<Spin>    Billy Preston, will it go
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Billy Preston, will it go round in circles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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<Spin> Billy Preston, will it go round in circles. < Spin > Steely Dan - Reeling in the years. < Spin > Dead or Alive Right round baby,. Snap!!. Crackle!!. Static!!. Moderate feedback!!. The Pirate Radio™ Show. For sector 411. applause.

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Billy Preston, will it go round in circles

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<Spin> Billy Preston, will it go

round in circles

<Spin> Steely Dan -

Reeling in the years

<Spin> Dead or Alive

Right round baby,




Moderate feedback!!

The Pirate Radio™ Show

For sector 411


With your host



With the following

Guest Celebrities:

Ray Bradbury

Carl Sagen

Gene Roddenberry

And his assistant, Auto Man

But First,

A word from our Sponsor


<Tolk voice> Good day Gentlemen, you are here today because you have an

imagination. Today I would like you take a moment to view this video and

Comment on it.

<Ray Bradbury voice> Good day Tolk.

<Carl Sagan voice> Billions upon billions of seconds ago,…

<Tolk voice> Please Carl, watch the video first,..

<Gene Roddenberry voice> Thank you for having me Tolk..

<Tolk voice> This gentleman and his girlfriend have had an argument and the

Girlfriend wants to get back together,. Sit back and watch..

<Tolk voice> Well, gentlemen…!!<Ray voice> That was awesome Tolk!! Where can I get one for me,..<Carl voice> (small voice, hand near mouth) He booted her out thru the window!<Gene voice> That’s the spirit Tolk,..now I’d like to sign you on as my Starfleet Defense contractor with an initial contract of 20 million of these ‘screaming memes’<Carl voice> He booted her out thru the window,..!!<Tolk voice> Take it Gene, and call them, ‘photon torpedo launcher’ instead,..<Gene voice> Thanks Tolk, great idea, let’s go fellas,I’m buying lunch.(flash of lighting outside window)

(Everybody leaves) pretty soon a white haired elderly person walks into Tolk’s studio. He flings a cat sized body onto the stage. His white coat is singed, the tip of his white hair is singed and still smoking,.<Dr. Emmet Brown voice> Is this your spider-squirrel,..!!<Tolk voice> Why, yes,.. looks like Auto man,..<Dr. Brown voice> he came into my Lab, started changing dials and switches, causing 1.25 gigawatts of electricity to go thru his body, into my double flux capacitor, causing that young lady to go back into the year 1944.Do you know what will happen to the space-time continuum!!(now screaming at the top of his lungs)<Tolk voice> Chill Dr. Brown..(goes to wall where a couple of wall lockers are stored, open’s one door, removes two smallish Green boxes, goes and hands them to Dr. Brown.<Dr. Brown voice> They had better be Thin Mints,..!!(leaves in a huff)..

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And this is why women should not have online affairs

‘nuff said


Devo “Whip it”

Thanks for viewing my show everybody, I hope you enjoyed it

Happy Hunting 411

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