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Making a movement with girls leadership
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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership. E rin G ardner and S usan L angan Cedar Falls High School ISCA Presentation -November 4, 2013. History and Background. Homecoming Jello wrestling. Here is how it all started. . Here is what happened next. Administrators were criticized

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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership

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Making a movement with girls leadership

Making a Movement with Girls Leadership

Erin Gardner and Susan Langan

Cedar Falls High School

ISCA Presentation -November 4, 2013

History and background

History and Background

Homecoming jello wrestling

Homecoming Jello wrestling

Here is how it all started.....

Here is what happened next

Here is what happened next

  • Administrators were criticized

  • Seeds of Hope (Women’s Shelter) agency and UNI (Mentors in Violence Prevention) got involved

  • Sophomore Health classes on Critiquing Media and Gender Stereotypes

    • Health teacher, Administrators and counselors participated in 2 day sessions

    • UNI Mentors in Violence Prevention coordinator-Allan Heisterkamp

    • Seeds of Hope Women’s Shelter



Health powerpoint

Girls leadership at cfhs

Girls Leadership at CFHS

Kick off with

former student

Redi Tekeste who


@Girl Rising

Cfhs girls leadership mission

CFHS Girls Leadership Mission

Growinto confident young women

Inspireeach other to be strong and powerful

Reachout to bring our school together

Leadone another in a positive direction

Serveour community to make a difference

Do not let anyone define you especially high school boys because they are dumb cfhs rich powers

Do not let anyone define you...

especially high school boys...because they are dumb! CFHS Rich Powers

Leadership training

Leadership Training

How to start a Movement

  • Derek Sivers video

How big is your brave

How Big is Your Brave

Main focus groups

Main Focus Groups

  • Self Image

  • Relationships

  • Images in Media

Goals and activities

Goals and activities

  • Video of young women in group sharing stories

  • Health classes using junior and senior male and female role models

  • Junior High activities to empower girls!

  • Have fun!!

Collection of data

Collection of Data

Data from survey

Data from Survey

I have participated in relational aggression towards other girls

More data

More data

I feel confident in how to handle situations when I am being targeted by relational aggression.

Interesting data

Interesting data

I am confident in my communication skills and letting friends know how I am honestly feeling most of the time

The main reason i am in this group

The main reason I am in this group....

  • How women can become stronger leaders in the world

  • to help younger girls with confidence and friendship issues

  • Have girls feel like they can talk to somebody thats close to their

  • Self confidence more about leadership

  • How others are going thorough the same thins i m

  • How to empower girls

  • the best ways i can handle difficult situations and help others in them.

  • be a better leader

  • confidence

  • Skills for myself to learn and to share with others about being self

  • To be a good leader and represent girls and our school in a better way.

Ain t no blurred lines with these teens

Ain’t no blurred lines with these teens

Walking the talk

Walking the talk..........

Asca 2013

ASCA 2013

Julia V. Taylor

Facebook pages

FaceBook Pages

  • Women Who Change The World

  • Princess Free Zone

  • TheFineBros Fans

  • Upworthy

  • A girl's guide to taking over the world

  • Think Progress

  • Amazing Women Rock

  • Fit vs Fiction

  • Miss Representation

  • Rachel Simmons

Flag activity

Flag Activity

Make your own flag

Make your own flag



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How to talk to kids about Viral Adobe Photoshop video

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