Research is becoming more results oriented
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Research is becoming more results-oriented. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology commercialization is the process of transforming an idea or scientific discovery that solves a problem into new or improved product, process or service. Why Worry About Technology Management?. Research is becoming more results-oriented.

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Research is becoming more results-oriented.

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Technology commercialization is the process of transforming an idea or scientific discovery that solves a problem into new or improved product, process or service

Why Worry About Technology Management?

  • Research is becoming more results-oriented.

  • The disappearing ‘gap” between basic research and commercial application.

  • Institutional stewardship of intellectual property

  • Faculty expectations.

  • Research centers have a role in regional competition in the “knowledge economy.”

Varied Roles







R & D










Structure of Technology Innovation Commercialization Office (TICO)




Technology Innovation Support Center


Protection of Intellectual Property

  • General Definition

    The Process by which the private value of the creative outputs of research are protected.

  • Items to cover

    • The protection approach

    • Disclosing and protecting inventions

    • The nature of intellectual property

Non-disclosure Agreements

  • Usually an interim method for providing protection, until more permanent protection is obtained. Avoids loss of novelty (exception—trade secrets).

  • Involves signing a formal document which clearly identifies the intellectual property.

  • Enables business and commercialization evaluations prior to open publication.

  • Often has some time limit.

Criteria for Patentability


no “prior art” - a novel invention

has not been publicly disclosed

has not been made or sold in commerce


not obvious to a person “skilled in the art

no “prior art” which would suggest the invention


has a purpose

What is Patentable?

May include anything “under the sun” made by man...

  • Process—a method of doing something (e.g., manufacturing steel, surgical or medical procedures)

  • Machine—combination of mechanical elements

  • Article of manufacture—anything which has been manufactured

  • Composition of matter—a new chemical, a new formulation of elements, a genetic construct




Technology Transfer Office


Role of TTO




Turning research results into solutions to the industry problems

Brings industry problems to the research laboratories

TTO workflow




Grant and International Collaberation Office


  • Establishing and maintaining the information system for international cooperation in science and technology.

  • Responsible for organizing and managing the application for international cooperation projects in scientific research

  • Organizing and managing application for the research funds granted by national and international organizations.

  • Attending conferences.

  • Awareness

  •  Participating in writing proposals to STDF and RDI.

  •  Communicate with students to know the industrial problems of their factories.

  • Directing the researchers and staff to research points to solve their industrial problems.

  • Coordination with other research institution.

  • Organizing and managing scientific cooperation projects in scientific research.

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