The woman in black and hugo case studies
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The Woman In Black and Hugo Case Studies PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Woman In Black and Hugo Case Studies. Woman in Black.

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The Woman In Black and Hugo Case Studies

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The Woman In Black and Hugo Case Studies

Woman in Black

  • The Woman in Black is a horror/ghost story which was released in February 2012. It was produced by Hammer and has a running time of 95 minutes. The film was directed by James Watkins and produced by Brian Oliver, Richard Jackson and Simon Oakes. Daniel Radcliff was the main actor in the film. The budget for the film was just over £9,000,000 and made £21,000,000 in the UK and £74,000,000 worldwide.

Woman In Black-Convergence and Synergy

  • The Woman In Black was produced by Hammer films, who are owned by exclusive media, and was distributed by momentum pictures. Momentum pictures is part of an alliance film company and has also joined with Aurum, a Spanish distribution company.

Woman In Black - Production

  • The Woman In Black is an original film, although it was based on a book, it is not a typical ghost story that is constantly repeated. It brings surprises. Therefore it does not completely comply to the cultural industry theory. However, it has been made to be easily understood by everyone. The Woman In Black was filmed in IMAX HD to show all of the intricate details on the actor faces and all of the details of the house. This makes it seem more realistic, making the film seem scarier to the audience.


  • Hugo is an adventure story which was released in October 2011. It was produced by GK Films and Infinitum Nihiland has a running time of 125 minutes. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by Johnny Depp, Graham King and Tim Headington. Asa Butterfield was the main actor in the film. The budget for the film was between £96 million and £105 million, over running on their original budget of £62 million. The film made £96 million worldwide.

Hugo-Convergence and Synergy

  • Hugo was produced by both GK films and Infinitum Nihil. It was distributed by Paramount who was originally working alongside CBS but was bought by Viacom in 1993. In 2005 Paramount pictures bought DreamWorks animation.

Hugo - Production

  • Hugo was filmed in 3D to bring the story to life and give the audience a better understanding of the film. 3D makes the audience feel as though you are part of the film, they become more active and engaged. Not only does the film use technology but the film is about a film maker, who painted every frame by hand, as the most modern technology he had was a camera. Many green screens were used during the making of the film, to create the special effects. This makes the production easier and it can also be cheaper. The use of green screens can create an image of a set that be impossible to build, it can bring an audience into a fantasy world.


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