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MNCIS Government Login/Access Accounts: Odyssey Assistant (OA) & Minnesota Public Access (MPA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MNCIS: Minnesota Court Information System. MNCIS Government Login/Access Accounts: Odyssey Assistant (OA) & Minnesota Public Access (MPA). Two options available for Minnesota government agencies to view state court case record information. Updated 1/31/07.

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MNCIS Government Login/Access Accounts: Odyssey Assistant (OA) & Minnesota Public Access (MPA)

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MNCIS: Minnesota Court Information System

MNCIS GovernmentLogin/Access Accounts:Odyssey Assistant (OA) & Minnesota Public Access (MPA)

Two options available for Minnesota government agencies to view state court case record information.

Updated 1/31/07

To access case records in MNCIS electronically from a Minnesota government office, two access points are offered :

  • MNCIS Public Access (MPA), courthouse version, to access Register of Actions on public case records.

    • Web based

    • No confidential case records

    • Provides summary of case information

  • OA Odyssey Assistant provides same as MPA but:

    • Provides additional search capabilities

    • View Calendars

    • May receive security rights to access confidential case records.

Requirements of both access options:

  • Submit an application.

  • Execute a nondisclosure agreement.

  • Receive approval by the State.

MNCIS Government Access and Assistance

  • MNCIS Government Access

  • For assistance with the application process please send an email to

  • For technical assistance, please send an email to

  • To request Odyssey Assistant Training for county business partner trainers, contact Court Division supervisor or District Coordinator

MNCIS Government Login Accounts website information

MN Court Information System (MNCIS)

MNCIS Government Login Accounts

This page contains information for government agencies on how to apply for a MNCIS Government Login Account. We offer two different types of login accounts (i.e., access points) to view MNCIS data: MPA and OA. To learn the difference between these two offerings, please refer to Section 3 in the Policies & Notices (located in Step One, below). MNCIS is the new Minnesota Court Information System for all cases in Minnesota District Courts.

For more information on the MNCIS project and about access by the general public, please refer to

on website…Application Packet

Follow these steps to successfully submit your request for a new MPA or OA account or submit your request for changes to an existing MPA or OA account. For eligibility information, please refer to Section 2 in the Policies & Notices (located in Step One, below).

Step One: Policies, Notices and other Important Information

Step Two: Agreement

Step Three: Request Form

Step Four: Installation and User Instructions

Step Five: Change Request Form

Step Six: Support Options

…in Application packet

See…Step Four Installation and User Instructions

MPA Login and User Instructions

MPA does not require installation. After your agency has received your User ID and Password, MPA is available at MPA login access. User instructions are available at this page by selecting the "Help" link at the top right of the page (in the black bar).

…in Application packet

OA Installation and User Instructions

OA requires installation. After your agency has received your User ID and Password, OA installation and user instructions are available on courts web site

User Instructions and Tutorial are available at this web site

OA – Odyssey Assistant

OA User Instructions

…same web page - OA Tutorial

MPA - MNCIS Public Access

MPA– MNCIS Public Access

  • Simple to use, no training required

  • State wide search or county search options

  • Search by party name, case number, attorney name

  • Search can be limited by party birth date, or date range of case

MPA – MNCIS Public Access

Online Help provided, includes search tips, policies and notices

MPA – MNCIS Public Access

  • Sorts by file number first, then name, then birth date

  • View limited to 200 cases maximum, if this is reached, refine search criteria

  • Wild card can be used in searches

MPA Access

Search Example

MNCIS Odyssey Assistant


  • Access information

  • Basic navigation

  • Searches

  • View cases

  • Register of Actions – summary of case

  • View case financial information

  • View pleas, dispositions, court decisions

  • View calendar

About the Information in OA

  • All access is inquiry only

  • Information is not delayed from court version

  • Odyssey Assistant is unavailable from 5:30 am -6:30 am.

  • Database contains converted pre-MNCIS cases and MNCIS cases

  • No reporting capability

  • Internet-based application, response times dependent on bandwidth

Navigation for OA

Login with agency user id and password

Case Manager Home

Navigation Tips

  • Use Navigation Bar to quickly select menu items

  • Click X in upper right window to end Odyssey session

  • Go back one screen

    • Click on Exit button

    • Press Esc

  • Use Right Mouse to see shortcuts menu.

  • More than one Odyssey Assistant session may be used at a time.

Log off by selecting x

Use Odyssey Help to learn more about the system, icons, workflow.

Odyssey Help – sample information

Searches in OA

MNCIS Odyssey Case Management System is made up of two primary elements:Cases and Parties

MNCIS Odyssey is aperson-based system. All cases in which the party is involved are attached to that one party record.

Parties (e.g., defendants) are added to a case through the case Parties Tab.

A Participant is a person involved in the case, but not a direct party to the legal action – they may also be entered on the Parties tab

Attorney representation is entered on the Parties tab

Find a Case by case number.

The Case Opens…Exit to do another search

Find a case by party name or attorney. In this example a wildcard is used after the middle initialand aSimple search limits options

Click on Save My Settings to save search preferences. Use Case History if you have opened that case recently on the same computer – displays last 20 cases.

  • Select Find a Case

  • Select Case History

  • The last 20 cases opened on that particular computer, can be viewed.

Find a case - by party name - Advanced search offers more search options

Location Picker. View case information from one county or statewide

Find a Party through Advanced Search.

Used to locate specific type of party

Cases Tab on Party record - Case History Summary shows details of statewide cases associated with a party

View Case Information in OA

Open a Case to see case specific information. Information is organized by tabs along the top. Summary tab show recent events.

Register of Actions is a summary of all case details and is equivalent to what is available in MPA. Select link to see details.

Register of Actions display - Preview or Print.

Parties Tab. Click on hyperlinked names to see additional information.

View Case Party Details In OA, you cannot change party information.

Modify Party screen displays Statewide Party Record. This information can be accessed from the party link on the case. Tabs may contain additional information. The red “W” indicates an active warrant on the party.

Charges Tab – displays charges on the case, and plea or disposition for each charge

Events Tab

Hearings Tab – Past and future hearings scheduled on the case

Disposition Tab

From Disposition tab - View Court Decision and Sentence Components.

Financial Tab

Select Case Fines and Fees to see balance details

Warrant Tab – Displays all warrants for this case

View Calendar in OA

View Calendar – sessions contain scheduled hearings

From calendar session, view scheduled hearings, case information

Click on Printer icon to print calendar session report

Calendar Session Report. For a printed calendar, Choose desired version - it is processed and sent to your email.

The calendar will arrive as a PDF file in your email . It can be printed from there.

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