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Register Interest For Teaching Applying for Advertised Positions UNISA APRIL 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Register Interest For Teaching Applying for Advertised Positions UNISA APRIL 2013. Summary of session. Introduction to the ETR Employable Teacher Register ETR requirements -You -DECD Recruitment A real job opportunity How to apply for a permanent advertised position

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Register Interest For Teaching Applying for Advertised Positions UNISA APRIL 2013

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Presentation Transcript

Register Interest For Teaching

Applying for Advertised Positions


Summary of session

  • Introduction to the ETR Employable Teacher Register

  • ETR requirements -You

    -DECD Recruitment

  • A real job opportunity

  • How to apply for a permanent advertised position

  • Contact details

Register Interest For Teaching - ETR

  • Submit an online application for 2014 for end of year graduates.

  • Submit 2013 and 2014 application for mid year graduates

Types of employment

  • Permanent teaching positions

    • apply for and win an advertised teaching position

  • Temporary teaching position(4 wks to 2 years)

    • from your ETR application or temporary advertised teaching positions via website

  • Temporary Relief Teaching (TRT)

    • provide schools with your TRT Authority

  • Leadership – apply and win

Application Details…

Click on: Apply for jobs in DECD

Click on : DECDJobs

Click here for ETR link

How to get started

  • To log on you’ll need a unique email address (not your University one) and a password (self chosen)

  • The first time you log on, you will receive a confirmation email reminding you of your password and login number – store this email safely for future reference.

  • This number IS NOT your 7 digit DECD ID number.

  • Read the application instructions

Application Sections

  • Section 1 Personal details

  • Section 2 Aboriginality

  • Section 3 Employment Type

  • Section 4 Fraction of Time

  • Section 5 Subjects and Skills

  • Section 6 Location

  • Section 7 Employment History

  • Section 8 Qualifications Section 9 Referees

  • Section 10 Other Information

  • Section 11 Certificates & Registration

  • Section 12 Employment Declaration

  • Section 13 Attachments Section 14 Declaration

  • Section 15 Preview & Submit

Our best advice

  • Read the instructions before you start.

  • If you are unclear on how or what to do

    Please click herefor helplink for each section.

  • The most common errors occur in section 5 Subjects, section 8 Qualifications, section 11 Certificates and section 12 Employment Declaration

Oops an Error Screen eg Quals Section 8

Subjects: Self rating codes: Section 5

A Qualifications and experience within the last 5 years in an educational site in identified subjects.

(This includes your 4 week teaching practicum)

T Qualifications or 2 years experience (min 0.4 per year)

(DECD or non DECD.)

N No evidence of qualifications or experience within the identified subject, but a willingness to teach the subject.

Qualifications: Section 8

  • All fields marked with * are mandatory

  • Attach (A/T) academic transcript(s) / interim initially, and then final

  • Attach last 2 practicum reports / teaching work report(s)

  • Attach parchments as you receive – A/T more useful

  • Update as required

Referees Section 9

  • A referee should be able to comment on your ability to teach.

  • A referee should be able to verify information, for example:

    • Where employment /practicum took place

    • Dates (length) of employment /practicum

    • Nature /context of work undertaken eg subjects taught, specific skills required

Attaching Certificates: Section 11

  • DECD BELS First Aid certificate

  • Responding to Abuse & Neglect Training – Education and Care (Mandatory Notification) – check the DECD website for training providers

  • Teachers Registration certificate.

  • Scan and attach all 3 certificates.

  • Each year when you Register Interest for Teaching, only scan and attach those certificates which have been updated. Previous certificates that have not expired do carry over into the DECD data base.

  • Updating can be done at any time during the year.

  • Don’t allow any certificates to expire.

Employment Declaration: Section 12

  • This is a mandatory section

  • If you answer YES to ANY question you must provide further details (this may include a doctor’s letter / Report)

  • Your application will not be processed until Recruitment Staff have cleared your declaration.

  • You need to complete the declaration EVERY year. If circumstances change during the year you must notify us.

Section 13: Australian Residency (mandatory)

  • Scan and attach your Australian birth certificate to section 13 of the ETR

    if you don’t have an Australian birth certificate then

  • Scan and attach your residency status e.g. working visa and personal details page of passport

Attaching additional documents:Section 13

  • Personal Statement – 1 page

  • Résumé only include information not already included in the application

  • Any other relevant information

    DECD Recruitment cannot adjust your application

Personal Statement Tips


How you relate to students, staff, parents, school community.

