Collage a presentation tool for the k 12 classroom
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Collage: A presentation tool for the K-12 Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collage: A presentation tool for the K-12 Classroom. Presented by Kanav Goyal Abhinav Uppal. Introduction. What is K-12 classroom? “Use of technology in the form of computers and projectors is becoming increasingly common in schools even in the developing regions”

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Collage a presentation tool for the k 12 classroom

Collage: A presentation tool for the K-12 Classroom

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  • What is K-12 classroom?

  • “Use of technology in the form of computers and projectors is becoming increasingly common in schools even in the developing regions”

  • Microsoft PowerPoint is the most commonly adopted method for creating presentations, but how convenient is it for school teachers and how useful is it for K-12 classrooms?

  • Typically school teachers would not want to alter their pedagogical styles hence technological aids should integrate themselves within classroom pedagogy

Related work
Related Work

  • Interactive White BoardExpensive setupNo research on presentation software associated with it

  • Classroom PresenterDesigned for higher educationPrimary focus on inkingCP works just on PowerPoint slides

  • Document Camera or visualizerAllows digital projection of paper based contentDoes not support addition of digital multimedia content

Presentation tools and pedagogy
Presentation tools and Pedagogy

  • Common Belief : Instructing using PowerPoint increases their engagement levels and increases student productivity

  • Research shows that difference in learning outcomes is often not significant

  • Studies have also shown that the learning benefits of presentation software can be greatly improved by enabling post-instructional access to the content of the presentation 

Initial ethnography
Initial Ethnography

  • 11 schools, 24 teachers, 21 classroom observations

  • More than 6 computers per school

  • 6 schools possessed a digital projector and 1 school had one projectors

  • Teachers had an experience of 2 to 26 years and spoke atleast 5 different languages

  • 2 of the 21 classroom observations involved the use of Digital technologies


  • Under-utilization of technology

  • Reasons

    • Lack of proficiency of using computers

      • Not confident technology users

      • Lack of expertise with typing

    • Lack of sufficient time to prepare the content beforehand

      • In an independent survey of 41 school teachers, it was found that on an average the teachers spent 5.5 hours preparing PowerPoint presentations for a 40 minutes lecture

  • Main usage of the technology was to show pictures and videos

Design principles
Design Principles

  • Keep it Simple

    • Minimalize time for preparation

    • Minimalize typing

  • Display Images

    • Easy display of multimedia

  • Exploit Paper

    • Help exploit content already present in everyday use

The development process
The Development Process

  • Plain Image Viewer kind of interface

  • Paper integration

    • Allows teachers to write notes on paper and use in presentation

  • Interaction with the content

    • Rectangle selection

    • Page elements

    • Zoom facility

  • Features based on teacher feedback

    • Page decks, textbox facility, inking

The development process1
The Development Process

  • Features developed on field

    • Whiteboard

    • Page Occlusion

  • Deleted features

    • Word selection

    • Hyper linking

  • 50 iterations


  • Collage was deployed in 3 schools

  • 2 teachers from one schools and 4 from the other 2 schools

  • Used in 43 classes (40 hours of classroom usage)

  • Training required at most 2 man hours per teacher, compared to almost 15 days to learn PowerPoint


  • Qualitative feedback from 6 different users

  • Flexibility of presentation

  • Ease of content preparation

  • Suitability for display of visual materials

  • Downsides of collage


  • A tool for K-12 classroom presentations

  • The deployment results suggest distinct advantages over PowerPoint

  • The findings of the project are at large applicable to those who have a limited computer proficiency and who have greater inclination for using paper based tools