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Sanitation for communities

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Sanitation for communities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photo credit: Gates Foundation. Sanitation for communities. 19 November 2013. Sanitation for communities. 40% of people in the world still do not have a toilet November 19 th is World Toilet Day – stand up for the right to a toilet!. Sanitation Facts . Photo credit:

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Photo credit: Gates Foundation

Sanitation for communities

19 November 2013

sanitation for communities
Sanitation for communities
  • 40% of people in the world still do not have a toilet
  • November 19th is World Toilet Day – stand up for the right to a toilet!

Sanitation Facts

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sanitation for communities1
Sanitation for communities
  • Sanitation can keep your family healthy
  • One gram of human faeces can contain:
    • 10,000,000 viruses
    • 1,000,000 bacteria
    • 1,000 parasite cysts
    • 100 parasite eggs

Sanitation keeps families healthy

Photo credit: Gates Foundation

sanitation for communities2
Sanitation for communities
  • Improved sanitation and hygiene can reduce:
  • Diarrhoeakills 1 million children each year

sanitation keeps families healthy

Photo credit: Gates Foundation

sanitation for communities3
Sanitation for communities
  • Defecating in the open leaves women and girls at risk for sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Ecological sanitation can provide additional nutrients for your crops

Sanitation improves women’s lives

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sanitation for communities4
Sanitation for communities
  • In areas with poor sanitation, children carry up to 1000 worms at one time, making it difficult to attend and focus on school
  • Girls are less likely to attend school and remain in school after puberty if adequate sanitation facilities are not available
  • Improved sanitation could add 200 million days of school attendance per year

Sanitation helps children get an education

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sanitation for communities5
Sanitation for communities
  • Without sanitation facilities, sewage is often discharged untreated into rivers, lakes and coastal areas
  • 90% of diarrhoeal diseases are linked to environmental pollution

Sanitation sustains clean environments

Photo credit: Chrissy Olson

sanitation for communities6
Sanitation for communities

Improve your family’s lives – Stand up for your right to a toilet!

Leanne Burney, UN Secretary-General\'s Advisory Board on Water and SanitationEmail: [email protected] Therese Dooley, UNICEFEmail: [email protected] Amanda Marlin, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative CouncilEmail: [email protected]

Corinne Schuster-Wallace, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health

Email: [email protected]