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Gain Your Body Size & Strenght Fast Need Help to Alphanation

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Gain Your Body Size & Strenght Fast Need Help to Alphanation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Important Facts About Building Bigger Shoulders In order to be serious about building bigger shoulders you should understand that your shoulders are a very complex yet highly unstable joint. \n\nFor more details

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Having come from a genre of fitness that was focused in the expression of strength in all the wrong ways, I fell into the the latter category believing my shoulders received adequate attention from the volume of work I was doing in other areas such as the bench press and the thousands of pushups I was doing…among other things.


Size without strength is useless in the operational world, and as most people have found, without a strong solid body moving into your 40’s 50’s and 60’s, life can really suck.  If you don’t have good foundational strength and you don’t have your health, things can become pretty unenjoyable pretty quickly.

How to gain size and strength fast is a question I get asked repeatedly. So  in this post I outline a strategy for size and strength that I have used effectively. I am going to cut through the bullshit as quickly


Here are some of the strategies I discovered along the way to making this protocol, which so far is 100% effective

The first strategy is this… You need to turn your “Bad Fat” into “Good Fat”…Now if you’re like me, you may be totally shocked by this…


The Special Forces Core Training Secrets On This Page Were Designed For Deadly Functionality — Yet They Got The “Side Effect” Of Startling Six Pack Abs and a Flat Belly...