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Vigyan Ashram Fab Lab. Pabal, District: Pune , India / . Fab-Lab Pabal. Weather Data Logger. Weather Data Logger.

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Vigyan Ashram Fab Lab

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Vigyan ashram fab lab l.jpg

Vigyan AshramFab Lab

Pabal, District: Pune , India

Fab lab pabal l.jpg

Fab-Lab Pabal

Weather data logger l.jpg

Weather Data Logger

Weather data logger4 l.jpg

Weather Data Logger

Need: Recording of weather data such as temperature and humidity; for pest control and crop advice to semi-literate farmers.

Weather data logger5 l.jpg

Weather Data Logger

  • The Problem:

    Automated data loggers currently available cost more than $ 4000

  • The Goal: To Build the same within INR 4000 ($ 100)

Project status l.jpg

Project Status

  • We have built a prototype

  • Further refinement is needed, primarily in terms of design

  • We aim to build a kit, so that schools can build these loggers themselves

Ultrasonic dog repellant l.jpg

Ultrasonic Dog Repellant

Vigyan Ashram’s Farm Tank

Photo: Carl Scheffler

Ultrasonic dog repellant8 l.jpg

Ultrasonic Dog Repellant

  • Problem: Farmers have begun to use plastic lining for their farm tanks, to minimize water losses

  • These bodies of water attract stray animals, especially during the dry season

  • Dogs dig under the fencing to try and reach the water

Our solution l.jpg

Our Solution

  • A simple device that will be mounted on the tank fence

  • Emits ultrasonic waves at frequencies that dogs find very disturbing

  • Trials are on to determine the right frequencies

Pedal power generator l.jpg

Pedal Power generator

  • Replaced lead acid battery with ultra capacitor.

  • We are planning to commercialize this product through a Pvt. Ltd company


Human power solution for lighting homes of remote communities, nomadic people.

Educational aids l.jpg

Educational Aids

  • DBRT Students have tried to understand their physics curriculum better by building small toys to demonstrate simple physics concepts

  • We aim to take the idea further by building a kit to assist rural school-teachers

Handheld admin console l.jpg

Handheld Admin Console

  • An easy-to-use, rugged tool to assist rural school-teachers in streamlining their administrative work

  • At its most basic, it will log attendance records

  • More functions can be subsequently added

  • Status: Code for the device has been written and tested

  • Project owner: Amitraj Deshmukh

Led lights l.jpg

LED lights

Services to the locals l.jpg

Services to the Locals

  • Screen Printing: -Shirts and Visiting cards

  • Vehicle Registration Plates

  • Sign Boards

  • Trophies and Mementos

  • Operated by Vigyan Ashram’s students as income-generating activities

Other projects l.jpg

Other projects

  • Cottage scale ‘Soya milk’ production technology

  • Small scale biodiesel plant

  • Biomass processing

  • Hobby circuits and small projects undertaken by students from a variety of backgrounds

Slide16 l.jpg


  • Apeksha Bochare

  • Anil Joshi

  • Balu Jadhav

  • Rohan Choukkar

  • Vinayak Dharmadhikari

  • Yogesh Kulkarni

Fab lab users l.jpg

Fab Lab Users

  • DBRT students – In groups – 40 students

    Everyone spends one day per week.

  • Engineering students – 15 students/ year

  • Visitors – 200 per month

Thanks l.jpg


  • MIT - CBA

  • Dept. of Science and Technology – For salary of staff

  • NSIT

  • IIT

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