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Cct300 labs
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Week 6. CCT300 – Labs. Mainstreaming of Second Life. CCT300 – Critical Analysis of Media October 14, 2010.

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CCT300 – Labs

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Cct300 labs


CCT300 – Labs

Mainstreaming of Second Life

CCT300 – Critical Analysis of Media

October 14, 2010

Cct300 labs

Karl Marx (1973) predicted that the dynamics of capitalism would eventually lead to a point at which the importance of direct expenditure of labor power in value creation would be subordinated to other forces. At that point, wealth creation would depend on the effective mobilization of knowledge—social knowledge.

(Arvidsson 2006; Boellstorff 2008; Dyer-Witheford 2003; Humphreys and Grayson 2008)

Cct300 labs

“A virtual world is a computer-based

simulated environment intended for its

users to inhabit and interact via avatars.”

- Wikipedia

Cct300 labs

Second Life is one of the most talked about

non-gaming virtual worlds right now...

... let’s see how it works!

Cct300 labs

Users download the Second Life

client to enter the virtual world

Cct300 labs

Makers of Second Life

Second Life servers are hosted by one


‣ SL development

‣ SL “central bank”

‣ SL “law” makers and enforcers

‣ financed by users purchasing

virtual land on LL servers

Cct300 labs

... but it’s the residents that

make the world come alive!

Cct300 labs

  • > 5 million unique residents

  • > 1,5 million logged in the last 60 days

  • ≈ 40 000 users in-world at any time

  • > 90 000 premium residents

    • all users must be over 18*

    • average age 33

    • 43 % female users

    • active users: 44 % EU, 26 % USA

    • User Stats

    • Demographics

Cct300 labs

Residents have different

tools within Second Life...

Cct300 labs

Communication tools

in private

(Instant Messages -IM)

- or -

in public

(places or group IM)


(text or/and voice chat)

- and -


(visual appearance, proxemics,

gestures and animations)

Cct300 labs

Tools for travel

You can walk

and fly...

... or teleport

anywhere in an instant!

Cct300 labs

Tools for creating and shaping the world

Cct300 labs

“You create it, you own it.”

... users retain full IP rights over content they create in Second Life

Cct300 labs

Linden Dollars

Second Life currency

(1 US$ ≈ 270 L$)

real money trading (RMT)

L$ can be used on the

web or in-world

Cct300 labs

Business opportunities

(for individuals and companies)

‣ selling virtual goods

(C2C, B2C, B2B),

‣ building communities,

‣ costumer support,

‣ training & research,

‣ public relations,

‣ marketing,

‣ events, ...

‣ gambling

How is second life used for marketing

How is Second Life used for marketing?

  • There are 3 main reasons why Second Life has been successful to-date:

    • Micropayments which can be converted into real dollars

    • Intellectual property rights owned by residents

    • Open source so developers or businesses can extend what is possible

Creating business in second life

Creating business in Second Life

  • SL users are part of an economy where Linden Dollars micropayments are exchanged for furniture, clothes, land or other services

  • Turnover daily is $600,000

  • 6,000 full-time jobs created for residents

Second life

Second Life

Linden Labs Inc.

Second life1

Second Life

Linden Labs Inc.

Second life2

Second Life

Linden Labs Inc.

Second life documentary

Second Life Documentary

  • Another Perfect World (2008)

  • Dir(s): Jorien van Nes, Femke Wolting

  • Screening: YouTube (13 mins):




  • In groups of 3 or 4 visit the Second Life Markeplace site:


  • Select a product and answer the following questions:

    • How useful do you find the product in real life?

    • Why is this product relevant in Second Life? Would you purchase this if you have the ability to?

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