Welcome to Day 3 of Elementary InTech

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Welcome to Day 3 of Elementary InTech

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1. Welcome to Day 3 of Elementary InTech

2. Welcome to Multimedia Day! We will be publishing a slideshow, using the scanner, and digital camera today.

3. Objectives/Daily Activities Create a multimedia presentation. Digital pictures from the rain forest. Postcards from the rain forest.

4. Software Applications Kid Pix Studio Microsoft Word Scanner Digital Camera

5. Morning Activities Check email at www.yahoo.com Reply to Email Day 3 Type and save your journal response. Save as journal3.doc. Check the weather conditions. Read the online article. Create a shortcut on your desktop to your folder on the server. Forgot how? See next slide.

7. Journal Topic How have your beliefs about teaching, learning, and technology integration evolved throughout the InTech training? How has your vision changed? How has your teaching changed?

9. New Ideas Database (in a one computer classroom) Today we will continue using our database. This will be an ongoing activity. Classroom Management: Been There Done That with Post it Notes.

10. Electronic On-line Journals The second journal article will be shared this morning. Make sure you are prepared to share your thoughts on the Day 2 article. The computer will randomly select someone to share!

11. Question of the Day I am a tree that forms stilt-like roots and, over a period of time, I pick myself up on them "walking" out from under fallen trees or toward light. I am the only plant that plants itself wherever I want to! Who am I?

12. If you finish before 8:30

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