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Transition to Classes. Class groups will move from one class to another as a group.Students will line up along their core class in a straight, quiet line.Students are not permitted into the classroom until invited by the teacher. This is for all students' safety!Students are not permitted to

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Team Procedures

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2. Transition to Classes Class groups will move from one class to another as a group. Students will line up along their core class in a straight, quiet line. Students are not permitted into the classroom until invited by the teacher. This is for all students’ safety! Students are not permitted to go to lockers, restrooms, water fountain, or visit friends in other classes during this time. If you need to take care of personal business, wait until you receive teacher permission.

3. Entering the Classroom Upon being permitted into the classroom by the teacher, walk to your assigned seat and prepare for class. All students will take out your agenda and write down your homework assignments. All homework will be recorded on the white board at the front of the room in each class. Teachers will stamp student agenda the first quarter for accuracy. Teachers will also stamp the agenda if a student neglected to complete homework assignments

4. Coming to Attention Students will recognize that the teacher is ready to begin class when they are standing in the front of the room. Pathfinder teachers will also count down from 5 to signal to students that class is ready to begin or their attention is needed. Students should stay focused during the class period and refrain from disrupting the class.

5. Homework Bin Procedures Each classroom has a set of homework bins located near the entry way of the room. One student per group will be designated to collect homework for the group. That person will place the homework in the designated core bin. If you were absent or turning in work late, you are personally responsible for placing your own work in the correct bin.

6. Missed or Absent Assignments Each classroom has a a wall packet with color folders for each core class. Red: Science Green: Social Studies Blue: Language Arts Purple: Math Yellow: ESL Manila : Electives If you missed class, your teacher will have placed any assignments you missed in the correct folder for you to complete. Once completed, turn the work to your Core Plus teacher.

7. Ask Permission First There will be times when students need to sharpen a pencil, throw something away, get tissue, etc. The Pathfinder teachers ask that all students raise their hand before getting out of their seat to take care of this business. Also, there will be times when we all want to speak. Please do not call out. We can not all talk at the same time. Raise your hand and the teacher will acknowledge your time to comment. Classrooms do not have pencil sharpeners. Please have your own hand held pencil sharpener with reservoir or mechanical pencil with extra lead. Twist up colored pencils are required for Social Studies.

8. RESTROOM PROCEDURES Students may only go to the restroom at designated times with their classes. In the hallway, remember that classes are in session. No loud voices, horse-play, or loitering will be tolerated in the hall or restroom.

9. LOCKER PROCEDURES Make sure you get everything you need! Get your things quickly so that others will have room. Classes are in session! Do not slam lockers or socialize.

10. Transition to Electives All students will have a locker and restroom break before moving to electives. After getting what you need for electives, line up outside your classroom and wait for permission to move to electives from your teacher. Remember, if you have third core with Ms. Holt, Mrs. Stevens or Mrs. Spataro, you need to get your lunch or lunch money at this time. All students will walk to electives in a straight, quiet line. If you need to go to the second floor, use the stairwell before the cafeteria.

11. LUNCH PROCEDURES Students will sit with their 3rd core class at the table assigned to them. If you are in Ms. Holt’s Mrs. Stevens’ or Mrs. Spataro’s class, you will go straight to lunch from electives. Don’t forget to get your lunch during Core 2 locker break! After electives, sit quietly at your class table in the cafeteria, put your belongings down, and wait to be directed to the lunch line by your teacher. Mrs. Rawson’s and Ms. Rowland’s classes will go to restroom and locker break immediately after electives, then will quietly line up to walk to the cafeteria with their teacher.

13. LUNCH PROCEDURES Line up QUIETLY along the wall to wait for your lunch. Teachers will be at the front of the line to give each student a fork and admit them into the food area. While in the food area, talking is only permitted to the cafeteria staff. Pathfinder teachers would like to instill good eating habits amongst the team therefore students will only be able to purchase two (2) snack items and can not ask others to purchase extras for them. Once you have received your lunch, go straight to your class table.

14. Silent Lunch From time to time we have students who forget the guidelines and procedures of the team. Pathfinder teachers will assign silent lunch to those student as a consequence of their actions. During silent lunch, students will sit by themselves and reflect on the actions that have placed them in silent lunch for the day. In addition, students in silent lunch will not be allowed to purchase treats (cookies, chips, etc.) from the cafeteria line. Pathfinder teachers will not notify parents of silent lunch assignments except for continual offenders.

15. Intercom Announcements From time to time the office will call a classroom for various reasons. It is the teacher’s role to answer the intercom. Students, please do not help the teacher by answering the intercom. This only makes it hard to receive and understand the message. Afternoon announcements are for the purpose of giving students important information. Students should listen quietly to the announcements. Students will be dismissed by the teacher not the end of announcements.

16. Emergency Procedures The school will have periodic emergency drills for fire drills, tornados, lockdowns, etc. All students should follow the emergency procedures as given by your teacher. All students should be extremely quiet during the drill. All students should also stay with their assigned class in order for the teacher to take role.

17. Going to the Office, Nurse, and Counselor Students must have permission before going to see the nurse, counselor or going to the office and accompanied with a pass. The health nurse is typically at our school one day a week. To see a counselor, students must fill out a Counselor Request form. An appointment will be set by the counselor marked by an appointment slip. Students will only go to the office if called by the secretary or administration. Students will not be sent to the office to use the phone or in search of administration.

18. Progress Reports Progress Reports will be sent home during the 4 ˝ week of each quarter according to DPS guidelines. Students are expected to have reports signed and returned to the team within two school days. In addition, the team will send home missing assignment lists per class at the beginning of the 4th and 7th week of the quarter. This will give students and parents an opportunity to see on paper what work needs to be completed.

19. Phone Use There is a team phone on the Pathfinder hall for emergency use only!!!!!! You may only call home if you are sick or injured. Calling home for textbooks, gym clothes, homework, or ride information are not emergency situations. Students may not use their personal phone during school hours for any reason. All personal phones MUST be kept in your locker during the school day – NO EXCEPTIONS!

20. Field Trip Money and Permission Forms Permission slips must accompany field trip money turned into Mrs. Rawson on or before the due date. Permission slips with hand written parent signature are required in order for us to legally take you off campus. All chaperones must be 18 years or older and have an approved volunteer application through DPS. Interested parties must seek Mrs. Rawson to verify if they are on the approved DPS Volunteer list and to receive an application.

21. Parent Communication Pathfinder website is updated daily with an abundance of information for parents and students. Pathfinder teachers will send a weekly email to parents notifying of upcoming events, class news and activities, and other important school reminders. Quarterly newsletters will be distributed with report cards outlining the next quarters news and events. Homework hotline is updated daily after 3:00 pm. Please call 560-3970 ext. 70436. To reach a teacher, the best way is via email or dial their voice extension through the school. Teachers will respond within 24 hours according to DPS policy.

22. After-School Dismissal Students will be given a chance to return to their locker and to the restroom at the end of the day. After gathering materials to go home, return to the classroom and wait till dismissal. Students will sit quietly in their assigned seat, listen to the afternoon announcements and wait for their teacher to dismiss them to the bus lot or car pool. Bus riders will exit the building via the doors by the side parking lot. Car riders/athletes/after school will progress to the front lobby.

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