Skypemorph protocol obfuscation for tor bridges
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SkypeMorph : Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SkypeMorph : Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges. Hooman Mohajeri Moghaddam  Baiyu Li  Mohammad Derakhshani .  Ian Goldberg Presented by Ganbi. Outline. Overview Problem Solution Questions. Anonymity. Is it Important? People’s lives depend on it

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SkypeMorph : Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges

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Skypemorph protocol obfuscation for tor bridges

SkypeMorph: Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges

HoomanMohajeriMoghaddamBaiyuLi Mohammad Derakhshani. Ian Goldberg

Presented by Ganbi



  • Overview

  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Questions



  • Is it Important?

    • People’s lives depend on it

    • Authoritative Government vs. Activist Groups

    • Syria, Egypt, China

  • Answer: Tor

Tor overview

Tor Overview

Tor overview1

Tor Overview

Tor overview2

Tor Overview

Tor problem

Tor Problem

  • The public list of Tor relay nodes can give away all the IP addresses.

  • To fix, developers added “bridge”

Tor problem1

Tor Problem

Tor problem2

Tor Problem


4 ways to get bridge ip

4 Ways to get Bridge IP

  • will tell you few based on your IP address and location

  • Mail

  • Via social network

  • You can set up your own and tell your target users directly



  • Slowly China was able to block most Bridges by probing

  • DPI (deep packet inspection) is still possible

Solution paper


  • Pluggable transports

  • SkypeMorph

    • Disguise the Tor packets to look like Skype traffic by using already existing Skype VoIP protocol and user authentication system.






  • Anyone can use, it’s free!

  • Can transfer reasonable size of data = no bottleneck

  • Encryption already built in

  • In order to stop Tor, they also have to stop legitimate Skype calls, which is highly unlikely

  • Another big advantage: Harder to block bridges even after they are found

Two methods

Two Methods

Two methods1

Two Methods

Works cited

Works Cited

  • Moghaddam, Li, Derakhshani, and Goldberg "SkypeMorph: Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges" (n.d.): n. pag. Print.


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