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Help You Resolve Divorce Without Going To Court - Alt Divorce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The divorce process becomes more difficult when couples need to stand before the judge or jury to resolve their individual disputes regarding issues involving their children and marital properties.

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Help You Resolve Divorce Without Going To Court - Alt Divorc

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Help You Resolve Divorce Without Going To Court - Alt Divorce

Going through a divorce is perhaps one of the most painful and toughest decisions you may ever make in your entire life. Just the thought of you and your partner getting into such process is already emotionally exhausting and financially draining. The scenario becomes more complicated when there are kids and marital properties involved. While many people choose to get through the divorce process through court proceedings, some people choose to take the alternative way of dispute resolution.

But how can you be able to resolve your divorce case without having to undergo litigation?

What is Alt Divorce alternative dispute resolution?

You do not always have to go to court for a divorce. Sometimes, you can resolve divorce issues through informal negotiations between you, your partner, and your individual lawyers. The alternative dispute resolution is the out-of-court proceedings which facilitate voluntary settlement. This new way of separation does not require you to go to court. It is also more cost effective and quicker than going through a divorce process in court.

The alternative dispute resolution is a process wherein a team of professionals extends assistance to all the members of the family in moving forward and in settling all legal and non-legal matters through a collaborative divorce and family law, mediation, and arbitration. This success of this process, however, depends on the couple’s willingness to cooperate and work together to resolve their dispute on primary issues.

How can ALT Divorce help you with your divorce issues?

The ALT Divorce offers Ottawa divorce alternative dispute resolution. They help families to successfully go through the divorce process with respect and dignity without having to stand before a judge or jury. The company is comprised of a team of highly experienced and expert divorce professionals who are respectful, caring, and compassionate enough to provide you with a less stressful and faster way of separation.

If there is someone who is greatly affected by the divorce process, it would be your child. ALT Divorce always makes it sure that the children involved will not suffer that much by providing a more casual and less adversarial divorce processes as well as facilitating and encouraging early settlement. The team have been helping families to resolve their ongoing disputes regarding matters involving child custody, property division, child support, and more. With ALT Divorce, couples are given more control and certainty over their divorce including the cost, time, and outcome to come up with the best family settlement agreement which meets the needs of both parties and their children.

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