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Communications In This Internet Course

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Communications In This Internet Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communications In This Internet Course. ECO 202W0. Hey, You will have assignments in this class. You will e-mail results to me. I have a system I would like you to follow when you turn in assignments. Note you will use Webct to send in the assignments.

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You will have assignments in this class. You will e-mail results to me. I have a system I would like you to follow when you turn in assignments.

Note you will use Webct to send in the assignments.

When you have logged into Webct you want to go to the “Mail” function. The word “Mail” can be seen on the left side of the homepage in Webct.

Once in the Mail section you would hit the “compose message” button. Then you “browse” to get my name in the send to box.

NOTE: In Webct mail all the names are already in the system and you just pick the name you want to send to.


In the “subject” line of the mail I want you to be very specific. This will help me look through the mail.

If you have a question about an assignment the put the following in the subject


The e202 means the class is eco 202 (and you probably are thinking, Parker, man, you are in Webct for course e202 so why should I type e202 – well sometimes I forget!)

aXX means assignment XX and XX will start out 01 for assignmnet 1, 02 for assignment 2, and so on.

question means you have a question on the assignment. I will look for these in the mail first.


If you just want to send me the answers you just put in the subject line


And I will know you are sending in the answers for assignment XX.

You are certainly welcome to ask questions about issues other than an assignment, but I will go over how to do that later.

I do have a regular e-mail address

[email protected]

I would like you to not use this while in this class for class related work unless you are having trouble with Webct.


If you have a question about some material in a chapter I want you to go to the “Discussions” section of Webct. You will see this section heading on the left hand side of the screen in webct.

When you click on “Discussions” you will see I already have some chapters set up. Click on the relevant chapter and then on the next screen you will see a little green triangle or arrow under the word “status.” Click on the arrow to make it look like it is pointing down. Then you will my message title.

Click on the message title and you will open up a message that reads

Do you have any questions about chapter X?

Just hit reply and ask your question(s). I want everyone to see your question because then I have to answer only once.



Jeremy Rasmussen is a tutor for the class. He is on the Webct mail list and you can send him questions as well. I am not sure if I will see the questions you send to him. I will let you know later. Plus, I do not know if you can e-mail each other. If you can I do not know if I will be able to see it as well.

First assignment worth 5 points

Send two e-mails

1) Send to Jeremy the following e-mail message: Jeremy, thanks for tutoring the class. I will not ask you to do my assignments for me. I will only ask you to help me understand ideas and concepts. Plus, I will never ask you to answer an exam question for me.

2) Send me an e-mail (with subject line e202a01answer) with the message: “I sent the note to Jeremy.”