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A current staple of international television. international trade in formatsBig Brother, Popstars, Pop Idol, etc. moved factual programming into primetimescripted v. unscriptedsignificant marketing tie-insbut fading novelty value?. Varieties of hybrid formats. Talk showsVideo diaries Lifestyle programmes Reality-TVDocu-soapReality gameshows (

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1. DOCUMENTARY HYBRIDS ‘reality TV’ ‘fly-on-the-wall series’ ‘reality series’ ‘fact-fiction’ ‘faction’

2. A current staple of international television international trade in formats Big Brother, Popstars, Pop Idol, etc. moved factual programming into primetime scripted v. unscripted significant marketing tie-ins but fading novelty value?

3. Varieties of hybrid formats Talk shows Video diaries Lifestyle programmes Reality-TV Docu-soap Reality gameshows (‘game-docs’)

4. Hybrid formats Talk shows studio-based confessionals Oprah Winfrey Show, Jerry Springer Show Video diaries home-based confessional often segments within other hybrids Lifestyle programmes personal improvement, consumer address DIY programmes, Extreme Makeover

5. Hybrid formats II Reality-TV original formats - late 1980s/early 1990s rhetoric from current affairs agenda surveillance and accidental camcorder footage heavily narrativised, tightly packaged Cops, America’s Most Wanted, World’s Wildest Police Chases, Caught on Tape, New Zealand’s Funniest Home Videos

6. Hybrid formats III Docu-soap soap opera narratives hand-held camcorder aesthetics significance of ‘casting’ issues of performance ‘editing out’ natural locations: Airline, Cruise situation documentaries: Wife Swap, Faking It celebrity docu-soaps: Simple Life,

7. Hybrid formats IV Reality gameshows (‘game-docs’) centred on competition within unnatural setting surveillance environments significance of casting flickers of authenticity multi-platform media events Big Brother, Survivor The Apprentice, Pop Idol

8. Transformed non-fiction Filmmakers’ agenda: reality as diversion Textual construction playful (rather than authoritative) reliance on personalised forms of knowledge acknowledgement of performance highly reflexive Audience expectations/assumptions various forms of participation

9. Debates over hybrids dominance of commercial broadcasting over public service ideals evidence of a wider collapse in social values the absence of ‘reality’ on television provide a space for the ‘common’ voice evidence of the change to a surveillance society

10. Debates over hybrids erasure of boundaries between public and private change from rational, objective modes of communication to emotional, intuitive modes provide a space for the playing out of anxieties and fears

11. The Documentary Screen SMST306-06B Exploring the documentary genre and related forms - drama-documentary, mockumentary, documentary hybrids, etc.

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