability, Verification and Follow-Up Strategies

  • Verify grades and hours

  • Verify that classes lead to HQT status

  • Follow-up on repayment conditions

  • Verify progress toward graduation date

Retention strategies
Retention Strategies

  • Leadership training

  • Distributed Leadership

    • collaborative teams

  • Rigorous, job embedded, professional development

Retention strategies1
Retention Strategies

  • Tuition support for certificate renewal

  • Administrative support

    • For those with expiring certificates

  • Ensure advanced notification for renewal

5 communicating the policy
5. Communicating the Policy

  • List critical core subject areas annually

  • Publish high-need school list annually

    • Website - E-mail

    • Newsletter - Meetings

    • Posters - Webinar

    • New teacher orientations

5 communicating the policy1
5. Communicating the Policy

  • Differentiate marketing of tuition reimbursement by:

    • School

    • Teacher

    • Subject

    • Source

Passive HQT Plans


A Proactive HQT Plan

The Difference…

A Proactive HQT Plan

Passive HQT Plan

Suggestions for hqt plan improvement
Suggestions for HQT Plan Improvement?

  • Individually assess district policies/data

  • Identify strengths

  • Identify weaknesses

  • Identify how the plan might be improved