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Mrs. Brown 1 st Block American Literature

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Mrs brown 1 st block american literature


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16Write the question and answer in the do now section of your notebookLaura Ingalls Wilder published her first book and she was sixty-five years old then. (A) and she was sixty-five years old then (B) when she was sixty-five (C) at age sixty-five years old (D) upon the reaching of sixty-five years (E) at the time when she was sixty fiveOne of the most common types of mistakes that inexperienced physicians make is misreading symptoms, another that occursabout as frequently is recommending inappropriate treatment.(A) symptoms, another that occurs(B) symptoms; another one that occurs(C) symptoms, the other, and it occurs(D) symptoms; another one which is occurring(E) symptoms and also occurring

Mrs. Brown

1st Block





  • Break into groups and complete Body Bio

  • Body Bio Presentations

  • The Crucible: Crucial Quotations Worksheet

  • Homework: Complete Quotations Worksheet for Thursday's class

Body biography

Body biography

The crucible

The Crucible

  • Quotations Worksheet

  • Discussion Questions:

    • Why does John Proctor claim there is no God?

    • What does Mary Warren turn against John?

    • In what ways has Reverend Hale changed?



Complete your Quotations Worksheet

See you Thursday 

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