Supporting hqt plans
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Supporting HQT Plans: PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supporting HQT Plans:. Shawn Hawkins Teacher Quality Coordinator Richard Lawrence Director, Office of Title II, III & System Support Robert Mellace Troops to Teachers, Title II, and RLIS Coordinator. “Plans are nothing, planning is everything”- Dwight D. Eisenhower. Develop a HQT Plan.

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Supporting HQT Plans:

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Supporting hqt plans

Supporting HQT Plans:

Shawn Hawkins

Teacher Quality Coordinator

Richard Lawrence

Director, Office of Title II, III & System Support

Robert Mellace

Troops to Teachers, Title II, and RLIS Coordinator

Supporting hqt plans

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”-

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Develop a hqt plan

Develop a HQT Plan

  • Review, verify and analyze data

  • Plan for classes to have HQT

    • Recruiting

    • Retaining

    • retraining

  • Implement the plan

    • Communicate

Develop a hqt plan1

Develop a HQT Plan

Review, verify and analyze data

Hqt monitoring reports

HQT Monitoring Reports

  • Chart identifying issues relating to:

    • Certification

    • Highly Qualified Teacher Data

    • Certified List

    • Other required records

Human resources for understanding the data

Human Resources for Understanding the Data

  • County/School Experts (not just Title I/II)

    • Personnel Director/Certification Officer

    • Principals

    • WVEIS County Contacts

    • Special Education Director

    • Curriculum Specialists

Planning for hqt

Planning For HQT

  • Clean-up the data – Verify:

    • course assignments

    • teacher certification for courses

    • SSN issues

    • no teacher or courses identified

    • course coding

  • Analyze the data

    • Charts, comparison of similar schools/counties/state, programs and impact (use actual numbers)

The existing plan

The Existing Plan

  • What is working?

    • Improvement and impact

  • What problems still exist?

    • Ideas, rationale to continue

  • What new problems/issues do we have?

    • Ideas /programs supported by research

  • Communicate!

    • Counties and the WVDE, any new ideas?

Planning organizer

Planning Organizer

County highly qualified teacher data resources

County Highly Qualified Teacher Data Resources

  • HQT 2008

  • HQT 2009

  • HQT 2010

  • 2007-2010 Reports by Teacher, Subject or Exceptionality

Sample comparison of hqt data

Sample Comparison of HQT Data

Hqt by elementary programmatic level

HQT by Elementary Programmatic Level

Hqt by middle programmatic level

HQT by Middle Programmatic Level

Hqt by high programmatic level

HQT by High Programmatic Level

Hqt content areas over 4 years

HQT Content Areas over 4 years

Sample hqt monitoring report

Sample HQT Monitoring Report

  • Sample Monitoring Chart

  • Sample Monitoring Chart (Narrative included)

Personnel data report

Personnel Data Report

2009 Report (pages 79-80)

(Substitutes not included)

Sample documentation substitutes first class full time permit out of field authorization

Sample Documentation (Substitutes, First-Class/Full-Time Permit & Out-of-Field Authorization)

Develop a hqt plan2

Develop a HQT Plan

Plan for classes to have HQT by:




Tuition reimbursement enhances the knowledge of

Tuition Reimbursement Enhances the Knowledge of:

  • Pedagogy

  • Content

  • Student Behavior and Development

  • Best Instructional Practices

  • Best Assessment Practices

  • Classroom Management

Tuition reimbursement as part of an hqt plan will

Tuition Reimbursement as Part of an HQT Plan will:

  • Increase the % of classes taught by HQTs

  • Improve school culture

  • Improve teacher effectiveness

  • Increase student learning

  • Increase student achievement

Elements of strong tuition reimbursement policies

Elements of Strong Tuition Reimbursement Policies

  • Needs driven eligibility guidelines

  • Application procedures

  • Budgets for the HQT plan

  • Accountability and follow-up

  • Communication strategy

1 needs driven reimbursement targets

1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets

  • Determine targets through data

  • Critical-need core subject areas

  • Schools with low % classes taught by HQTs

  • Schools with high poverty

1 needs driven reimbursement targets cont

1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets (cont.)

  • Schools with high turnover

  • Certification renewal

  • Authorizations in high-need subject areas

  • Endorsement in high need subject areas

1 needs driven reimbursement targets cont1

1. Needs Driven Reimbursement Targets (cont.)

  • Certification if on permit or alternative

  • Do not reimburse if no commitment to HQT

2 well designed applications

2. Well-Designed Applications

  • Establish who is eligible

  • Establish the priority of those eligible

  • Summarize the policy

  • List required documentation

  • Establish timelines

2 well designed applications cont

2. Well-Designed Applications (cont.)

  • Establish repayment conditions

  • Include assurance courses lead to HQT

  • Establish limits for out-of-state tuition

  • Require signature of the applicant

3 purposeful and adequate budgets

3. Purposeful and Adequate Budgets

  • Identify multiple sources of funding

  • Consider requirements of the funds

  • Consider third party agreements with IHE

3 purposeful and adequate budgets cont

3. Purposeful and Adequate Budgets (cont.)

  • Consider Scholarships

  • Consider Grants

  • Consider Transition to Teaching

  • Utilize Troops to Teachers

Develop a hqt plan3

Develop a HQT Plan

Implement the plan

4 accountability verification and follow up strategies

4. Accountability, Verification and Follow-Up Strategies

  • Verify grades and hours

  • Verify that classes lead to HQT status

  • Follow-up on repayment conditions

  • Verify progress toward graduation date

Retention strategies

Retention Strategies

  • Leadership training

  • Distributed Leadership

    • collaborative teams

  • Rigorous, job embedded, professional development

Retention strategies1

Retention Strategies

  • Tuition support for certificate renewal

  • Administrative support

    • For those with expiring certificates

  • Ensure advanced notification for renewal

5 communicating the policy

5. Communicating the Policy

  • List critical core subject areas annually

  • Publish high-need school list annually

    • Website- E-mail

    • Newsletter- Meetings

    • Posters- Webinar

    • New teacher orientations

5 communicating the policy1

5. Communicating the Policy

  • Differentiate marketing of tuition reimbursement by:

    • School

    • Teacher

    • Subject

    • Source

Supporting hqt plans

Passive HQT Plans


A Proactive HQT Plan

Supporting hqt plans

The Difference…

A Proactive HQT Plan

Passive HQT Plan

Suggestions for hqt plan improvement

Suggestions for HQT Plan Improvement?

  • Individually assess district policies/data

  • Identify strengths

  • Identify weaknesses

  • Identify how the plan might be improved



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