National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
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United Institute of Informatics Problems PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. United Institute of Informatics Problems. THE MAIN OBJECTIVES. - Fundamental and applied research in the fields of information technology, computer science, applied mathematics, computer aided design and some other attached fields.

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United Institute of Informatics Problems

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National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

United Institute of Informatics Problems


- Fundamental and applied research in the fields of information technology, computer science, applied mathematics, computer aided design and some other attached fields.

- Cooperating with industrial research centers and enterprises in solving technical problems faced by the production sector in the field of computer aided design, computer aided engineering, new products testing, software and hardware development.

- Participating in formulation of national policies in the above mentioned fields in Belarus and in the long term R&D planning.

- Specialist education and training of high-qualified research staff capable to tackle the scientific and technological problems.

The directions of research:

-     Computer aided design (CAD/CAM/CAE)

-     Processing and recognition of signals, images and speech

-     Operations research and discrete optimization

-     Decision making support systems

-     Bio and medical informatics, ergonomics

-     Geoinformation systems

-     Supercomputer systems

-     Computer networks and telematics

-     Information protection

-     Input-output of videoinformation

N a t i o n a l A c a d e m y o f B e l a r u s

D i v i s i o n s

Modeling of Image Synthesis and Recognition Processes

Information Technologies and Systems


L a b o r a t o r i e s and d e p a r t m e n t s

O.TCHIJ [email protected]

A.TUZIKOV, [email protected]

S.ABLAMEIKO, [email protected]

High Performance Computer System

Mathematical Cybernetics

Image Processing and Recognition

G. LEVIN, [email protected]


V.ANISHCHENKO,[email protected]

Operation Research

System Engeneering

Information Protection

P.BIBILO, [email protected]

B.LOBANOV, [email protected]

I.TOM, [email protected]

Logical Design

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Bioinformation Systems

V.MAHNACH, [email protected]

V.EROHOVETS, [email protected]

Modeling TechnologicalProcesses

R.SADIHOV, [email protected]

Computer Graphics

Modeling of Intelligent Processes

Systems Identification

S.MEDVEDEV, [email protected]

G.ALEKSEEV, [email protected]

A.KRIUCHKOV, [email protected]

Technical Systems Synthesis

Automation of Video Information Input

Cartographic Systems and Technology

A.KROT, [email protected]

V.LAPITSKI, [email protected]

A.KRAVTSOV, [email protected]

Self-organizing System Modeling

Information analysis systems

Department of Space Program

G.SOLODKIN, [email protected]


Data ware of Scientific Research

Computer Networks

L.GUBITCH, [email protected]

N.PARAMONOV, [email protected]

Computer Aided Design

Department of SKIF systems

V.STETSURENKO, [email protected]


Biomedical Images Analysis

Supercomputer remote multi- access Center

The Institute keeps the creative contacts with scientific organizations all over the world. Among them the following universities and scientific centers:


- Russian Academy of Sciences

-    Russian Avia-Space Agency

- Program Systems Institute of RAS

- Moscow State University


-    INRIA

-    Centre of mathematical morphology, Paris

-    Technical University, Troyes

-    National Engineering School, Metz

-    MATRA , Velizy

- University Nuncy


-    Otto-von-Guericke- University of Magdeburg

-    University of Osnabruk

-    Institute of Informatics, Freiberg

-    University of Saarland

-    University of Aachen


-    Technical University of Wroclaw

-    Poznan University of Technology

-    Technical University of Szczecin

-    Technical University of Zeliona Gura

-    University of Byalostok

  • United Kingdom

  • -    University of Greenwich

  • -    University of Southampton

  • -    Coventry University

  • -    Surrey University

  • - University of Nottinhem

  • USA

  • -    NovCom N.V. Company, Nashua

  • -    Software Security Company

  • -    Stanford University

  • India

  • -    Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Italy

  • -   Institute of Cybernetics of CNR, Napoli

  • -    University of Napoli

  • -    University of Milan

  • Japan

  • -    Institute of Technology, Kyushu

  • -    Kyushu University

  • Ukraine

  • -    Ministry of Education of Ukraine

  • Peoples Republic of China

  • - Polytechnic University of Hong Kong

  • Institute #28 of China Electronic Group

  • - Center of Industrial Cooperation


  • Participation in international research programs:

  • . INTAS


    • STASIS

    • UNESCO

    • NATO

    • ISTC (International Science and Technology Center)

  • National branches of international Associations:

    • IEE

    • IEEE

    • EURO

    • IAPR

    • Individual membership in international organizations:

    • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

    • Institute of Electrical Engineers

    • American Mathematical Society

    • International Association of Pattern Recognition

    • New-York Academy of Sciences

    • International Academy of Information Technology

    • European Association on Speech Communication

    • INTERNET Society

Post address: United Institute of Informatics Problems

Surganova Str. 6, 220012 Minsk, Belarus

Phone: +(375 17) 284 21 71

FAX:+(375 17) 231 84 03

e-mail:[email protected],

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