Importance of positive relationships.

Communication strategies.

Include examples from your practicum.

Contextualise to the vacancy if applying for an advertised position.

Student Learning

Methods you use - refer to practicum experience.

Mention the variety of teaching / learning techniques you employ.

Relate to the vacancy description if applying for an advertised position.


Knowledge of your subjects / learning areas.

Assessment and reporting strategies.

Refer to your practicum experience.

Safe Work Practices

Knowledge of DECD OHS&W.

Safe classroom / school environment

for you and your students.

Stand out from the masses

  • Subject selection

  • Regions

  • Fraction of time

  • Referees

  • Personal statement

Authority to Teach letter process

  • You submit an ETR application on-line

  • You scan & attach certificates / licences including birth certificate / visa - these can be added at any time / as you receive them.

  • Recruitment Unit staff verify and process your details and create a DECD 7 digit ID number

  • On completion you will receive an emailed Authority to Teach acknowledgement

  • On receipt of the Authority to Teach email where all dates

    are in the future, you are cleared to start work!

It’s up to you…..

  • Get familiar with

  • Lodge 2013 (midyear)

  • Lodge 2014 Register Interest for Teaching online application - ETR

  • Begin work on your personal statement

  • Set your alarm for advertised vacancy dates

Click on: Temporary Advertised Positions

Opportunities for mid year graduates

Look out for 2014 vacancies

Permanentvacancies advertised from Term 2, 2013:

Wk 2, Fri 10th May: Aboriginal, Anangu and SNAP schools

Wk 6, Fri 7th June: Country and some metro schools


Term 3Wks 1, 5 & 6 (27thJuly, 23rd & 30th Aug)

Term 4Wk 1 (18th Oct)

(Temporary vacancies on a continuous basis)

Applying for an advertised permanent job with DECD starting in 2014.

  • You are eligible to apply for these jobs as they begin 23/01/2014.

    We will assume you are successful in completing your studies.

  • These advertisements are for specific schools = 1 school 1 job.

  • You still need to lodge your 2014 ETR

Click on: Permanent Teacher Positions


  • LSP Local Selection Panel

  • SNAP Significant Number of Aboriginal Pupils

  • IoED Index of Educational Disadvantage

  • On-going vacancy – permanent – no end date

  • Temporary vacancy - minimum – 20 days, maximum – 2 years

Example of a permanent teaching advertisement

Tips from Principals

  • Relationship strengths

    – strategies to engage students, parents & wider community members

  • Inclusive practices

    – evidence of your ability / willingness to learn

  • Flexibility, enthusiasm and passion

  • Contextually specific to their school

    – check out the school website.

    - download recent school newsletters

Advertised Teaching Positions

  • 1 Personal Details

  • 2 ATSI

  • 3 Tandem/tied

  • 4 Employment History

  • 5 Qualifications

  • 6 Referee Details

  • 7 Personal statement

  • 7a Personal Statement help

  • 8 Declaration

  • 9 Preview & Submit

  • 10 Submit warning

  • 11Submit later option

  • 12 Log in to continue

  • 13 Continue application

  • 14 Submit application

  • 15 Application received

Differences in the ETR and PTR forms


15 sections7 sections

Can be changed at any timeOnce submitted cannot be retrieved or edited

Can attach a number of documentsOnly attach contextualised

Personal Statement

Personal Statement is genericPersonal Statement is vacancy specific

Range of SubjectsVacancies described with max 2 subjects

Multiple RegionsIdentified Site

Application sent to DECD to be part of Application specific sent direct via DECDjobs

the temporary poolto the site with the described vacancy

Steps in the Advertised vacancy process

  • Emailed acknowledgement sent by DECDjobs

  • Chairperson is the person to contact, not Senior HR consultant

  • Short listed Yes / No

  • Interview (uncommon)Yes / No

  • Informed of a nomination & appeal rights

  • Successful Yes / No

  • If you apply, win and accept a permanent position, you are then not eligible to apply for other positions.

Reminder what is important

  • Now Start 2014 ETR (as of 17thApril)

  • Soon Apply for advertised jobs

  • Later Attach your final transcript, practicum reports & Teachers Registration certificate

Contact details

Recruitment Unit

ph 8226 1356

Explore the website

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