Making a movement with girls leadership
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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership. E rin G ardner and S usan L angan Cedar Falls High School ISCA Presentation -November 4, 2013. History and Background. Homecoming Jello wrestling. Here is how it all started. . Here is what happened next. Administrators were criticized

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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership

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Making a Movement with Girls Leadership

Erin Gardner and Susan Langan

Cedar Falls High School

ISCA Presentation -November 4, 2013

History and Background

Homecoming Jello wrestling

Here is how it all started.....

Here is what happened next

  • Administrators were criticized

  • Seeds of Hope (Women’s Shelter) agency and UNI (Mentors in Violence Prevention) got involved

  • Sophomore Health classes on Critiquing Media and Gender Stereotypes

    • Health teacher, Administrators and counselors participated in 2 day sessions

    • UNI Mentors in Violence Prevention coordinator-Allan Heisterkamp

    • Seeds of Hope Women’s Shelter


Health powerpoint

Girls Leadership at CFHS

Kick off with

former student

Redi Tekeste who


@Girl Rising

CFHS Girls Leadership Mission

Growinto confident young women

Inspireeach other to be strong and powerful

Reachout to bring our school together

Leadone another in a positive direction

Serveour community to make a difference

Do not let anyone define you...

especially high school boys...because they are dumb! CFHS Rich Powers

Leadership Training

How to start a Movement

  • Derek Sivers video

How Big is Your Brave

Main Focus Groups

  • Self Image

  • Relationships

  • Images in Media

Goals and activities

  • Video of young women in group sharing stories

  • Health classes using junior and senior male and female role models

  • Junior High activities to empower girls!

  • Have fun!!

Collection of Data

Data from Survey

I have participated in relational aggression towards other girls

More data

I feel confident in how to handle situations when I am being targeted by relational aggression.

Interesting data

I am confident in my communication skills and letting friends know how I am honestly feeling most of the time

The main reason I am in this group....

  • How women can become stronger leaders in the world

  • to help younger girls with confidence and friendship issues

  • Have girls feel like they can talk to somebody thats close to their

  • Self confidence more about leadership

  • How others are going thorough the same thins i m

  • How to empower girls

  • the best ways i can handle difficult situations and help others in them.

  • be a better leader

  • confidence

  • Skills for myself to learn and to share with others about being self

  • To be a good leader and represent girls and our school in a better way.

Ain’t no blurred lines with these teens

Walking the talk..........

ASCA 2013

Julia V. Taylor

FaceBook Pages

  • Women Who Change The World

  • Princess Free Zone

  • TheFineBros Fans

  • Upworthy

  • A girl's guide to taking over the world

  • Think Progress

  • Amazing Women Rock

  • Fit vs Fiction

  • Miss Representation

  • Rachel Simmons

Flag Activity

Make your own flag


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Pinterest-Julia V. Taylor

How to talk to kids about Viral Adobe Photoshop video

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